Fashionable wedding dresses 2021

How have the trends in wedding fashion changed and what dresses should brides choose in 2021? In this article, we will share the hottest trends and show a number of new products that you are sure to love!

What wedding dresses will be in fashion in 2021

The last few months have changed the fashion houses a lot. Some couples have decided to postpone their wedding by just a couple of months, while others have postponed it for a year or more. It seems that now few people need chic puffy dresses – everyone strives for comfort and chooses things that could be worn more than once. Therefore, the designers decided to keep up with the needs of “their clients” and made a number of changes when creating new collections of wedding dresses.

Let’s now learn more about the main trends in wedding dresses 2021 and see photos of the most fashionable looks from:

  • Elegant bows;
  • Royal plumes;
  • Falling capes;
  • Spectacular cutouts;
  • Off shoulder and more.

puff sleeves

One of the design options for a fashionable dress is voluminous sleeves. Designers were inspired by images from the 80s, so they brought to our attention a lot of different models that complement:

  • Volumetric, but light and flowing sleeves;
  • Puffy sleeves that keep their shape;
  • Removable puff sleeves.

So, there are 3 options for voluminous sleeves. Therefore, if you are not yet ready to impress yourself and those around you with models that have a serious volume, choose option 1 or 3.


Another “native” from the 20th century is jazz-style dresses. They are distinguished:

  • Deep cutouts on the details of the back;
  • Feather decoration;
  • Shiny fringe;
  • Glamor mood.


Feel like a real queen and conquer everyone with a dramatic exit – with new proposals from designers, this is possible! Just look at what delicate, elegant and spectacular capes they offer to wear over a wedding dress.

If you do not want to wear such a long cape, the designers have prepared for you elegant boleros that cover your shoulders very slightly or up to the elbow.


In line with fashion trends, one of the latest Amsale Bridal collections in 2021 introduced the following novelty: a concise and elegant model of a wedding dress with a bow.

The real competitor for Amsale is Viktor & Rolf. In one model, they decided to add a row of small bows along the back, complementing it with elegant cutouts, and in the other, they pleased with spectacular cutouts at the waist. They are decorated with only one small but very touching bow.

Sheer dresses

This model is quite provocative. Just a few years ago, an extra skirt or even a whole dress was included. But now, when comfort began to take 1st place in the life of future brides, the designers decided to rely on completely transparent and light models.

At the same time, Atelier Pronovias showed that a wedding dress can have a rather laconic design, and its real highlight will be a slight slit on one side. It starts from the very hip, and complements it with an insert of transparent organza with a scattering of delicate flowers.

layered skirt

The same love for comfort and fatigue from massive rings under the dress inspired designers to create new models of wedding dresses, which still focus on the waist, but have a multi-layered fluffy skirt.


2021 is the time to take a break from a lot of decor, dramatic skirts and capes. And while all these details are still on trend, Amsale has unveiled a new collection of clean, minimalist wedding dresses.

Some models resemble a short tunic, others are decorated with exquisite organza and neutral colors.


The next photo collection from Galvan will introduce you to the fashion trends of wedding dresses, or rather suits for 2021.

Such models allow you to reveal your own elegance and at the same time correspond to the trends of the year. But many brides will like this alternative to a wedding dress, especially since such a suit can sometimes be worn to work in the office.

Short dresses

Such models will fit perfectly as an additional dress for a small celebration or party. This style is suitable for anyone who wants to show off their slender legs and stunning high heels.

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What color wedding dress is in fashion in 2021

The generally accepted color of a wedding dress is white. But most brides are already a little tired of its brightness, which they deliberately choose either its shades, or a completely different color.

And now we will talk about what colors of wedding dresses will be fashionable in 2021:

  • pink;
  • coffee;
  • orange;
  • Grey.

Now you know everything about how fashion trends and the actual design of wedding dresses have changed in 2021. Everyone who is already accustomed to comfort and minimalism will definitely fall in love with models from the Amsale and Viktor & Rolf collections. And those who believe that a wedding must be accompanied by puffy skirts and a royal exit will appreciate the idea of ​​La Sposa. And, of course, for those who are going to dance all night, vintage Jazz dresses will definitely appeal.

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