Fashionable wedding manicure 2023

A wedding is one of the most significant events in the life of every girl. That is why they prepare for it with special care. There are no trifles here. Everything from the dress to the hairstyle to the tip of the shoes has to be perfect. Manicure is also important for the image of the bride, because when the groom puts a wedding ring on his finger, special attention will be riveted to his hands. This season, the masters are ready to offer a lot of interesting options for decorating nails for every lady who decides to get married. What trends does bridal manicure 2023 include? We list the most significant.



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Trendy colors for the bride’s manicure in 2023

When creating a wedding image, color plays no less a role than design. This season, you can experiment with shades, opting for something radically new, unusual, perhaps even extravagant. For example, a black coating. You can also add brightness to the nail design by turning to orange, red, blue, emerald, burgundy, lilac. Don’t stop exclusively at the nude palette, which, of course, is flawless, but hasn’t been surprising for a long time.



If the bride prefers to see something more traditional and delicate on her nails on her wedding day, you can turn to the following trendy shades.

  • Lactic. A novelty color, which for the second consecutive season has been considered one of the most popular in the nail segment. It goes well with any kind of decor, it will be the best alternative for a white finish.

  • Lavender. Perfect for a spring/summer wedding. Despite the fact that this shade cannot be called traditional, on the whole it will successfully fit into the image of the bride and will draw attention to the hands.

  • Light pink. A very beautiful manicure can be obtained if you turn to gentle, like the blush of a bride, pink. He will add sensuality to the image, emphasize the youth and sophistication of the girl.

  • Beige. Favorite pastel palette. Beige will look good in the wedding image of a lady over 30. This shade is completely devoid of vulgarity and is successfully combined with all types of design.

  • Pale blue. Wedding manicure for the bride in the 2023 season does not have to overlap with the outfit. You can focus on the accessory or even on the color of the wedding decoration.

  • White. An undeniable classic, which is still preferred by many brides. White is always in fashion. It personifies purity, innocence, allows you to create a beautiful intricate design.


  • Cream. Another fashionable shade of the season, which will perfectly complement the wedding look of the bride. Cream is a cross between gray and milky. Suitable for weddings in the cold season.

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All of the listed shades will look equally attractive on both short nails and long nails of any shape..

Design Ideas for Wedding Manicure 2023

Revolutionary novelties in the bridal manicure segment are not expected this year. All techniques have long been known to fashionistas and are widespread among craftsmen. Much more important when creating a bride’s nail art is a creative approach. It is he who allows you to get a design that fits perfectly into the solemn image. Let’s share interesting ideas.


  • with pearls. Many girls who get married willingly decorate their nails with pearls. And this is not surprising, because they are not as common as rhinestones, but at the same time they perfectly complement traditional wedding bows. Just a few pearls on one or two fingers are enough to make the manicure sophistication.


  • With pixie crystals. In another way, these miniature crystals are called crystal chips from Swarovski. They have a beautiful elegant sheen, look self-sufficient. As part of one nail art, a pixie scattering will go well with rhinestones, monograms, drawings and the aforementioned pearls.


  • With acrylic molding. In fact, voluminous flowers on nails have long been out of fashion. But in the bridal manicure segment, they still remain popular. In 2023, the design with acrylic flowers should be done as neatly, discreetly, gently as possible. Modeling should become part of the image, and not draw attention from the bride to herself.


  • french. French classics remain the main must-have for many girls planning to get married. And no wonder, because the white line of the “smile” on a nude background is a win-win option for any wedding look. The free edge of the nail can be distinguished in the traditional way (solid line), as well as monograms.


  • with sequins. Modern brides turn to sequins no less often and willingly than to French. A scattering of silver glitter on a light background looks organic, echoes well with a wedding dress and jewelry made of white gold, platinum, silver. Glitter can be used on both long nails and short ones.


  • With pearl finish. A gentle manicure with a pearl rub is what you need for a wedding in 2023. This design simply captivates with its sophistication, unobtrusiveness, beauty. It is quite possible to choose a mother-of-pearl coating as the only design on the nails; this will not make the image of the bride lose at all.


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Also, a wedding manicure can be done using the ombre technique. Create color transitions on long oval, ballerina, almond or soft square nails.


To get acquainted with the trends and trends that are inherent in the wedding manicure in the 2023 season, study the photos presented in the review. We hope you enjoy the ideas shared by our editors.

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