Fashionable wedding shoes 2023

A wedding is one of the most exciting moments in every girl’s life. That is why they start preparing for it in advance. After all, it is important for every bride that her image is perfect and delights her loved one. We talked about which dresses are in trend in 2023 in this review. We also had time to discuss hair, makeup, manicure and beautiful accessories. Now it’s time to take a closer look at wedding shoes 2023. Let’s list the most trendy models of the season.

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Shoes for the bride: fashion trends 2023

The choice of shoes for your wedding, the bride must be approached with great care. After all, this is not just a detail of the image, but a thing in which you have to spend several hours in front of tens or hundreds of guests.

Shoes should not only fit the outfit, but also be comfortable. Perhaps the second is even more important. They should be comfortable to walk, stand, dance. And don’t be afraid to experiment. If in ordinary life you are not comfortable in high heels, it will not be a good choice for a wedding either. In this case, it is better to limit yourself to a low, stable heel. And, of course, buy your favorite pair in advance to get used to it.

From practical advice, let’s move on to listing the most relevant trends of the season.

  • With ties at the ankle. A very feminine model. And trendy thanks to the presence of strings. As a rule, you can gird the ankle several times with ribbons. And all this is crowned with a bow tied beautifully on the side or behind. The solution is incredibly stylish and sophisticated. These shoes will go well with a mini and midi length wedding dress.

  • Embroidered with rhinestones. Absolutely luxurious model of shoes for the bride. Of course, first of all, it will appeal to lovers of sparkling decor. However, do not rush to combine such spectacular shoes with a similar dress, otherwise there may be too much shine. To maintain harmony, it is better to focus on one thing.

  • WITH unusual heel. If your outfit implies open legs, then feel free to allow yourself fashionable wedding shoes with an original heel. In 2023, this is definitely the most chic. The heel can have a radically different color, unlike the base, an intricate shape, be decorated with pearls or rhinestones, decorated with metallic flowers, be transparent, as if made under crystal. Finding something interesting is not difficult.

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  • On the platform. Fashion 2023 gravitates towards the trends of the 90s and 00s, now it is more than obvious. One of the biggest hits of that era was platform shoes. It’s time to remember her. In general, the platform fits well with modern wedding trends. Yes, and there is a benefit from it – it will help short brides appear taller. But it is difficult to call such shoes elegant.

  • Satin. Satin bridal shoes are sophisticated, aristocratic, elegant. Such shoes always emphasize the femininity and taste of the girl. Of course, it is suitable only for a summer ceremony in dry weather. But in these shoes you will definitely feel like a real princess. As a decor, beads and rhinestones are often present here.

  • With lace. The words “lace” and “bride” have actually become synonymous. Most often, openwork embroidery can be seen on the outfit, gloves and veil. We also suggest paying attention to luxurious white shoes for a wedding with lace decoration. This is a great choice for girls who are getting married and want to emphasize their femininity.

  • With pearl decor. Pearls are among the fashion trends of 2023. Therefore, it can be safely included in the wedding image, and not only as a decoration around the neck. For example, a handbag embroidered with pearls will look just great in the hands of the bride. And to her it is worth picking up shoes with a similar decor. For example, such as in the photo below.

  • Without heel. Not all girls and women like to wear heels. And this is quite normal. As we said earlier, don’t take unnecessary risks. If you don’t like stiletto heels, ditch them in favor of elegant flats. You can take even the most ordinary ballet flats, if they suit your image. Trends 2023 – low-cut pointed wedding shoes.

  • With transparent inserts. This model will also look quite original on the bride’s leg. Beautiful summer pumps, completely or partially made of transparent fabric, will make the image lighter and more sophisticated. As an additional decor, designers often use bows, pearls, a scattering of crystals. There are also models with an open heel.

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Recommendation from stylists: shoes can be chosen under a dress or under accessories. If under a dress, then they can be a couple of tones darker than the outfit. If under accessories – then the colors must match exactly.

This is what fashionable wedding shoes-2023 look like. The photos presented in the review show how luxurious they can be. Choose your ideal option and be beautiful on the most important day of your life.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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