Fashionable winter coat 2019: main trends, colors, styles, styles (photo)

When buying a winter coat for women, it is important to learn about the latest fashion trends, the photo shows the new items of 2019. The choice of a suitable model should be approached carefully. The coat should be not only stylish, but also versatile.


What models do designers offer in the new season?

The winter season is rich in novelties. Designers have developed interesting models. The fashion shows are amazing. A variety of styles, bright colors, original options – all this was presented on the catwalks.

[stextbox id=»info»]When choosing a coat, it is important to pay attention to the fabric. The material should be soft and warm. Such products will warm in the winter and emphasize the attractiveness of the figure.[/stextbox]

  1. Fur. Many models are made from this material. In addition, faux fur is as popular as real fur. Designers decided to move away from the classics and offered fur products in bright colors. With the help of patches of fur, it was possible to create stunning models.
  2. Leather. To be fashionable this season, you should pay attention to options with an unusual surface. It can be anything: lacquered, metallized, made to look like a reptile. A smooth surface is more often used to insert various elements, edging, and is found on sleeves.
  3. Oversize. The model still does not lose popularity. However, designers have offered less voluminous options. The coat is comfortable, allows you to wear sweaters under the bottom. At the same time, the figure remains feminine and fragile. Due to this, many girls prefer this model.
  4. Coat in a cage. Among the huge variety of prints, the cage still stands out. Various products were presented for the winter period. The cell can be either large or small. Fans of bright colors can choose a multi-colored option.
  5. Duffcloth. An unusual model that fashionistas like so much. Loose cut, interesting pockets, hood are the main characteristics of the coat. Some elements may be highlighted. Huge buttons and leather loops look original.
  6. Men’s pea coat. All the same fashionable different versions of the model. For sewing a coat, you need a dense fabric. The length of the product is up to the middle of the thigh, from top to bottom it can be flared. As additional details are shoulder straps, buttons in several rows, straps.
  7. Cape. It has strict lines, a clear cut. The fastener can be through or supatny. Slits are made instead of sleeves. Unusual pockets, fur inserts, and a voluminous hood help to decorate the model.

Quilted coats

[stextbox id=»info»]Fashionable winter coats that are so relevant in 2019. There are patterns on the product, so the model should not be overloaded with other elements.[/stextbox]

Quilted coats have several variations:

  • without collar;
  • with a hood;
  • on buttons;
  • on lightning.

Stylish model will soon be able to become a favorite. Many fashionistas turned their attention to her.

Military at the peak of popularity

The option resembles an overcoat. Despite this, the designers claim that the model in the new season will be a hit. Unusual details make the coat fashionable and stylish. With the help of a leather belt, it will be possible to emphasize the slender figure of a fashionista.

[stextbox id=»alert»]There are several product options. Eclecticism is very fashionable – mixing several directions.[/stextbox]

Crombie: new of the season

The style is borrowed from the men’s wardrobe. Girls have long paid attention to this model.

Its main characteristics are as follows:

  • straight cropped lapels;
  • knee length;
  • the fastener can be different: through or hidden.

Of the colors, you should pay attention to gray, black, indigo.

Classic variant

A favorite in this category is a long coat with a simple cut. Has a turn-down collar, straight silhouette. To be fashionable, a coat should be worn without a belt. Variations of this model are found in famous designers.

[stextbox id=»info»] With the help of the original product, you can create an elegant and casual look. The classic coat is represented not only by a straight silhouette. There are fitted models or in the form of an A-silhouette. Such products will help emphasize femininity and create an impeccable image.[/stextbox]

Luxurious sleeves

Fashionable coats for the winter of 2019 with fur sleeves are the trend of the season. The sleeves are made entirely of fur patches. Most often, faux fur is found in different shades. The coat looks luxurious. Giving preference to this model, it will be possible to demonstrate to everyone around you your impeccable sense of style. In this outfit, you simply cannot go unnoticed.

[stextbox id=»info»]A coat with original sleeves also looks great. This season, designers paid special attention to the sleeves, their shape and cut. Interesting options presented. In most cases, the sleeves are voluminous, the shoulder line is extended.[/stextbox]

A coat with short sleeves is an unusual option. It would seem how you can wear the product in the winter. There is nothing easier. The coat looks spectacular with turtlenecks or high gloves. This model is distinguished by sophistication and elegance. Each girl will be able to attract the views of others and be the center of attention.

[stextbox id=»alert»]Many variants of this model were presented at fashion shows. Each fashionista will be able to choose the one she likes the most, and with its help she will create an impeccable image.[/stextbox]


Universal model that will suit any type of figure. There are many ways to put on a coat. Depending on the option you choose, you can easily create different images.
The product looks especially attractive with a belt. For a change, you can wear a coat open, in the smell. Each of the options deserves special attention. In any case, the fashionista will look amazing.

The experts did a great job. Each girl will be able to find the design she likes the most.

Color spectrum

Having decided on the style and style of the coat, you need to familiarize yourself with the fashionable colors of winter 2019. As you know, each season is individual. Outfits should be chosen carefully. The winter period is special. I want to stand out, show everyone my irresistibility. With the help of bright colors it will be possible to be more noticeable.

Among the many shades, designers in 2019 identified the following colors:

  1. Classic: black and white. The shades look great on their own. In addition, they can be combined with each other. Stripes, checks, prints look original.
  2. Red. Leader of the winter season. Saturated color attracts special attention. You won’t be able to go unnoticed in this outfit. The girl will be able to show her passionate nature, demonstrate an impeccable sense of style. The scarlet color is chosen by courageous individuals who are not afraid of change.
    Red can be presented in several colors: grenadine, scarlet, alizarin, madeira, solferino.
  3. Eggplant. The shade looks great. The color can be mixed with Bordeaux. This color palette is represented by the following tones: cutters, lavender,…

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