Fashionable women’s belts 2019-2020

Belts are fashionable women’s accessories that stylists in 2019 recommend to get every beauty. Therefore, later in the article we will consider the most popular models of the season, as well as examples of fashionable images with them.

Why are belts so popular?

In addition to the fact that belts are necessary to support clothes that are a little big, below we have presented the equally important functions that these accessories perform.

  • They are an excellent decor that can make an image unusual.
  • They allow you to highlight the waist line and make it more slender.
  • They make it possible to divide the silhouette into separate zones, due to which you can visually adjust your proportions.
  • If the bow consists of several elements designed in different colors, the belt performs a connecting function and makes the image as a whole harmonious.

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Types of belts

Belts are now so popular that designers do not get tired of experimenting, offering girls ever new products, among which we have identified the top most versatile models.

  • Narrow. Thin straps, the width of which is no more than 2-3 cm, is the trend of 2019. They are more suitable for wearing at the waist, but if desired, they can also be worn on the hips. The design of such products is minimalistic, since the main focus here is on the color of the accessory and the material from which it is made.

  • Corsets. For those who want to highlight the waist area or divert attention from visible figure flaws, belts in the form of corsets are ideal. After all, besides the fact that these accessories cope with this task with a bang, due to their unusual design, they also allow you to create a spectacular and memorable image. As for the design features, these can be leather or textile options, decorated with all kinds of rivets or even embroidery.

  • Wide. The most popular belts today And all because they can be worn both at the waist and on the hips, combining with dresses, skirts, trousers and even outerwear. The design of such accessories can be simple and consist of only one buckle, as a decor, or vice versa, full of bright embroidery, numerous rivets, prints or inscriptions.

  • Wicker. The leaders of fashion trends in 2019 in the segment of women’s accessories are woven leather or textile belts that can be worn on jeans, dresses and even shirts.

  • With large buckle. The most wearable option among casual style fans, because these products look the best with things made of thick denim.

  • Holster. Belts, in addition, decorated with an additional wallet and even a small clutch, are not only a trendy accessory, but also very practical, because you can always put money or other necessary things in it.

  • Transparent. A novelty that has already won the hearts of many fashionistas. It is better to combine such products with summer things, but they will look no less impressive with warm winter clothes.

  • Multilayer. The belt, in which several straps of different widths and lengths are intertwined at once, is very fashionable this season. You can wear such models with dresses, elongated shirts and warm knitwear.

  • Long. Belts that are tied at the waist or hips and reach the knee line in length are not only a stylish element of the bow, but also functional, as they visually stretch the silhouette, making it more slender.

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Outfit Ideas

With belts, you can create many elegant and stylish bows, among which the examples below are considered the most advantageous.

  • Belts go well with jackets. In this case, it is better to choose a printed top, so that this accessory plays the role of a bright accent. However, monophonic duets are not prohibited either. As for the bottom, it can be a pleated skirt, trousers, an exquisite lace dress and of course jeans.

  • Classic style fans can combine the belt with a basic white or colored blouse, putting it on over the top of the bow. The result is a universal set that is suitable even for women over 50 years old.

  • You can make a coat of a straight or oversized fit with a belt. For these purposes, both wide models and narrow ones are suitable. You can also experiment with color by choosing straps to match the top or completely contrasting.

  • Another no less successful solution is the combination of a belt with a dress. Moreover, the outfit itself can be either light casual or cocktail, or warm knitted or knitted.

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  • Belts also look spectacular with high-rise skirts, as they further emphasize the waist, making it more pronounced. If the bottom has a medium or low fit, in this case, the upper part of the bow, for example, a sweater or jumper, can be worn out and a thin belt over the hips can be tied.

  • The combination with trousers is considered one of the most wearable and popular. Moreover, it is appropriate not only in everyday life, but also for creating evening outfits.

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The photos presented in the selection show that in 2019 various models of women’s belts will be fashionable. Therefore, this season, fashionistas should not have any problems with the choice of this accessory.

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