Fashionable women’s bombers for autumn 2020

Fashionable women’s bomber jackets of 2020 are a must-have item for most fashionistas. The style of the product is borrowed from the US Air Force – previously the jacket was considered exclusively an element of the pilot’s uniform. Today, the bomber jacket has captured the catwalks of the world and has become an integral part of the women’s wardrobe as well.

Distinctive features of the bomber

To recognize a bomber among other varieties of jackets, you need to look closely.

This model has the following details:

  • no turn-down collar;
  • the presence of knitted elastic on the bottom of the product, on the cuffs and in the collar area;
  • welt pockets;
  • shortened length.

The bomber jacket is undergoing modernization every year. World designers do not hesitate to supplement it with various decorative elements, sew from a variety of fabrics. Therefore, women prefer bomber jackets not only in the autumn-winter season, but also in spring and summer.

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bomber fabric

As a rule, world designers prefer to sew clothes for the autumn-winter season from such materials:

  • genuine leather and suede;
  • jeans;
  • quilted and plush bomber;
  • velor and velvet;
  • atlas;
  • combined materials.


The main thing in a bomber jacket is its length. As a rule, it is shortened. Often reaches only the waist or just the middle of the thigh (but not longer). In such outerwear should be comfortable, free and at the same time beautiful.

But, despite the win-win length of the jacket, the designers went further and offered modern women a slightly longer bomber jacket with a looser cut. This model is suitable for expressive fashionistas who prefer to always be in the spotlight. So the choice is yours – a short, laconic cut or an elongated free one.


What to choose for autumn-winter 2020?

The fall-winter 2020 fashion is quite frank, bold and dynamic. Therefore, in the images you can combine incongruous. If earlier the bomber jacket was the subject of an exclusively casual, street style wardrobe, today the jacket can be worn even with a flared pleated dress to a party.

One of the interesting solutions for a bomber jacket is an elegant style jacket. In this case, actual fabrics are satin, thin leather, velor and velvet, metallic quilted material.

An elegant bomber jacket will look beautiful in an ensemble with a long maxi skirt, with a trouser suit or simply with elegant trousers, with an interesting office or romantic blouse. The bow can be diluted with a beautiful clutch or bag, complemented with elegant shoes with heels.

sport chic

This version of the fashionable women’s bomber jacket 2020 is convenient for both the feast and the world. In the jacket you can go for a walk, a picnic in the park, a meeting with friends, the office or shopping. You will recognize the sport-chic jacket from afar. It has interesting labels, zippers, inscriptions, logos, interesting inserts.

It is noteworthy that a sport chic bomber jacket can be equally harmoniously combined with sports walking shoes or elegant shoes. In any case, the image will be winning. Designers urge modern fashionistas not to be afraid to experiment and combine several styles in bows at once.

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Metallic bomber jacket

This is a separate type of jacket, which with equal success can be attributed to the style and elegant, and sport-chic. Metallized fabric is an independent decor in a bomber jacket and a beautiful bright element of the image. In such clothes, extra details are not needed – they will overload the image.

A metallic bomber looks bright, elegant, expensive, catchy and bold at the same time. The darker the shade of the jacket, the more noble it will look in the ensemble. It is only important to choose the color of the product for your color type.

By the way, a metallic bomber jacket can be equally interestingly combined with stilettos, sneakers, boots and sneakers.

Stylish shades

To create a trendy look with a bomber jacket, pay attention to the colors of the jackets. The most trendy and invariably classic option is black. It is about elegance, conciseness, chic, style. A black bomber jacket can be safely worn with an outfit of any shade. The image will be exquisite. In addition, the black color always visually slims, and therefore is suitable for girls with an imperfect figure.

Please note that for an evening or romantic outing, it is better to buy a bomber jacket with more elegant decorative elements – metallic patches, rhinestones, shimmering logos, etc. If a freer style is preferable, then you can take a walk and add a bomber jacket with bright stripes to your wardrobe.

In contrast to black, brighter shades of the gamut also appear. Fashionable bomber colors for autumn 2020 are:

  • Wine, burgundy, marsala and hot pink (fuchsia). Such shades look noble, catchy, dynamic. Easily and simply complement the sports, office and romantic set.

  • Emerald, azure, blue – incredibly feminine shades that will make the image light, noble, chic. For a no-compromise ensemble, wear an emerald bomber jacket with matching pumps and black or white skinny jeans.

  • White and silver – the perfect shade for the most daring. In jackets of both shades, the image is unforgettable. You will definitely fall into the center of everyone’s attention.

  • Lilac, purple – beautifully combined with almost all other shades of the range.

As for prints, floral ornament (large and medium size), animalistic pattern, ethnic print are in fashion.

Fashion decor

Fashion trends for stylish women’s bombers in 2020 say that the jacket should have decor.

As such elements, designers used:

  • fringe
  • rings;
  • chains;
  • sequins and rhinestones;
  • patches logos and slogans;
  • embroidery;
  • photo print.

Models with satin and silk inserts, with camouflage elements or with shimmering decor look interesting and stylish. No more than two types of fabrics can be combined in one model (not counting the ribbing on the cuffs, collar and bottom).

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What to pair with a bomber jacket

If you don’t know what to wear with a bomber jacket for women in the fall-winter 2020, then don’t be afraid to experiment. With this jacket, you can create a variety of ensembles. We offer a few interesting ones:

  • In early autumn, combine a pleated midi or maxi skirt with sneakers (boots) and a bomber jacket. Get a romantic light bow.

  • Wear a bomber jacket with mom jeans or boyfriends, complementing them with sneakers, sneakers.

  • Pair your aviator jacket with office trousers and oxfords.
  • A set of banana trousers, high boots with a wide top and a bomber jacket with a scarf around the neck looks interesting. This image will make you a real air lady.
  • In late autumn and winter, a bomber jacket made of plush or quilted fabrics can be beautifully paired with a knitted midi or maxi dress.

  • An image with a puffy tulle skirt with shoes or ballet flats will look unusual and romantic…

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