Fashionable women’s bombers for autumn 2021

Beloved by many women, bomber jackets will be fashionable in the autumn-winter season of 2021, so you can confidently start preparing for the cold season now. We will be happy to tell you which bombers are in trend, what colors you should pay attention to, and also what to wear this thing with.

Stylish bomber jackets are trendy in 2021

The trendy bomber jacket is so firmly entrenched in fashion collections that we decided to dedicate this article to it. There are a lot of styles of this outerwear, and each one is worth special attention.

Before you go shopping, check out the trendiest bomber jackets:

  • Satin. Satin bomber jackets look great. The fabric shimmers beautifully, shines in the sun. Often such things are decorated with embroidery and original cuffs. They look great with trousers, skirts and blouses.

  • Leather. The leather model can be called quite original and unique. Although leather is always at the peak of fashion for the fall-winter 2021 season, bombers made from this material are rare. That is why you have the opportunity to buy such a jacket and stand out.

  • Sports. Sports jackets are distinguished by the presence of stripes, various inserts and the use of bright colors. For mobile and active girls, the sports model will fit perfectly and fit into most of their bows.

  • Shortened. A cropped bomber jacket is suitable for young girls. It can be worn in early autumn when it is still warm outside. It will look perfect with dresses and things with an oversized fit – trousers and skirts.

  • With embroidery. Women’s bomber jackets with embroidery will be fashionable in 2021, and you can see confirmation of this in the photo. Bright embroidery with flowers or any other elements will look good on any material.

  • With a metallic sheen. Bomber jackets are also sewn from fabric with a metallic sheen. You will look simply luxurious when you put on this thing. By choosing the right bottom, you can even create a brilliant total bow.

  • oversize. Plus size jackets are on the trending list, just like any other oversized clothing. Your figure against the background of a bomber jacket will look very sophisticated – this is a big plus for such clothes.

Initially, the bomber jacket was created for men, namely for pilots. But gradually this wonderful thing migrated to the women’s wardrobe. And now we can incorporate it into our bows to look stunning.

Colors and prints of bomber jackets to look out for

When choosing the color of the bomber jacket, you need to rely on the fashion trends of autumn 2021. At the peak of fashion will be black models that easily fit into different looks. The same list includes jackets in white and all pastel colors.

In addition to the classics, many bright shades will also be popular:

  • pink;
  • emerald;
  • red;
  • blue;
  • azure;
  • fuchsia;
  • mint;
  • khaki;
  • golden.

Designers gave women the opportunity to buy not only plain, but also printed bombers. The choice is large – flowers, stripes, cages, three-dimensional drawings, images of animals, embroidery. Focus on your taste and wishes.

Bombers in bows for autumn-winter

If you still don’t know what women can wear with a bomber jacket in the fall-winter 2021, now we will fix this situation together. We invite you to carefully consider a few stylish bows, where there are trendy bombers.

A cropped bomber jacket pairs well with a high-waisted pleated skirt. A white T-shirt is matched as a top to the skirt, and on the legs you can see stylish sneakers. The image is complemented by an original rectangular bag resembling a briefcase.

The following image belongs to the everyday section. It will be convenient for you to walk around the city or shopping in jeans, sneakers and a beautiful jacket. In this case, it is black and white and decorated with bright floral embroidery. The bow is quite simple, but very comfortable and stylish.

With a bomber jacket, you can also create a fashionable bow, which you see in the next photo. The image is very juicy, because it mixed several bright colors. Against the background of black trousers, a bright printed sweatshirt, an emerald-colored bomber jacket, blue shoes and a white cap look beautiful.

See how beautiful the satin bomber looks in the image. In the presented bow, he was combined with jeans and suede heeled shoes of the same color. Glasses and a shoulder bag complete the bow.

Next, we offer an image with an oversized model. Here, a voluminous khaki jacket is worn over a white top, and leather pants with an original pigtail decor play the role of the bottom. A crocodile skin bag is also visible.

With a bomber jacket, you can also create a very feminine and delicate look. This is exactly what you can see in the photo. A chic dress with milky ruffles looks quite good with a printed bomber jacket. Complement the image of an elongated black clutch and sunglasses.

A stylish women’s bomber jacket should definitely appear in your closet in 2021 – such rules dictate fashion trends to us. As you can see, these comfortable and beautiful jackets fit perfectly with most looks in different styles. Once you try on a bomber jacket, you will never want to take it off.

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