Fashionable women’s boots 2021

Stop by for just a few minutes and find out which women’s boots will be fashionable in 2021. After all, you need to conquer the world in a pair of good shoes or boots (in our case), as Marilyn Monroe would say.

What women’s shoes are in fashion in 2021

Comfort and practicality are the legislative fashion words of this season. As experts say, the world has changed after quarantine. After a year of wearing house slippers, designers have revised the rules. We offer you a selection of the latest trends.

Spirit of the 80s. Rough women’s boots continue to “tear” the fashion charts in 2021. A massive flat platform a few centimeters high will prove that you are a true adept of style. These can be boots with lacing or with decor – buckles and zippers.

square nose. At first glance, some extravagant and even strange trend. He came to us from the 90s. We implement in a new way. For example, ankle boots with stiletto heels or a black classic with a stable heel.

Tractor outsole. We measure the tread of tires, only on shoes. The higher the sole on your shoes, the more stylish you will look. Incidentally, the space theme is now in high esteem. And in these boots you will look like a pilot of a spaceship. Such shoes can be organically fit both into a casual look and for going out. Because the brutal sole can accompany even boots with heels.

Victorian era. After the memories of the recent past, the designers moved further and further into the thicket. The aesthetic of the reign of Queen Victoria in England was embodied in the fashion trends of both women’s outerwear and boots on the catwalks in 2021. Of course, such a pair is more suitable for special occasions, and will look great with a dress or skirt.

Cossacks. The Wild West is attacking the whole world… fashion, of course. Moreover, the choice is huge: at low speed metallic colors, traditional cowboy brown shades or just black with fringe.

Chelsea. Choice of stars and models. Because it’s stylish and comfortable. Initially, Chelsea was invented for riding: textile inserts helped riders quickly take off their shoes. Over time, they broke into the wardrobes of fashionistas. The chip will be a different color of the sole and the main part of the boots.

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Stylish women’s boots 2021: choose trendy colors

New boots are a medicine that is not saved on, says Evelina Khromtchenko. Get a few quality pairs that will last more than one year. It is important to choose the actual color and texture. Let’s explore this further:

  • metallic. The fashion trend has migrated from outerwear. Feel free to wear “metal” boots on weekdays. They look winning with just simple things – jeans and a neutral coat.

  • White and black. In one of our articles, we already mentioned that stylists have been loving the “chessboard” lately. It is proposed to combine these classic colors in shoes.

  • Brown. This color has become a new classic and has settled in the wardrobes of fashionistas for a long time. In addition, brown is universal. You can even wear bright things with it.
  • Bicolor. This may be different from the so-called “union” (base) heel, or a combination of different shades of the details of the top.

  • Red. All variations are welcome – from “bloody” to burgundy.

  • Beige. Neutral. It is also convenient to combine any other colors with it.
  • Bright. Fuchsia, lime, azure, green and orange. Colorful shoes may not take a leading position in your wardrobe, but they will definitely become a trump card for important events. Complement a bright outfit with a bright pair.

The texture remains important. Embossing under the skin of a python or a “juicy” print has not left the arena anywhere. As for the fabric, look for suede, velvet and patent leather.

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Images with women’s shoes

Now let’s look at specific examples of how you can combine boots to get a stylish bow. Celebrities will help us with this.

Recently, Hailey Bieber went out in interesting two-tone boots – they have a red sole and a brown top. To them, the girl put on denim shorts, a top and an elongated gray jacket. The star emphasized the brightness of the shoes with a bag of a similar shade.

Bella Hadid demonstrates how to create a trendy look with chunky lace-up boots. The model wore a dusty pink jacket and matching shirt. She tucked her wide jeans into her boots and wore a baseball cap. Add style and trendy sunglasses.

Sister Gigi Hadid loves a softer style. She throws a pistachio-colored jumper over a white top with a cute bow. Again – the handbag matches the color of the jacket. Dark jeans and brown boots.

Russian celebrities are not far behind. For example, Svetlana Bondarchuk wears Cossacks with a silk slip dress and complements it with a double-breasted jacket.

Olga Buzova chooses Victorian boots with olive lacing. To them, the singer put on white trousers and a khaki jacket. Accent – red bag.

A very unusual, albeit simple walking outfit turned out to be Irina Shayk. She combines brutal boots with tight leather bike shorts and a top. The beauty diluted the black total bow with a lemon bag.

So, in the photo, we introduced you to the main fashion trends in women’s shoes for 2021. As you can see, there are plenty to choose from. Arm yourself with our recommendations when you shop in the store.

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