Fashionable women’s boots for autumn 2020

This selection of photos will tell you which fashionable women’s boots in the autumn 2020 season are unconditional trends. We risk suggesting that among the variety of trends, any fashionista will be able to choose the perfect novelty for herself!

Main trends


Versatile and practical lace-up boots can be considered the undisputed leader of the 2020 season. Many stylists include such a model in the basic wardrobe, because they deservedly consider it practical and very versatile. Some boot variations for 2020 combine a zipper and lacing for maximum comfort.

If you follow the latest news, you will notice that models with contrasting lacing look especially impressive. By the way, any fashionista can embody such a trend even on last year’s shoes – for this you just need to change the usual laces for brighter ones.

Stylish lace-up boots can also be presented in a hiking style – fashionistas called such new items with the ironic name “forest boots”. These are deliberately rough and voluminous shoes, which are not afraid of either the autumn wind or unexpected snowfall. Since such a model looks very extraordinary, it looks best in the company of basic concise things.

Stylists note that classic lace-up boots can be worn with literally any item from the autumn wardrobe. For example, in practice, such a model can organically fit into the style of casual, street style, grunge and punk. But it is worth clarifying that all of the listed fashionable images are quite predictable – combinations with romantic and feminine things look much more non-trivial.

Interesting fact! Over time, lace-up boots only look cooler with naturally created scuffs.

With lightning

A fashionable alternative to lace-up boots can be models with a zipper in the front – they are put on in a matter of seconds and make any look more stylish and spectacular. Another feature is the ability to visually slim the legs and silhouette as a whole.

Boots with a vertical zipper look very interesting and at the same time easily fit into any look. Such models will look great with jeans, dresses, shirts, sweaters, puffy jackets and coats.

Men’s style

If you meet a model in the assortment of shoe novelties that will be clearly associated with men’s style, then you can safely go to the checkout – such models are definitely in trend. For example, fashionistas in the 2020 season turn their attention to army boots or berets, wellingtons, readings or jackboots. After stylish design, the list of advantages of such models includes versatility and excellent convenience.

On rough soles

Despite the desire of modern fashion for the feminine design of new products, designers invariably express a preference for masculine-style shoes. Accordingly, the legendary boots with a deliberately rough design can be considered an unconditional trend. In order not to miscalculate with the most stylish pair, head not for a tractor, but not a trekking sole in a sporty design.

The most demanded in the 2020 season can be considered shoes with a thick tractor sole of a uniform height. Such a design nuance visually makes the girl taller and at the same time does not contradict the comfort of the shoes. Another interesting feature of such novelties is the feature of making women’s legs more fragile and graceful, despite the seeming rough design.

Another feature of trendy boots is a massive contrasting sole. A fashionista may prefer either option, depending on her level of courage. In any of the trendy new products, it is so easy to look spectacular and overcome autumn puddles with a special sense of style!

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Cossacks are also deservedly included in the top fashion boots for autumn 2020. Such models literally blew up the fashion world a few seasons ago and have not lost momentum in popularity since then. Cossacks can boast not only a spectacular view, but also incredible convenience. Stylists note that fashionistas of any age can make a choice in favor of such a model – while they can combine it not only with jeans, but also with the most feminine dresses and skirts.

The most trendy Cossack boots in the fall season 2020 can be presented not only in a laconic design. Among the top new products, there are also models with dressing under the skin of reptiles, with fringe decor, contrasting color inserts.


Boots without a heel for autumn 2020 can also be presented in the design of classic Chelsea as in the photo. Such models are usually performed on a flat sole with a traditional ankle length mark. This is a real hit of recent seasons, which still feels confident on the podium.

Chelsea boots are incredibly comfortable to wear and are easy to pair with a variety of outfits. For example, this model looks great with feminine dresses, skirts and classic suits. Any ensemble with Chelsea boots promises to look more stylish and spectacular.


Fashionable women’s flat boots in the fall 2020 season can resemble oxfords in their design – a classic model with excellent versatility. The maximum heel height in this case is a comfortable 1 cm. This model is an excellent solution to complement your casual or business wardrobe.


Do you think that boots can only be presented in the classic ankle length? In fact, this is not the case, because the designers in the 2020 season presented interesting new items that reach almost to the middle of the calf. Fashionistas are offered two options – such boots with a free shaft or models that are clearly fixed on the leg with lacing. Also in the fashion assortment there are models with a zipper.

With chains

The fall 2020 trends also focus your attention on fashionable boots for women with decorative bold chains. For example, one massive metal chain can become a trendy shoe decor, which easily becomes the central accent of the bow. An alternative option is a few neat chains in the design of shoes that give the image gloss and shine.


Extraordinary slitted boots can also play a major role in your autumn stylish bow. Such a must-have can be an extremely stylish idea for a demi-season, as it opens up some part of a woman’s leg. It is worth noting that designers often complement rough women’s boots with this flirtatious decorative technique, which creates an interesting mix of styles in shoe design. Stylists offer to combine such a model with jeans, tight shorts, dresses and skirts – in a word, with almost any autumn clothing.

With buckles

All kinds of buckles are also considered a fashionable decorative technique on shoes. Such decorations can be both massive and rough, so…

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