Fashionable women’s boots for the autumn-winter season 2023-2024

Boots are the main footwear of the unpredictable autumn-winter months. They warm the legs of fashionistas even in the coldest weather and, of course, allow you to create spectacular, stylish images. In today’s review, the editors of the Fashionable Lady will tell you which women’s boots for the fall-winter 2023-2024 season will be in trend. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the main novelties now in order to know exactly what is worth buying in the store, and what is better to refuse.

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Women’s boots 2023-2024: trends and novelties

In the cold season of 23-24, we are waiting for the return of several high-profile trends, including from the 90s. And this is quite logical, considering how willingly eminent brands in all fashion segments “resurrect” the fashion hits of that reckless era. Therefore, forget the statement that high patent leather boots with large heels are mauvais ton. Such prejudices are in the past. Soon we will all have to learn again to include them in our autumn looks.

As for anti-trends, here the Cossacks and similar cowboy models have become the undisputed favorite. Their position on the fashion pedestal today is quite shaky. Buying a new pair of these boots for the upcoming fall is definitely not worth it. But the ones that do exist can still be worn. It’s the same with stocking boots. As seductive as they look, beware of including them in your outfits. After all, the trend is a free bootleg, and this should always be remembered. In the winter season, it is worth abandoning suede boots with fur trim.

Now let’s move on to a more thorough enumeration of trends and new products of the season.

  • Boots with laces. One of the first comebacks. Although it is difficult to say that this model seriously left the fashion pedestal, because she always had a lot of fans. High boots with lacing can be made in the form of elegant over the knee boots or in a masculine army style. The most hit when the laces are located in front and along the entire length of the shaft. This element can carry both practical and decorative function.

  • Rubber. Fashionable women’s boots 2023-2024 do not have to be deliberately seductive or elegant. Get bright and practical rubber models for your collection – you won’t regret it. They are very helpful in rainy weather. The trend is free rubber boots with a rough, massive sole. This type of shoe, despite some simplicity, will allow you to create interesting bows. And he will emphasize the beauty and sophistication of ladies’ legs.

  • Square nose. Fashion trends 2023 call on us to be scrupulous about the cape of boots. For example, rounded is no longer in vogue. Instead, stylists recommend paying attention to the square shape. This option will perfectly complement bows in retro style and street style. It is worth noting the versatility of this model. Including she will show herself well in business outfits. Both high and low boots with a square cape are equally in demand.

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  • On the platform. The second comeback in our collection. The platform was mega-popular in the era of the 90s and 00s, and here we are again seeing it in the list of key trends. However, this is a practical trend, and it is quite possible to take a closer look at it. Boots without heels, but on the platform, will also allow the lady to look taller. And it is much more convenient to move along wet snowy streets in such shoes. It is also easy to include them in fashionable bows. Recommended!

  • Slouch. Relative novelty of the 2023-2024 season. Why relative? Yes, because a few years ago we already saw slouchy boots on a fashion pedestal. But then they could not conquer him. And here is attempt #2. This model is distinguished by a loose oversized cut with a deliberately wide top, as well as the presence of folds in the ankle area. And often an interesting style. Slouchy seems to be designed to attract attention.

  • On a stable heel. The autumn-winter 2023-2024 season will take the direction of promoting comfort. Therefore, when choosing between a stiletto heel and a practical, stable heel, give preference to the second. In fact, this is a universal option for all occasions. The heel can be wide square or rectangular, have a large or medium length, be the same color as the base or differ in contrasting colors.

  • “Pipes”. Women’s tube boots in the 2023-2024 season are the standard of elegance. They will be the perfect complement to bows in romantic, business, glam rock classic and other styles where femininity is important. A smooth, straight, free shaft visually makes the lady’s leg slimmer. These boots look best with elegant high heels. However, there are also original models on the wedge.

  • Jockey. Stylish jockey boots with a laconic style are still the favorites of the public. Many women love the aesthetic they bring to the look. This model is characterized by a tight-fitting straight cut and the most comfortable low rectangular heel. In such shoes it is comfortable to walk both for a walk and for business. Leather jockey boots are practical and, apparently, will not go out of fashion for a long time.

As for the color, in addition to black and white classics, the trend will be models made in pink, light green, turquoise, red, wine, cobalt, blue, gold, brown, beige shades. The brightest options for boots are presented in the photo below.

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Over the knee boots, as well as boots with a rough tractor sole without a heel, will retain their popularity in the current season.

We studied fashionable women’s boots-2023 for the fall-winter season. We hope you enjoyed this selection. Be stylish!

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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