Fashionable women’s bows – spring 2020

Many readers have been waiting for this article, because in it we have collected the most fashionable women’s bows for the spring 2020 season. Now is the time to get inspired and come up with interesting outfits for the most romantic and beautiful season!



Loose and versatile, the masculine pantsuit is the latest take on the little black dress or white basic t-shirt. Stylists put this set on a par with such cult items, as they are confident in its versatility and practicality. They suggest that a suit is the most fashionable cure for the “I have nothing to wear” panacea. It is good not only in the working environment, but also on weekdays, and especially in the solemnity of the event.

[stextbox id=’info’]Modern women of fashion are especially fond of transforming everyday things into evening ones, adding a bit of chic and luxury to them. A great technique for this transformation is the addition of a silk bustier, which will make any look more sophisticated.[/stextbox]

It is now fashionable to combine a suit with a turtleneck, a T-shirt, a crop top, a bra, a white loose shirt, include it in multi-layered ensembles or even wear it on a naked body. When choosing shoes, you will also not be at a loss, because, according to fashion rules, trousers can now be tucked into boots, combined with sneakers, pumps, sandals or ankle boots. Another stylish feature is the addition of a leather belt to the jacket, which will define the waist and make the look more expressive and fashionable.


One of the most feminine and sophisticated fashion trends of the 2020 season is corsets. Now more than ever it is relevant to combine them with knitwear or a basic shirt. You can also coquettishly hide the corset under a jacket or combine it with trousers.

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A young girl and a woman over 40 can easily create a fashionable bow in the spring of 2020 with the participation of trendy dresses.

This season has prepared for fashionistas a wide variety of models and pleasant surprises, namely:

  • trench dresses and jacket dresses;
  • feminine variations with pleating and cuts;
  • models with lantern sleeves;
  • outfits made of leather, knitwear, satin and silk;
  • sophisticated and flowing styles;
  • creative asymmetry;
  • models with polka dots, flowers or animal print;
  • among the classic solutions, the styles of the case, shirt and wrap model turned out to be relevant.

Leather pants

The real hit of the spring season is leather trousers. Such a stylish and versatile thing can add zest to any casual or festive bow. Among the current styles are a narrowed and cropped cut, models with cuffs, as well as a stylish flare.


It turns out that with jeans you can make especially stylish and memorable outfits. To do this, we suggest combining them with a matching top, a bright sweater or cardigan, a crop top, a blouse with puffed sleeves or transparent elements. Do not be afraid to pick up elegant options for the top – a tandem with jeans is the best way to set them up for a weekday mood.

Mom jeans and a soft sweater are a fashionable bow for the coming spring.

Shoe bet

If you like interesting looks with a twist, you will certainly appreciate the popularity of bright and printed shoes. The main hit is models with an animalistic motif, which are surprisingly easy to adapt to everyday ensembles. But the eternal red boats will look fresh and original.


It is quite expected that in the fashion of the spring season, designers paid special attention to skirts – the most feminine representative of the wardrobe. A short run through the key trends reveals the popularity of skirts with asymmetry, wraparound, animal print, buttons, as well as year and pencil cuts. A definite must-have is a denim skirt, which this time is presented mainly in midi length.

We suggest you look at a photo selection of fashionable bows for every day in the spring 2020 season with the participation of skirts.

New take on sweaters

Cozy and comfortable sweaters are great for both young girls and women over 50. In order for outfits with them not to look boring and mediocre, it is worth considering the new principles of combinations.

The first effective technique is the choice of bright colors or an extraordinary fashionable style, whether it be a model with a deep neckline, lacing, puffed sleeves, flounces or frills. The oversized style is also in demand, which, with the right approach, will look original and fashionable in a female image.

The second way to transform sweaters is to make fresh and relevant combinations with them. For example, it is now fashionable to create multi-layered ensembles, to combine sweaters with various models of trousers, skirts, jeans and even dresses.

A game of textures will also be a stylish technique. You can see from personal experience the effectiveness of a duet of coarse knitwear with delicate lace, satin, silk or chiffon, as well as bold leather.


In the spring season, all fashionistas will be crazy about the pastel palette, which remarkably refreshes and rejuvenates the appearance.

It is interesting that not only muted, but also quite juicy shades are involved in the fashion range. They are perfectly combined with each other and create especially elegant and romantic images – just what you need for the spring mood!

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spring cage

Plaid is still the leading motif among fashion prints. It looks especially impressive in combination with plain things in the tone of the motive. You will definitely not go wrong if you opt for a coat, blouse, skirt or jacket, which are decorated with a checkered pattern. Such things are out of fashion in a good way, and they serve the fashionista faithfully for a long time.

sport chic

The main direction of modern fashion can be defined as the desire for practicality and comfort. That is why the sport chic style is especially in demand among girls. You can realize such images by combining comfortable sportswear with especially fashionable and elegant elements.

More brightness

With the advent of spring, not only the girl herself, but also her wardrobe departs from hibernation. With the first sun, it is especially interesting to make impressive and bright tandems with rich color combinations. Neon accents, combinations of bright saturated tones or individual representatives of a warm or cold palette will look cool.

Full women are not contraindicated in bright images, but it is better for them to adhere to the principle of monochrome when compiling them. A single color vertical not only slims the figure, but also corresponds to the leading trends of the season.

Bright palette of shades is the fashion trend of 2020

Dear Images

If you want to be a luxurious lady who looks expensive this spring, try to stick to basic styles, a noble light or rich palette, and exquisite details. For example, elegant midi length dresses, strict jackets, plain quality items and red or pumps are always out of competition.

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