Fashionable women’s breeches 2021

Do you want to buy fashionable women’s breeches for the summer of 2021 and don’t know which ones to choose? We will be happy to help you make a choice! Let’s deal with the most relevant breeches together, as well as learn how to create stylish looks with them.

What breeches are in fashion 2021

Breeches are a type of cropped trousers. But they are shortened so much that their length can be up to the knee or slightly below the knee. Such a thing, unlike short shorts, women of any age and any physique can afford.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the trendy models:

  • Denim. Denim breeches are a classic, just like shorts, skirts or trousers made from the same material. In denim breeches, you can take a walk with friends, go to work and sit in a cafe with a cup of coffee. In addition, they are very comfortable and will become an important part of your summer wardrobe.

  • high rise. Models with an oversized fit have a huge plus – they make the figure more correct. They hide the belly, make the waist narrower, and create a beautiful line of the hips. Great for petite women. High-waisted breeches can be tucked into a T-shirt or shirt.

  • Flare. Breeches of this cut resemble culottes, and are their shortened version. We recommend wearing such breeches for girls with slender legs and not too wide hips, because this thing can visually add a few centimeters in volume.

  • Breeches. We are sure that you are familiar with jodhpurs, so we would like to present also breeches of this style. They are wider in the middle and narrower at the bottom. On overweight women, these breeches, fashionable in 2021, do not look very good, so it’s better for them to choose a different style.

  • Classic fit. You can safely wear such a thing to the office. Breeches of a classic cut look like heavily cropped trousers and have arrows. They go well with shirts, blouses and jackets.

Breeches are ideal for girls who are looking for something that is in the middle between shorts and trousers. As you can see, there are quite a few models of this thing, and each of them is suitable for a specific situation in life.

Breeches 2021: trendy colors and prints

If you have already decided on the style of fashionable breeches, then next you have to choose a color. First, we want to deal with denim models. Here the color palette is rather classic. You can’t go wrong if you buy breeches in blue, navy or light blue. Gray, white and black denim are also popular. But, in addition to the denim model in natural colors, you can look at fashionable colored denim breeches. More on this later.

In addition to denim, satin, silk and leather are used to create stylish breeches. Fans of discreet, natural shades can buy breeches in black, white, gray, beige. If you are a bold and original girl, then you can look for brighter breeches:

  • pink;
  • emerald;
  • purple;
  • orange.

In addition, there are models with prints on fashion catwalks. The most common are stripes, floral patterns and ethnic motifs.

How to make a fashionable image

While reading the article, you should have had a natural question – what to wear with breeches to look stylish? We have many answers to this question, and now we will share them with you.

Check out how you can wear denim breeches to look different. In the first photo, the breeches were combined in one look with a white top and jacket. Here they decided to take white sneakers as shoes, and also complemented the look with a handbag. The second image is significantly different from the first. Here is a combination of breeches with a white t-shirt and a black checkered shirt. Complement the bow with heeled sandals and an interesting handbag.

In the following photo, classic-cut women’s breeches, fashionable in 2021, are part of the costume. The classic suit in pale blue was complemented by a black T-shirt. This look is perfect as an office outfit in the summer.

The flared breeches from the photo you are looking at now can also become part of the office style. Here they were combined with a cropped sweater and blue shoes. But they will also look beautiful with blouses or t-shirts.

The following image is suitable for a girl in her 20s, and for a woman in her 40s. The model is wearing classic breeches, a white shirt and an elongated black-and-white plaid jacket. The role of shoes here is played by white pumps. Also, don’t forget about accessories – here they are represented by a contrasting red handbag and glasses.

We offer a look at longer models of breeches. The photo shows two images with models in a classic style. In the first picture, an oversized shirt and heeled sandals were added to them. In the second case, high-waisted breeches were worn with a top with voluminous sleeves. As shoes chose stylish loafers. These models of breeches are significantly slimmer, so take them into service.

In the summer of 2021, you should definitely buy yourself fashionable women’s breeches. This is a great alternative to shorts and trousers that fits into various life situations. Just choose the most successful model for your figure, and you will be satisfied with the purchase!

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