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Today we will talk about the most current trends of 2019 – we will tell you about the fashionable women’s clothing of the season and clearly show it in a photo in stylish outfits. Fashion is getting bolder, and designer shows have already struck with an abundance of eccentric gizmos. So what should true fashionistas add to their wardrobe this year?


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Before moving on to clothing categories, we will talk about the main canons of fashion this season. What have fashion trends prepared for us?

  • Layering. On the fashion runways, designers are increasingly dressing female models in several pieces of clothing at once, creating layers of different textures, colors and prints.

  • Patchwork also back in trend layering that came to us from the 70s. The patchwork technique is actively represented in the photo collections from Prada, Donatella Versace, Tommy Hilfiger and other fashion houses.

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It can be a shawl or a trendy fur patchwork this season. In 2019, fashionable women’s clothing in the patchwork style is also decorated with beads, lace elements and frills.

  • Western – the good old romance of the “Wild West”. Feel free to complement the looks with details in country style – ethnics, fringe, cowboy boots, wide-brimmed hats, large leather belts.

  • Non-trivial sleeves and extended shoulders. The sleeves welcome a complex and original cut – oversized, flared from the elbow, horizontal or vertical drapery. The line of the shoulders increases within reasonable limits, creating the effect of an inverted triangle.

  • oversize does not leave the fashion ranks. One gets the impression that some things from famous couturiers do not have a size at all – and this is in trend. In fashionable clothes for women in 2019, masculinity often prevails – wide coats, men’s jackets, elongated sleeves.

Stylists recommend combining them with more feminine items – skirts, dresses, blouses. The trend of combining masculinity with femininity is especially popular in the autumn-spring season – the right time for a stylish jacket.

  • Asymmetry – in it, designers dared to complete absolutely all elements of the wardrobe – from blouses and dresses to coats and jackets. Choose an exclusive option to your taste and stand out from the crowd!

  • Mixing textures. The combination of leather and velor, vinyl and fur, cotton with metallic fabrics in one product – the field for imagination is not limited here.

What colors and prints are on trend?

In 2019, you can see the most incredible and bold color combinations on the photo of the podium collections! Bright shades are especially prevalent in fashionable women’s clothing for the spring-summer season. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue – any catchy colors.

Acid tones have become no less popular – pay special attention to lemon, green and lime tones. This applies to all elements of the wardrobe – from fur coats to dresses. Obviously, in the warm season, fashion calls to be bolder and stand out from the crowd.

In winter and autumn, muted shades are more popular in monochrome – olive, wine, foggy blue, gray or dark purple.

The gradient has confidently entered the ranks of the novelties of the catwalk fashion – the shades can be very different. The smooth transition of colors looks especially impressive on dresses made of light fabrics. Long models will reveal the full depth of color.

The cell does not lag behind in all its varieties. “Prince of Wales” or “houndstooth” will make your look ultra-stylish, without additional decorative solutions. Often there are tandems of different cells – in color, size, texture.

Animal print. The leopard is especially popular – it triumphantly returned to the number of trends. Such predatory coloring is performed not only in classic colors, but even in acid ones. A black and white zebra walks on a par with it – no less relevant print.


In the new season, various fashionable capes are considered ultra-stylish outerwear – shawl coats, capes. Stylists recommend even wearing a classic coat by simply throwing it over your shoulders. What can we say – fashion welcomes even just a plaid thrown over shoulders.

A plaid coat will also become a stylish and elegant option. Choose between straight cuts and fitted styles. A variety of cells and colors can be any.

Plush jackets or fur coats trimmed with sheepskin are also in trend – they came to us from last season and are not going to retreat. Such models are not only stylish, but also very warm and cozy. There are also options for conservationists – there are many models made of faux fur.

There are no restrictions on jackets – parkas, down jackets, bombers. But special attention should be paid to “space jackets” made of holographic plastic or oilcloth.

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And do not forget about the skin, she triumphantly returned to the world podiums. Matoleather jackets or leather jackets, long raincoats – with them you will definitely be in trend.


Not only classic black skin is relevant, but also shades of brown, burgundy, blue. In 2019, leather looks are suitable not only for everyday, but even for office style – the classic will perfectly complement such bows.

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A pantsuit has definitely become a must-have for business style. And this season they added fashionable chips to it! Highlighting details are in trend, for example, large patch pockets of a different texture (leather or velvet) or a collar. Also pay attention to interesting models with vertical slits on the sleeves – they can start from the elbow line or even higher.

The combination of an elongated jacket and a skirt has become a trend. And it seems nothing unusual, only the skirt in such a newfangled look should be short – approximately to the middle of the thigh. In such a bow, it is best to choose shoes with heels.

The skirt can be replaced with short shorts made of suit fabric. As for pants, it is better to choose a straight or slightly flared cut.


In the summer season, women’s dresses of a free cut are especially popular. Take a closer look at the long pleated A-line dress. For such models, a minimum of decorative elements is used, for example, a non-voluminous bow on the collarbone.

Many fashionistas will love the dressing gown. It can be worn both on a naked body and combined with thin blouses and even trousers. In such a fashionable image, the effect of a tunic is created. By the way, here it is – trendy layering in action.

Leather dresses have also become a new-fangled option – they will become the main highlight of your image. Just do not choose too short and tight-fitting models, it may look too vulgar.

In the length of the model of dresses are not limited by anything – both mini and maxi options are in fashion. So rely on the dress code and your personal preferences.


Among fashionable women’s clothing, flared trousers made of dense materials that perfectly keep their shape were singled out. Moreover, the fashionable flare this season comes from the hip, and not from …

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