Fashionable women’s coats for autumn 2023

A coat is one of the most important elements of an autumn wardrobe. You can’t do without it when it starts to get colder outside. This versatile outerwear allows you to create stylish looks and feel cozy even in bad weather. Today we propose to talk about what fashionable coats are worth looking at for autumn 2023. And although the rainy season is still very far away, it will be useful to study the new items.

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Features of the women’s coat: autumn-2023

Looking at how interesting the images demonstrated at Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris turned out to be, we can conclude that the ladies will have a huge choice in the upcoming fall. And this also applies to the coat segment, because special attention was paid to it at the shows.

If we analyze the general trends, they look like this. The trend is both elegant monophonic models in basic colors (gray, black, brown, gray-blue), and bright ones: orange, scarlet, mustard, wine, mint green. Don’t forget about the main color of the season – Viva Magenta. You can also choose from pastel shades. Among the favorites: pale pink, lavender, pale yellow, cream, milky, beige.

Don’t forget the printed coat. The most popular pattern for autumn 2023 will be a check. She was found almost everywhere. The trend is also simple geometry, which manifests itself in the form of the most ordinary lines. Models in a wide monochrome or multi-colored stripe will look very entertaining. Floral, animalistic and abstract motifs were also encountered, but somewhat less frequently.

Among the popular fabrics for the autumn coat 2023 are: tweed, cashmere, wool, drape, knitwear, alpaca. Models with faux fur trim will become very popular. Leather coats, which also found a place in the collections of many famous brands, will look incredibly impressive and stylish. There are also combined models created from materials of different textures.

Interesting: The main trends of autumn-winter 2023-2024

The squeak of the autumn-winter 23/24 season is the style of minimalism. It is invariably relevant and will also appear in the coat segment. Conciseness, simple and clear lines, versatility – that’s what will be especially appreciated.

Fashionable women’s coat for autumn 2023: popular models

Now let’s move on to the study of the main trends and new products of the season. And here are some coat models worth paying attention to next fall.

  • Maxi. Wearing a maxi coat is a special chic. Such a model will look especially organic on high fashionistas. The length can reach the ankle or to the floor. The latter option is not particularly practical for autumn in our country, but definitely effective. To keep a long coat always looking neat, wear it with high-heeled shoes or a small platform. Cut fit slightly fitted or classic straight.

  • oversize. And again, without a free style, nowhere. However, there is nothing to be surprised here, because it is difficult to imagine something more convenient. Oversized provides complete freedom of movement, allows you to feel comfortable even in the most bad weather, suitable for creating bows in almost all popular styles. Many brands have paid attention to the free cut. Among them: Burberry, Calcaterra, Max Mara, Uma Wang, Richard Quinn.

  • original cut. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then take note of the following coat options. For example, with a lowered shoulder line, like Dawei Studio or Louis Vuitton. Or sewn in a patchwork style, like Philipp Plein. Definitely worth a closer look at the gothic cape coat from Leonard Paris. But, of course, this is not all that modern models stand out with. Unusual sleeves and collars are also in trend.

  • Without sleeves. A trendy sleeveless coat is a great choice for the beginning of autumn. Moreover, many elegant models can be worn over a business look instead of a jacket. They will also be appropriate in casual everyday outfits. If you are afraid of freezing, combine this model with a turtleneck, a thin knitted jumper, a shirt and even high gloves, as Luar suggests. We recommend paying special attention to this duet.

  • Fitted. A women’s coat with a highlighted waistline is a loud trend-2023. Moreover, you can wear it now, in the spring season, and in the fall, which will come to us in six months. Every fashionista is simply obliged to have outerwear of this style in the collection. After all, a fitted cut makes the silhouette elegant, sophisticated, and the image as a whole – feminine. This model, in addition to narrowing at the waist, can be distinguished by accent shoulders and a flared bottom.

  • Cape. Again returned to the fashion pedestal and this style. Moreover, it will become one of the main fashion trends and a novelty of the autumn season. This spectacular model is fully consistent with the style of minimalism and will help you create memorable, repeatable looks. However, it is still difficult to say whether capes will become as popular as they were 7-8 years ago. But Michael Kors, Richard Quinn, Dolce & Gabbana definitely recommend paying attention to them.

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If we continue to talk about the trends from the shows, then it is worth noting the deliberately muscular coat models with wide sloping shoulders. A lot of brands have focused on this.

Fashionable coats for autumn 2023 will pleasantly surprise you with their clarity and versatility. Check out the latest in style now!

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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