Fashionable women’s down jackets 2021-2022

If you are reading this article, you will soon find out how to choose the right down jacket for autumn-winter 2021-2022. Not all girls love down jackets, because it often seems to them that this outerwear makes them fat. In fact, a well-chosen down jacket should not add extra pounds to you. We will help you in choosing this item and tell you how to avoid mistakes.

Fashionable women’s down jackets 2021-2022

Probably, a down jacket is the most comfortable and warmest winter outerwear. It is for this reason that she has always enjoyed such wild popularity. But, recently, so many new models of this thing have appeared that fashionistas began to appreciate it not only for the opportunity to keep warm.

First, let’s look at a few styles that are in trend in the 2021-2022 season.:

  • shortened. These down jackets are ideal for warmer winter days, as well as for late autumn. They can be complemented with various decorative elements, stylish sleeves, collars. Most of all, shortened models are appreciated by young girls, because they can create many interesting images with them.

  • With short sleeves. If restraint and practicality are not about you, then we suggest paying attention to an interesting model of a down jacket with short sleeves, which is now in fashion. When putting on such outerwear, you will need to choose good outfits for it, because the sleeve will be visible. An excellent solution is also to use long gloves that cover the hand.

  • oversize. An oversized down jacket not only does not make you fat, but vice versa – against its background, your figure will seem more fragile. In addition, such a thing is very cozy and can save in severe frosts. Oversized models can be short or long, and can also be decorated with additional details like fur.

  • Down jacket dress. This style is the perfect choice for women who want to emphasize their beautiful curves and create a feminine look. The down jacket-dress is widened at the bottom, has a belt at the waist, and can also be complemented with a fur collar. The most popular length is to the knee, but there are also models that reach the ankle.

Now you do not need to think about how good this or that down jacket is, because you can choose a stylish model from this list.

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How to choose a down jacket so that it fits perfectly

Usually outerwear has an impressive price, so its choice must be approached with special care. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the advice of professionals regarding the choice of a down jacket:

  • Material. Down jackets today are sewn from completely different fabrics – leather, knitwear, wool. Each of them has its pros and cons. For example, leather products do not get wet, but they do not let air through at all. Therefore, it is better to dwell on models made of cotton or nylon – they are the most practical and have an attractive appearance.
  • Filler. When choosing a down jacket for the fall-winter 2021-2022, every woman may have a natural question – to take a model with padding polyester or with down. From the name of the thing, you can conclude that it should have fluff inside. Yes, indeed, if we compare synthetic winterizer and fluff, then the latter warms much better. By the way, it happens goose, duck, and also with the addition of a feather and without it.
  • Croy. The choice of cut depends on the weather in the region where you live. If your winters are cold, then it is better to take an elongated model with a high collar, which, if necessary, can cover your face and neck. For a warmer winter or autumn, short down jackets or models with short sleeves are suitable. It is also worth remembering that the oversized style, despite its large size, may not retain enough heat due to a loose fit to the body.
  • Decor. Excess decor can not only spoil the appearance of the product, but also violate its direct functions. You should not buy a thing with too frequent stitches – this makes it thinner. Will not improve the down jacket and an excessive number of pockets.

Keep these tips in mind when you decide to go shopping and choose your brand new down jacket. In this case, you will be as comfortable as possible in this thing, and it will serve you much longer.

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Stylish bows with down jackets: fashion 2021-2022

To make it easier for you to choose a fashionable and warm down jacket for the fall-winter 2021-2022, we want to show you five successful bows:

  • A stylish sandy brown cropped down jacket is ideally combined with a white outfit – trousers and a sweater. Complement the image of a beautiful handbag and glasses.

  • Jeans and rough boots look very good together with a cropped black oversized down jacket.

  • A tandem of a mint-colored down jacket and a gray suit. Complement the image of a bag, matched to match the outerwear, as well as stylish glasses.

  • Puffy dress in combination with animal print boots – an image that meets the latest fashion trends.

  • Bow in white and milky colors – trousers, a sweater, a short down jacket and coarse boots. As accessories – a quilted bag and glasses.

We hope that after reading all this information, you will no longer wonder how to choose a fashionable down jacket for autumn-winter 2021-2022. This stylish, beautiful and comfortable outerwear can be the perfect complement to a large number of your looks.

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