Fashionable women’s gloves 2020

Fashionable gloves 2020 are a stylish and at the same time very practical accessory that will come in handy when creating an attractive look. This piece of clothing makes the bow more feminine and original, allows you to add a twist to any, even the most ordinary outfit. Modern gloves can not only protect hands from the harmful effects of cold, but also decorate them. From the article you will learn about the main fashion trends for autumn-winter 2020-2021, new products and trends of the season.

Trendy colors and decor

According to the trends of 2020, almost all existing shades can be used when compiling a fashionable outfit. Gloves are no exception. Designers have offered women of fashion a large selection of accessories in a wide variety of colors.

Among the favorites, as always, are the classic colors: black, brown, gray, ivory. These accessories are made from a variety of materials. Designers have presented many models in this palette. They are ideal for creating a stylish everyday look, as well as a more discreet addition to catchy outfits.

More interesting and stylish look elongated gloves, made in brighter shades of raspberry, dark green, orange and blue. They are made from regular and patent leather.

Designers have not forgotten about the animal print, which has not lost its relevance for several seasons in a row. Particularly popular will be narrow, tight-fitting models that outwardly imitate the color of reptiles, such as python. When using such an accessory, an interesting effect is obtained – the hands outwardly become similar to plastic and dodgy snakes.

To create a fashionable look in 2020, you can use short gloves made in rich colors and their bold combinations. Such an accessory will attract attention. Flashy colors can be combined in one bow with more restrained shades or with the same bright tones. Therefore, color models can become both a harmonious completion of a stylish outfit and produce a color shock.

Products made from natural materials are most often performed in one color, but combinations of two or more shades are also acceptable.

The designers did not forget about the decor either. The most interesting is the contrasting trim, made using fur and zippers.

As you can see, the choice of colors and various decor options is quite large. This allows you to complement both classic and outrageous outfits with gloves, using leather models in a restrained palette or multi-colored knitted mittens in the image.


Among the fashion trends for autumn-winter 2020-2021, long gloves occupy a special place. If earlier they were worn exclusively to complement solemn outfits with sleeveless dresses and were made from the same material as the main outfit, today the area of ​​using elongated accessories has expanded significantly.

After short-sleeve outerwear became fashionable, accessories above the elbow became incredibly popular. Such models are most often sewn from natural materials. You can also find accessories made of wool or thick knitwear.

Also, fashionistas can independently choose the model they like – both narrow-fitting options resembling a “second skin” and rather massive models are in trend.

If you want to create an original and catchy outfit with long gloves, designers recommend taking a closer look at suede wide gathered elbow-length models.

Stylish fashionistas also need to pay attention to stylish and warm knitted models with or without fingers. These gloves go well with a thick wool coat, as well as jackets. The color of the accessory can be any: to match the main outfit or a contrasting shade.

Another trend of the season is combined models that combine several materials at once. For example, a long stocking up to the elbow is tied to short leather accessories. At the same time, the working on the knitted part can be any – both straight and in the form of rhombuses or braids.


Accessories made from natural materials will never lose their relevance. They always look expensive, allow you to complement any image and emphasize the status of the owner. Such an accessory is a kind of confirmation of the wealth of a fashionista.

Along with a luxurious appearance, leather products are incredibly practical and durable. They do not lose their shape during wear, they retain color for a long time.

This season, designers have offered fashionistas a huge selection of models made from natural materials. Thanks to the variety of options, any fashionista will be able to find a suitable model by choosing an accessory for any outerwear.

For practical young ladies who do not plan to buy several models of gloves at once, designers offer to purchase one universal one that is suitable for various life situations. We are talking about black kid products up to the elbow. It is this model that can complement a lot of outfits, becoming a stylish completion of the bow with a jacket or coat, a warm vest or a cocktail dress.

Leather gloves are a practical, comfortable, stylish accessory that has a special status.


Such gloves attract with their velvety structure, they look elegant and elegant. Most often, designers sew short products from suede, but high gathered models are not excluded.

Such accessories with fur trim, as well as patterns of rivets, look interesting. Imitation stitching, decoration with voluminous brooches and perforations – all this allows you to give the image additional luxury and elegance.


Delicate lace can give women’s hands elegance and attractiveness. It is for this reason that brides most often complement their wedding attire with delicate guipure gloves.

Exquisite lace emphasizes the fragility and refined taste of the owner. Such an accessory will be the perfect complement to any formal outfit and is considered a classic of the evening dress code.

Black guipure models are a versatile option that will suit any look, regardless of the color of the main outfit.

The trend is rather dense products, in which lace creates a dense pattern, as well as models made of thin lace in the form of a veil connected by large flowers.


Another fashion trend in 2020 is leather, guipure or knitted gloves with short fingers, which are worn with a leather jacket, creating a harmonious and very attractive bow.

Actual products of various heights. A model above the wrist will perfectly complement the look with a coat with three/quarter sleeves, while the options to the elbow, made of guipure, are a win-win completion of any original bow.

Since different styles, materials and colors are in trend, girls can safely experiment with accessories and create stylish outfits in…

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