Fashionable women’s gloves 2021

Today we will together choose fashionable women’s gloves for 2021. At first glance, it seems that this is a rather classic accessory – what is there to think? You will be amazed by the extensive range that our experts have researched online.

What gloves are in fashion in autumn-winter 2021-2022

Pay close attention to a seemingly unpretentious accessory. Probably 1000 and 1 image can be created with gloves. It is better to have several pairs in the wardrobe at once. What, see below.

Long. Supermodel Bella Hadid inspired fashionistas to get forgotten long gloves out of the closet. At the Marc Jacobs show, the fashion model showed a luxurious evening look with white gloves, the length of which reaches the shoulder. The woman is also wearing a shiny black dress with wide straps and a necklace with crystals.

Mesh. Option to go to a restaurant. Remember the actresses of the 60s? So, the trend is relevant in the coming season. Bright blue or red guipure gloves with a laconic outfit look original.

Leather and lacquer. Nobody takes away the classics from us. But let’s add some grunge to the image. Lacquer gloves of any length will help with this. In order not to overload the bow, it is better to choose a model where the top is sewn from patent leather, and the bottom is made from ordinary matte.

Knitted voluminous. Fashion trends dictate the purchase of knitted gloves for autumn-winter 2021-2022. Long woven gloves were modified to fit the oversized fashion. An ideal variation for everyday looks.

Velvet. Designer Richard Quinn believes that only in such gloves will you look luxurious and regal. The maestro suggests wearing similar models with a checkered coat and patent leather boots.

Combined. You can even make your own. For example, from fabrics of two colors, or different textures. The material is varied: denim and leather, or knitwear, suede, fur fabric.

Continuation of the sweater. An extraordinary idea for those who want to attract attention with a stylish outfit. But don’t put too much effort into it. True, such an outfit will have to be sewn on your own, or carefully “dig through” the expanses of the Internet.

Quilted. You should not wear them with down jackets, no matter how paradoxical it may sound. A set of “inflated” gloves and a sheepskin coat or leather jacket in a biker style looks very stylish.

With fur trim. Eco fur is welcome. The body can be made from knit, leather, or the aforementioned “stitch”. We liked the playful model of gloves with a painted manicure.

100% fur. In a pair of them, pick up a hat with earflaps or a boyarka.

With leather tassels. With a touch of the “wild west”. Pair fringed gloves with a colorful jacket for a personalized look.

Fingerless. Of course, such gloves are unlikely to keep you warm in cold weather. They are suitable for those who are used to putting their hands in their pockets. Creative option – long mitts with lacing. Discard knitted patterns: they have become anti-trends.

With decor. All sorts of stripes, rivets and beads. You can find an incredible amount of ideas on the catwalks. For example, combine a stylish tweed suit with knitted gloves with pearl bracelets.

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Women’s gloves 2021: trendy colors and prints

We figured out the models of gloves, now let’s quickly go over the actual colors and prints. Here is a short list:

  • Bicolor. It is desirable if these are “sunny” cheerful shades. For example, yellow and orange. The elongated style looks stylish, where the fingers are highlighted in a contrasting color.

  • White. The coronavirus pandemic revived the fashion for everything “sterile” in 2021, and women’s gloves were also included.
  • pastel. From beige to chocolate. Universal models for all time.
  • Red. For many, this color evokes associations with boxing paraphernalia. In order not to look vulgar, do not wear such a model with matching shoes or a bag.
  • Serpentine. Trend for the brave. Pairs beautifully with a monochrome bow.

  • with ornament. The style will fit perfectly into the theme of the New Year holidays.

  • With inscriptions. A novelty of this season are translucent gloves with inscriptions and logos. They can even be worn indoors.

  • With contrast trim. Look at Dita Von Teese in black gloves with red stitching. With dark outfits will look stunning.

  • metallic. In our materials, we have repeatedly mentioned space-themed fashion in the cold season. Not only shoes and jackets were affected by the “alien” aesthetics, but also gloves.

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What to wear gloves this season

Finally, a few suggestions about stylish images with an accessory – the hero of the publication.

In 2021, stylists are combining long gloves with trouser suits and coats in a masculine style. One model can be combined with many outfits. The first set is a green coat, a long skirt and brown gloves. We take the last accessory and change the top to a gray suit with a short jacket. The third stylish variation is a jacket dress, shorts and all the same brown gloves.

Bright gloves are advised to wear with neutral bows. It is important that colorful mittens are not the only accent. In this case, shoes or a bag should contrast with gloves.

In our photo selection, we have collected fashionable women’s gloves for 2021. Check out the ideas and come up with your own!

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