Fashionable women’s haircuts 2019: latest trends, photos of new products

Before you visit a beauty salon again, you should study the fashion trends in haircuts 2019 (see the photo in the article). Stylish touches, modern nuances, a combination of hair shape and length – all this will help diversify the usual hairstyle, make the image unique and elegant.


Women’s haircuts

Haircut models for the beautiful half of humanity are constantly changing. The thing is that young ladies are very capricious and demanding of their own appearance, so stylists have no choice but to bring new notes to the established classic hairstyles.

Stylish short haircuts


Among short haircuts, Cesson holds the lead, which, in the classic version, provides for a semicircular bangs, short hair on the sides, and longer hair in the occipital and parietal region. When creating hairstyles, masters must use the graduation technique so that the curls twist slightly inward. A distinctive feature of such a fashionable female haircut is a rounded edging line.

Photo: Haircut Sesson

[stextbox id=»alert»]Sesson does not require complex styling, gives the strands a natural volume, returns shape after intense wind or vigorous movements.[/stextbox]

It suits girls with the correct oval face and graceful features. However, if desired, the master can pick up a successful modification of the haircut for young ladies with different appearance features:

Fashionable haircuts for short hair

  • for beauties with an elongated face, the option with thick bangs and hair to the chin is suitable, which will visually balance the disproportion of the face;
  • chubby young ladies should opt for a session with oblique bangs and locks directed to the cheeks;
  • owners of a triangular face should leave an elongated bang on the sides;
  • the rounded shape of the haircut allows you to smooth the contours of a square face.

[stextbox id=’warning’]It is worth noting that Cesson will look favorably on thick hair. Owners of thin and rare curls, a haircut will absolutely not decorate.[/stextbox]

You can add spice to the image by coloring, coloring or toning. It is very important to paint, for example, exclusively bangs in bright, flashy colors.

long bob

Guided by the fashion trends of 2019, stylists advise paying attention to women’s haircuts – an elongated bob (photo below). It is characterized by a side parting, elongated strands around the face and soft, streamlined contours at the back. At the same time, curls cover the neck, and all attention is focused on facial features.

long bob

The long bob is a versatile haircut that holds a given shape and is easy to style. The hairstyle has several variations that help hide some imperfections in appearance:

  • a straight bob suits young ladies with a thin neck and graceful features;
  • spherical shape, hide wide cheekbones and soften the oval;
  • a haircut with oblique bangs, balances large features and gives the image softness;
  • smooth haircut lines, visually smooth out sharp features;
  • a classic elongated bob will help to correct the oval for chubby young ladies;
  • owners of an elongated face should make a bob with straight or oblique bangs;
  • haircut will be the perfect solution for girls with an oval face. She will emphasize a beautiful forehead and a perfect chin line;
  • thinning, weakened hair will look thick, healthy and voluminous if you make the strands more textured.

Haircut for medium hair

[stextbox id=»info»]Especially popular will be the asymmetrical elongated bob, which will make the image lighter, bolder and more creative, as well as easily hide minor imperfections in appearance.[/stextbox]


Which season is in a row, retro style is considered a sign of good taste. This statement can also be traced in the 2019 fashion trends for women’s haircuts, which put Gavroche (see photo below) in the top of the most popular hairstyles.

Photo: Haircut Gavroche

A haircut opens the face and focuses on its features, favorably emphasizing the advantages and, at the same time, flaunting the shortcomings. That is why, it can only be done by girls with a harmonious appearance, the correct line of cheekbones and chin.

Gavroche is characterized by elongated, pointed temples and additional volume at the crown. At the same time, the neck line remains open. This is a multi-level haircut with obligatory thinning of all layers.

[stextbox id=»warning»]In the classic version, the bangs are given a triangular shape, which makes the features more refined and pointed.[/stextbox]

Haircut 2019 for short hair

The shape of the face and the structure of the hair do not matter, since there is no clear technique for creating hairstyles. The master individually creates the most suitable haircut variation, complementing it with the appropriate bangs. It can be a well-graded asymmetrical, torn or oblique front strand.


In the list of fashion trends for women’s haircuts 2019, the beloved cascade is not the last place. The execution technique is quite simple: a control strand is selected at the crown, which sets the silhouette of the hairstyle, and all subsequent curls are cut with a ladder. The depth and length of the steps directly depends on the type of hair. The tips can be left completely straight or processed using the technique of graduation or thinning. In addition, the master can use a razor, which allows you to create trendy, torn strands.

[stextbox id=»warning»]The cascade is able to give additional volume to light and fluffy curls, to “lighten” the appearance of heavy hair, but it is absolutely not suitable for owners of hard and curly strands.[/stextbox]

The haircut technique allows you to create graceful silhouettes on long, medium and short hair. Modeling the oval of the face is carried out using bangs:

  • long bangs draw attention to the eyes and eyebrows, balance the proportions of an elongated and angular face, visually reduce the nose;
  • arched bangs soften and smooth pointed cheekbones, make facial features refined and graceful;
  • shortened (to the middle of the forehead), straight and smooth French bangs restores the balance of proportions to the elongated face, hides a wide forehead, focuses on the shape of the eyes and the bend of the eyebrows.

Long bob haircut

No less popular is the cascade without bangs, which creates an elegant silhouette, makes the image feminine and romantic.

Male haircuts

The times when a man, having gone to a hairdresser, asked to cut his hair to fit the typewriter, are long gone. The stronger sex cares about their own appearance just as much as the lovely ladies, so most men carefully monitor the 2019 trends for fashionable men’s haircuts.

Stylish men’s haircuts 2019


The popular British haircut is characterized by a smooth transition of hair length from the temples to the back of the head, rather long curls in the frontal and parietal region, bangs and profiled ends of the strands.

The hairstyle is versatile and suitable for men with any type…

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