Fashionable women’s jackets 2020

We present you a stylish cheat sheet on fashionable women’s jackets of the 2020 season. This is a versatile piece of clothing that will definitely come in handy when drawing up relevant and beautiful images!


Top colors

According to the designers, in 2020 it is worth discarding all doubts and opting for a brightly colored jacket. This is a great investment not only for everyday wardrobe. Stylists are sure that such an element can be easily entered into a business and even evening bow. The bottom in such an image can be restrained or maintain a cheerful mood set by a jacket. Trendy colors include reds, sunny yellows, classic blues, blues, oranges and Biscay greens.

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The choice of elegant and self-confident natures is a white jacket. This choice looks the most luxurious and expensive. Sometimes this color is complemented by thin vertical stripes. By the way, this fashionable technique perfectly slims the figure.

You can meet the 2020 season fully armed with a jacket in brown, caramel or beige colors. These are classic tones with excellent versatility. To create a fashionable look with such a model, stylists suggest sticking to a monochrome palette.

The whole variety of pastel shades also keeps at the top of popularity.

An extraordinary and stylish look is guaranteed in a jacket with a trendy print. A worthy place on Olympus belongs to stripes, abstraction, animalism, tropical and floral motifs, as well as eternal peas. All of these prints set the image of stylish dynamics and look trendy.

Special mention deserves fashionable plaid jackets, which are also suitable for overweight women. The main feature of this model is excellent versatility. It will easily complement business and casual relaxed bows. In the 2020 season, you can try a combination with cropped trousers and sneakers.

current models

After analyzing a number of current jackets, you can choose your ideal option for the 2020 season. The range is so diverse that it is not difficult to calculate a personal favorite.


A tribute to the fashion of the 90s is cropped jackets. True, in comparison with its retro progenitor, the current model has undergone some changes. Such jackets in the 2020 season are just below the waist, have a clear free form, buttons and a turn-down collar.

[stextbox id=’info’]As for the perfect companion for this jacket, stylists cite dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, and high-rise trousers as ideal options.[/stextbox]

Emphasized at the waist

Given the current trend for femininity and the various ways to create an emphasis on it, designers have recognized jackets with a highlighted waist as fashionable. To focus on this area, you can choose a model with a belt or jacket.

However, any jacket that is bored in your closet can be in for a stylish makeover. Give it a trendy look with a leather belt in medium or large width. A black accessory will go with everything, and a bright one will become a non-trivial accent of the image.

A la Chanel

This model is easy to figure out by the lack of a collar, a straight cut and a round neckline. Often in such a jacket there are patch pockets or snags in the form of such. The color of this model may not be limited to the classics – in addition to the black and white palette, the designers presented the fashionistas with bright colors of a rather conservative style.

With patch pockets

Many fashionistas love it when style and practicality are masterfully combined in one outfit. Such girls will certainly appreciate an interesting novelty – jackets with patch pockets. Such elements can be kept in a conservative design or have valves. The minimum number of pockets on a fashionable jacket is limited to two, but in practice there can be many more.

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In 2020, elongated jackets of various colors are also popular. Many stars prove the practicality of such an acquisition by personal example and wear elongated jackets even as a dress. Bold, but so attractive!

Jacket dress

The trend is also elongated jackets, which were originally conceived as stylish dresses. This is a thing from the category “both to the feast and to the world”, because fashionistas love to wear such a novelty for literally any occasion. In the design of the dress-jacket, rigor and solidity border on femininity and seductiveness in an amazing way.

From a man’s shoulder

If your jacket looks like you kindly borrowed it from a strong man’s shoulder, it definitely falls into the trends of the 2020 season. Such a model can be calculated by a free cut, a lowered shoulder line and an elongated style. Surprisingly, with the help of this silhouette, it is easiest to emphasize the sophistication and fragility of the female figure.

Irregular fit

Jackets of an unusual style are called upon to dilute the usual classics. The fantasy of designers in the 2020 season knew no bounds! Fashion collections include models with bare shoulders, asymmetrical cut, open back and other creative solutions.

Fashion textures

The fashion trends of the 2020 season introduced women’s jackets of various textures to the world. We have created a cheat sheet for the latest news!


For the most sophisticated fashionistas in 2020, exquisite velvet jackets are prepared. The main feature of this season is the versatility of such a novelty. Yes, yes, now velvet clothes are designed to decorate not only evening sets, but also take an active part in everyday bows. On weekdays, a velvet jacket can be combined with straight trousers with arrows, jeans, skirts and dresses made of light textures.


In recent seasons, modern fashionistas have an increased interest in denim. Of course, we are not only talking about the demand for jeans. In 2020, skirts, jumpsuits, jackets, dresses and, of course, denim jackets are popular. At the top of the trends are laconic models of a uniform color without unnecessary decor. These jackets are perfect for women over 50.

If a fashionista is looking for stylish self-expression, she can bet on a denim jacket with studs, embroidery, patches or patch pockets.

[stextbox id=’info’]Fashion idea! A denim jacket can be used in a trendy total look.[/stextbox]


Designers do not get tired of turning to the spectacular leather texture. So a jacket made of this trendy material promises to be the most fashionable acquisition of 2020. Do not limit yourself to black colors: there are many other, more interesting solutions among the trends. Even the classic beige shade looks much more non-trivial.

The combination of leather with other textures will appeal to more modest fashionistas.

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Jackets made of satin, satin and silk are distinguished by unsurpassed chic. Such models are worthy of the most luxurious evening…

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