Fashionable women’s jackets 2021

Fashionable women’s jackets in 2021 are represented by such a huge number of models that you will be very surprised. This element of the wardrobe can be called truly universal, because it is worn by women of any age, at any time of the year, and it is suitable for almost any occasion.

What women’s jackets will be in fashion in 2021

Among all the options that are relevant this season, jackets can be found completely different and unlike each other – long and short, fitted and wide, classic and original. We hope that every fashionista will pick up something for herself here.

Classic. I want to start from the classics, because without it there is nowhere. Familiar cut, pleasant colors and comfortable wear are the main characteristics of this win-win model. Wear these jackets with trousers, skirts, dresses or shorts.

With an emphasis on the shoulders. It is impossible not to notice that in their new collections, designers began to focus on the shoulder area. The size of the shoulder was increased, on some models they even made these areas sharp. Undoubtedly, in such a thing you will attract many looks to yourself.

Oversize. A reference to masculine style is baggy, loose jackets that are a couple of sizes larger. Often jackets of this type, in addition to wide trousers, were found in costumes. This image looks very easy and at ease.

elongated. These models are about mid-thigh in length. They can be looser or fitted. A loose elongated version in some cases can even be worn as a dress.

Shortened. If there are elongated fashionable women’s jackets in the trends of 2021, then there should be shortened ones. Moreover, some of them have a length to the waist, and some only to the navel. With cropped models, you can wear dresses, skirts and trousers with a high waist.

With an emphasis on the sleeves. We also include those that have puffy sleeves – “lanterns” or puffs to the most fashionable jackets. In some cases, the sleeves are decorated with a cascade of frills, in others they expand from top to bottom. Such models, of course, will add volume to the upper part of the silhouette, so they are more suitable for tall and slender girls.

With buttons or wrap. Traditional options are jackets with one or two rows of buttons. But, for fashionistas, wrap models are also presented, where buttons were completely abandoned. Looks pretty interesting and casual.

Asymmetrical. Asymmetry in clothes always looks original and is the highlight of the thing. So, when creating jackets, they resorted to this approach and made very bright and memorable models.

Leather. An excellent alternative to a leather jacket can be a leather jacket that is relevant in the new season. The most suitable time for them is early spring and autumn, when it is cold outside. Among all the options for such a jacket, you can find models with buttons and straps.

Velvet. A velvet jacket can add sparkle to your look, so it’s perfect for special occasions and even holidays.

Some fashion houses presented very original models of jackets. If you are a brave and interesting girl, then you can buy yourself one of these options. Of course, they are not suitable for office work, but they have the right to exist. You can see the most interesting of them in the photographs.

For obese women, the fashion of 2021 also offers many models of stylish jackets. The most suitable for puffy beauties are classic options, wrap models, as well as asymmetrical jackets. Also a good choice would be a slightly shortened model in combination with a high-waisted bottom. With elongated options, you should be careful, because they can make the silhouette heavier and give volume to the hips.

Fashionable color palette

Jackets in classic, familiar colors – white, black, brown and gray – remain invariably fashionable. But, this does not mean that only these shades should be found in your wardrobe. If you have something to combine with jackets of other, bolder colors, then buy them and implement them in your images. The list of colors is:

  • light blue;
  • dark blue;
  • green;
  • pink;
  • red;
  • Bordeaux;
  • Orange;
  • khaki.

The color palette is very wide, so there is plenty to choose from. Try something new and maybe you will like yourself in new looks.

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The most fashionable prints in 2021

You should not be limited to plain models of women’s jackets, because the fashion trends of 2021 indicate that print options are also in fashion. For example, the most classic jacket suitable for business style is the checkered model. Therefore, if you already have such a thing, then do not rush to put it on the farthest shelf of the closet. Along with the cage, you can put another popular print – “houndstooth”.

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If you are tired of monochrome things, namely, jackets, then pay attention to other models with prints. In stores, you can find options in stripes, with geometric shapes, and for the summer – cute prints with floral motifs.

As you can see in the photo, in 2021 there are a lot of different, dissimilar women’s jackets in fashion. It’s time to experiment and buy yourself several different jackets for all occasions. We hope you found this collection helpful!

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