Fashionable women’s jackets – autumn 2019

Fashionable jackets in the fall 2019 season are stylish weather savers and excellent complements to current bows. Let’s figure out which models have the right to be considered the most trendy!


Colors and prints

Stylists are sure that jackets are the foundation of a stylish women’s wardrobe. Having in stock at least one copy in the current colors, you will always have something to diversify your looks.

  • Nobody canceled the classics, so a gray jacket is listed at the beginning of our fashion rating. Plain, plaid or vertical striped – any trendy option will be a long-term investment in a fashionista’s wardrobe.

  • In general, the fashion palette of this fall promises to be bright and rich. On the catwalks, all attention was focused on coral, orange, red, light green, pink and blue jackets. Such fashion trends are a great motivation not to hide behind faceless things in autumn, but to be bright and stylish.

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  • Such a juicy palette is joined by the typical colors of autumn – brown, olive and burgundy.

  • The green color is especially popular, although everyone is accustomed to associate it with the summer season. Actual any tones – from fresh shades of the first foliage to a deep emerald color.
  • The beige color does not lose popularity, which looks especially cozy and noble in autumn looks.

  • The good old classic – the black jacket – is also on the list of leading trends. The main thing is that it matches the current styles.

  • Perhaps the most spectacular color scheme for a jacket is a white palette. Designers (and at the same time fashionistas) were especially honored by chic bows, completely designed in a white palette.

  • Fashionable jackets in the fall of 2019 can be not only plain, but also printed as in the photo.

[stextbox id=’info’]Of course, the main must-have of the season is the cage in all its manifestations. Abstraction, floristry and stripe compete with her in popularity.[/stextbox]


Oversized cut is the main trend in 2019 season. Jackets are becoming larger and larger, and their shoulders are becoming wider.

It is not difficult to understand that a thing is definitely in fashion – if there is a feeling that it is taken from a strong male shoulder, then it is guaranteed to hit the trends.

The most fashionable purchase of this autumn is a double-breasted oversized plaid jacket, your reliable assistant in the preparation of fashionable bows. It is easy to combine with a pencil skirt, culottes, jeans, dresses and even evening ensembles.

Long format

Continuing the oversized trend, the designers suggested that fashionistas pay attention to an elongated version of the jacket. A fresh and interesting combination of such models will work with bike shorts, but you can come up with a lot of cool ideas with basic jeans.

Some current jackets are so long that they are visually associated with a coat. Stylists advise fashionistas to master the fresh combination of such jackets with high-waisted pants.

[stextbox id=’info’]Such jackets are a real find for slender and tall fashionistas. They will also become a practical acquisition for girls who want to disguise extra centimeters in the hips and waist.[/stextbox]

Fashionable autumn bow – an elongated jacket with jeans

short model

An exceptionally fashionable item for the 2019 season is a jacket that barely covers the waist. This season, the stylists obviously took care of fashionistas and offered up-to-date models for various body types.

For example, short girls can’t afford a long jacket, but they can hit the bull’s-eye with a cropped version. At fashion shows, combinations of such a model with shorts, dresses and trousers were noticed.

Men’s style

Modern girls, when creating fashionable bows, are increasingly looking into the men’s wardrobe. For example, the men’s shirt has already confidently migrated to the weaker sex. This season, it’s time for the relocation of the jacket.

At the top shows, a lot of brutal models with a masculine character were noticed. Their sure signs are a straight cut, length to the hips, a fixed shape, costume fabrics and a minimum of decor. The fashionable paradox is that things of such a severe cut do not deprive of femininity, but, on the contrary, emphasize the fragility and elegance of a fashionista, and also make her an order of magnitude slimmer. To make this effect work 100%, complement the rest of the image with feminine things.

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Sleeveless jacket

Among the novelties of autumn 2019, stylish women’s sleeveless jackets are also presented. Such models are beautiful solo in September and are no less wonderful in multi-layered compositions for cool weather.

A fresh solution is a straight-cut sleeveless jacket made of high-quality pinstripe suiting fabric. You simply cannot imagine a more stylish addition to office and everyday bows!

For a warm autumn, a sleeveless jacket is suitable

Knitwear and tweed

The versatility of tweed and knitted jackets for the fall season is endless. Such models look wonderful with light dresses, as well as with an elegant blouse and skirt, so fashionistas often purchase them for working days. You can also create bows with a romantic or vintage mood with them.


The fashionable novelty of the 2019 season is peplums. This model is cut-off at the waist jackets with peplums of various styles:

  • flared or straight;
  • multilayer or single;
  • asymmetrical or uniform length;
  • cut in a spiral or circle.

Tighten the straps

If you love proportionately finished bows with an emphasis on the waist, take a closer look at the jackets with a belt. Fashion trends offer several relevant ideas. A stylish jacket can be complemented with narrow lapels and the same narrow strap.

Another fashionable idea is a wide belt-sash made of fabric to match the jacket. Interestingly, such a belt can be fastened with buttons or metal buckles.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! With the help of a belt, you can soften the severity of the jacket with a slight movement of your hand – for this, just tie it with a flirty bow.[/stextbox]

A stylish investment would also be a kimono-style jacket, which looks very elegant on a fragile female figure.

Second skin

Leather clothing today is less and less associated with boldness, and is increasingly the epitome of elegance and femininity. The reason for this is the creation by designers of leather clothes of the most exquisite styles.

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Fashionistas in 2019 especially fell in love with leather dresses and skirts, and they are just starting to fall in love with such a novelty as a leather jacket.

By the way, such a completion of the bow always looks stylish and spectacular, and at the same time it reliably protects from the first autumn winds.

Image Ideas

  • To increase the degree of fashion in a bow with a jacket, just add a stylish belt to it at the top. So you will not only add relevance to the image, but also create an elegant accent on the waist.

  • If earlier jackets were mixed exclusively with blouses and shirts, today the borders …

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