Fashionable women’s jackets – autumn 2020

To create stylish and interesting fall looks, it is important to have at least one trendy women’s jacket for fall 2020 in your capsule wardrobe. The good news is that designers do not get tired of playing with fabrics, shapes, textures and models. Modern fashionistas are presented with a huge selection of jackets for every taste, age and body type.

Fabrics for autumn

Autumn fashion 2020 allows you to be both playful and carefree, and strictly elegant. Therefore, the couturiers decided to use a variety of fabrics for sewing autumn jackets.

Popular are:

  • thin, well-worked skin;
  • velvet and velveteen;
  • jeans;
  • fine English wool;
  • satin and silk lining.

What to pay attention to?

When choosing a stylish jacket for autumn, pay attention not only to trendy models, but also to classic ones. Classic is timeless. She is always in trend. A stylish classic jacket will make the image more sophisticated. Pair it with pumps or a high heeled boot. The image will be perfect.

A classic jacket is a high precision and apparent simplicity of cut. Today, they can be offset by a bright shade or expensive decorative elements – button-shaped fittings.

Double-breasted jacket

Tracking the fashion trends for women’s jackets fall 2020, pay attention to double-breasted jackets. Large buttons arranged in two rows make the model fashionable and interesting. As a rule, such clothes reach the middle of the thigh or have a slightly longer length. A double-breasted jacket can be either fitted or have a loose fit.

A similar model can be beautifully combined with skinny jeans, with leggings, with skinny trousers-pipes or with a straight-cut skirt. A set with an elongated double-breasted jacket and a flared tulle skirt will look interesting.


Long jacket under the belt

This is the hit of the autumn season. This wearing of a jacket is relevant for obese women, and for slender ones. An elongated jacket with a belt easily hides overly lush hips and at the same time outlines the waist. If you choose a fitted model with a beautiful turn-down collar, you can also favorably emphasize a magnificent bust.

A jacket belted with a belt looks beautiful with trousers-pipes, with jeans, with a maxi skirt, with knitted dresses. Complete your fall ensemble with an interesting silk scarf to match your dress or jacket. It will be especially interesting to look at the combination of shoes-belt, made in one shade.

Military jacket

On the crest of relative novelties among stylish women’s jackets for the fall of 2020, a military theme is kept – military style. The distinctive elements of such models are checkered colors, shoulder straps, faded khaki colors, large metal buttons, stripes, braid and other military chips.

When putting on a military-style jacket, do not overload the image with unnecessary elements. It will be enough breeches of a calm color, high boots and a stylish bag. In military, bright dynamic shades are not welcome. Rather, khaki, beige, brown, gray, green are close to this style.

A la complex cut

If you are a fan of experimenting, choose one of the fashionable jackets with a sophisticated cut for yourself. Here you can clearly see the asymmetry of the bottom, an interesting turn-down collar, the presence of ruffles and folds, voluminous collars or sleeves, large patch pockets.

You can see similar models in the photo of spectacular images. With a jacket that has a complex cut, it is easy to create an interesting look. The main thing is to show a bit of imagination, to feel your own style and take into account the features of the figure. Using a complex cut, you can draw attention to the advantageous parts of the figure and hide its imperfections.

Velvet and velor in trend

Add sparkle to your fall look with velvet and velor jackets. This material is considered exclusively royal. A velor or velvet jacket can become an independent element of a weekend outfit. It is noteworthy that velvet and velor jackets are suitable not only for young fashionistas, but are also designed for women over 50.

Whatever shade of velvet you choose for your blue jacket, in any case, it will sparkle with a beautiful metallic sheen. It looks interesting royal blue, warm and cold gray, emerald, burgundy. Add black or white pants to your look and you are in the spotlight.

Sleeveless model? Easy!

With a relative stretch, but still a sleeveless model can be attributed to the category of “jackets”. Such a stylish jacket with an elongated cut will be a beautiful addition to the autumn set of a maxi skirt, blouse, ballet flats or boots with rough soles. Try playing with other items of clothing. Often stylists use the technique with a belt. Such an original ensemble of jeans, a turtleneck sweater, a sleeveless jacket, belted with a wide belt.

oversized models

Until now, at the peak of popularity, there is a free cut. The jacket, as if taken from someone else’s shoulder, perfectly emphasizes female fragility. Try to replenish your wardrobe with such a model. But remember that Oversight jackets are not suitable for short fashionistas. Otherwise, you will look awkward in it.

Wear an Oversight jacket with sneakers, sneakers, ballet flats. Wear it under boyfriend, mom, skinny jeans. Combine with pumps or ankle boots.

Sports style

An interesting golf-style jacket is a laconic cropped and fitted cut with patch pockets and a turn-down collar. Nothing extra, no other colors. Only monochrome and only severity. A similar jacket can be worn with any piece of clothing – from jeans to a flared fluffy skirt. Shoes here – absolutely any.

Colors and prints

If we talk about fashionable colors of jackets, then it’s completely difficult to stop at just one or two. The coming autumn allows you to be bold, bright and even expressive. But still, among all other shades, snow-white is in the lead. It will be a hit in autumn and winter 2020. A snow-white jacket will make your look classically elegant, expensive and peremptory. You will be gorgeous in it.

In autumn, jackets in blue, turquoise, emerald, gray, saffron, blue, purple, scarlet, salmon, red and brown shades will look interesting. Each of the listed colors of the range is exquisite. But remember – when choosing a shade, be guided by your color type. And of course, the type of figure. To visually hide extra pounds and figure imperfections, wear all the cold shades of the range. They visually reflect the light and make the figure slimmer.

On the contrary, thin girls who are trying to add a few kilograms to themselves are recommended to wear jackets in warm colors. In this case, the shades work in reverse – they merge with the lighting, diffuse the contours of the figure and thereby make it not so clear.

Regarding prints, checkered, striped, medium-sized floral prints, peas are in fashion. Please note that the cage is always visually full. But if you don’t…

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