Fashionable women’s jeans 2019: latest trends, photos

Every year, designers develop fashion trends for jeans, and 2019 is no exception (see photo in the article). Jeans were originally considered workwear, but over time they began to appear on fashion catwalks and still hold their leading position. Every year, designers come up with new styles, decorate jeans with various elements, add new shades.


Jeans are a versatile thing that can be worn to work, a walk, a party with friends. Jeans are combined with various shirts, t-shirts, tops. Look great with cardigans, raincoats, leather jackets. With jeans, you can create any image: to be a feminine and gentle lady, a daring and extravagant rebel, it all depends on your mood. In this article, we will tell you about the fashion trends for jeans in 2019 and what is best to combine them with (see the photo in the article).

Trendy jeans colors in 2019

We are all used to the fact that women’s jeans are made in dark blue or light blue, but fashion designers do not cease to please us and offer our attention a wide variety of colors for our favorite element of the wardrobe. Lovers of bright colors will be offered jeans in red, burgundy, orange, yellow and green tones. For girls who prefer a more discreet option, fashion designers offer shades of pistachio, gray, black, dark green.

Trendy colors of jeans 2019

Fashionable white jeans

[stextbox id=»info»]Also, white jeans do not lose their popularity. Among such a wide variety of colors, every fashionista will be able to choose her ideal option, which will emphasize her individuality.[/stextbox]

Jeans in bright colors

Fashion pink jeans

Decorating jeans in 2019

In the new season, designers decorate jeans with a variety of elements. Jeans with rhinestones, stripes, various stripes, scuffs, inserts on the hips and knees, patch pockets will be popular. Do not lose their popularity, rapidly breaking into fashion, jeans with holes. Jeans, decorated with feathers and glass beads of dark shades, will add drama to the image.

Fashion jeans with patches

Fashion jeans 2019

It can be very difficult to choose a thing that emphasizes your style and personality among a large number of options. But we will try to help you with this. We will present to your attention fashion trends for jeans in 2019 (see photo below).

classic jeans

Classic jeans are always the undisputed leader in fashion shows and 2019 is no exception. The versatility of this style is that such jeans are suitable for both thin and curvy girls. They can be worn to work and to an evening meeting, without doubting their attractiveness. In the choice of colors, bright shades should be abandoned, the colors of blue and dark blue tones will perfectly complement the image of a fashionista. You can wear them with solid-soled shoes, but a low heel or platform will add lightness and femininity to the image.

cropped jeans

High waist jeans

High-waisted jeans gained their popularity in the last century and still do not leave the catwalks. The owner of such jeans will look feminine, but it is worth noting that not every girl can afford such a style. This option is ideal for girls with a slender figure, emphasizing the waist and slender legs.

High waist jeans

Fashion high waist

For office style, these jeans are best worn with plain shirts or blouses. For walks and trips to the club, high-waisted jeans are best combined with sweaters, tops and t-shirts. When choosing shoes, you should abandon the solid sole and studs and give preference to the platform and thick heels.

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are becoming more and more popular. After all, it is this model that emphasizes the beauty of the figure and the choice of the top will not be difficult. When choosing skinny jeans for plump girls, you should pay attention to the fact that they need to be worn with loose tunics.

Women’s skinny jeans

Fashionable skinny jeans

[stextbox id=»info»]Skinny blacks have become very popular; they can be worn with blouses, shirts, sweaters, tops. When choosing shoes, you should pay attention to heels, but even if you choose a solid sole, this will not affect the overall image.[/stextbox]


The fashion trend of 2019, designers highlight the denim jeans (see photo in the article). Varenka jeans got their name because of the heterogeneous coloring. For the first time, such jeans appeared in the middle of the last century, and in 2019, not a single fashion house can do without this style. Choosing the top for these jeans, you should abandon the strict image, T-shirts, tops, shirts made of light fabrics will be preferable. Shoes can be chosen to your taste, whether it be heels or a platform, or ballet flats.

Varenka jeans

Unusual color patterns

cropped jeans

Cropped jeans are perfect for summer. In the new season, fashion designers are releasing a large number of jeans of this style in various shades, except for black, as fashion designers felt that black would be inappropriate for such a style. These jeans are decorated with large patch pockets, scuffs, rivets, which will give its owner femininity and lightness. Cropped jeans should be worn with heels, pumps are ideal.

Cropped jeans

Jeans with cuffs

boyfriend jeans

These jeans got their name due to the low waist and crotch, reminiscent of a more masculine version of jeans. Due to this, they can only be decorated with scuffs or slits, but in the new season, designers add floral embroidery and patches. In terms of outerwear, boyfriends are combined with turtlenecks, loose shirts, jumpers. You can choose shoes with heels, but it is better to choose shoes with solid soles.

boyfriend jeans

Ripped jeans

At the peak of popularity are ripped jeans. These jeans will always attract attention due to their openness and unusualness. Models have been created where the slits are in the knee area, but for especially relaxed ones, the slits are made along the entire length of the jeans, but models where the slits are on the calves should be avoided, as this will look ridiculous and ruin the whole image.

Fashion ripped jeans

Fashionable jeans with elasticated bottom

Ripped jeans are fitted and free cut. Girls with any type of figure can wear them. Often they are decorated with various inserts, floral embroideries, and for the cold season there are models with patches. These jeans should be worn with T-shirts, T-shirts and shirts made of lightweight fabrics. Shoes are better to choose a sporty style, for example, sneakers or sneakers.

Flared jeans

In the new season of 2019, designers offer to pay attention to flared jeans, which have been conquering fashion catwalks since last season. In the new season, fashion designers offer …

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