Fashionable women’s jeans 2021

Fashionable women’s jeans 2021: what are they? In this article, we will reveal all the trends and subtleties of the right choice!

Denim is timeless

Jeans are the absolute love of all women. And it seems that we spend most of our lives in them. So that you can prepare in advance for the upcoming year, we offer you a selection of fashionable models that suit slim and full women.

Straight fit

To embody the fashion trends of 2021 in women’s jeans, the designers chose to take the classic straight cut as a basis. Therefore, one of the most relevant colors is still the universal blue or blue color.

According to Pantone Bluestone or gray-blue hue has taken a special place in the TOP list of trendy colors. It symbolizes calmness, stability, confidence and determination. And only Evening Blue can compete with it, which stands out for its brightness, depth and saturation.

Straight-cut jeans can be chosen with confidence by overweight women to create a fashionable look in 2021. Do not be afraid to wear multi-colored or plain half-shirts, blouses, t-shirts. Add accents in the form of a belt or wear a cardigan on top. With the right choice of personal colors, you can even afford to wear floral and striped clothes.


How to wear flared jeans? Here are a couple of tips:

  • Choose a model with a high waist;
  • Complete the look with a leather belt;
  • Combine with cardigans, shirts, blouses in the style of the 90s, jackets with emphasis on the shoulders;
  • Add juicy accessories: scarves, glasses, fringed bags.

The flare visually narrows the hips, and in combination with the heel makes the legs longer and the silhouette elegant.

Palazzo or wide leg

Simply put, these are wide leg jeans. The trend is not new, but not boring either. Everyone who was previously shy of oversized and wide models can wear fashionable palazzo style jeans in 2021. And here are some subtleties that need to be considered when wearing wide leg:

  • If there are belt loops, then be sure to pick up a pair of fashionable belts;
  • For the top, you should choose tight-fitting sweaters, T-shirts, as well as fitted blouses and sweatshirts with a peplum;
  • Sneakers, high-heeled shoes, platform sandals are suitable as shoes;
  • Add different accessories: bracelets, glasses, massive earrings.

Banana jeans, slouch or bugs

Jeans are wide at the hips and tapered towards the bottom. And this is a real find for any type of figure, because it favorably emphasizes the waistline and visually narrows the silhouette to the bottom. The only case when you should refuse this kind of jeans is if you have a tummy. This model has an assembly in the waist area, so you will only add a couple of kg to yourself.

Jeans culottes

Emphasize the image and make it more interesting. But they look “not very” on girls with short stature. Salvation in this situation is to wear shoes with high heels.

Culotte jeans slightly open the ankles, focus on elegance and lightness, give tenderness and fragility. And to make the image truly fashionable, choose pumps with heels or mules, do not forget about accessories and take a good mood with you!

Ripped jeans

Ripped jeans are gaining more and more popularity and now appear before our attention in a new version:

  • Wide and straight;
  • Side slits;
  • Grunge style.

Well, if you can find a model that combines all 3 indicators. Then you will definitely get a stylish bow.

Trendy colors and patterns

If you don’t feel like limiting yourself to only trendy jeans, then pay attention to the trendy colors and patterns of 2021:

  • Bluestone and Evening Blue. As mentioned above, this is the very classic that never goes out of fashion. Colors are suitable for any type of figure and go well with images for every day;
  • Bike Red Or a red bike. Restrained and at the same time deep shade with a warm undertone. Perfectly paired with beige, caramel or black colors;
  • Paloma – light grey. To get an image that will slim your figure, choose a dark top;
  • Animal print. Leopard print jeans are the must-have of the season. If you notice these on the counter of the nearest store, then do not pass by and be sure to drop by to try them on. Animal print jeans can only be paired with a plain top. If you want to add zest – then use jewelry.

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Jeans selection details

Whatever the fashion for women’s jeans, always pay attention to the following details:

  • If you want to add a couple of centimeters in height, then choose models with a front seam on jeans. Such models are also in fashion now, so short girls can find an excellent replacement for culottes;
  • Can’t decide on a color? Choose patchwork jeans. They are bright enough and will add zest to your everyday wardrobe;
  • Jeans with wide collars that have returned to fashion are not suitable for girls with a pear-shaped figure;
  • Prints on jeans add extra volume.

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Keep these tips in mind when choosing new fashionable women’s jeans for 2021, and then you will definitely succeed in creating a stylish, feminine and beautiful look.

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