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Fashionable women’s jeans for 2019 (with photo)

In the new season, denim returns to the fashion podium in all possible collaborations, unlike last year, when the designers focused on jeans of various cuts and denim dresses. It’s time to remember the existence of jeans. Once they were very popular, without them it was impossible to imagine the everyday look of any fashionista. And now they are back in the game.

Women’s jeans for 2018 this summer must necessarily match your figure, and of course the main trends of modern fashion. If you remain adherents of the classics, then we hasten to please you – classic models with a collar, buttons and other familiar attributes have not gone away and are just as popular as before.

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But what about other models? What’s new in the coming season? Stylists advise not to limit yourself in denim, literally wrap yourself in it from head to toe. Sets are returning again – remember, before the trousers were sold not singly, but in combination with a jacket? It’s time to remember this tradition and get yourself a similar suit. Just do not forget to take into account all the fashion trends of the 2017 summer season.[affegg id=21]

Look at the fashionable women’s jeans in 2018 in the photo, where you will definitely find exactly the model that will suit your liking and pocket:

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The most fashionable women’s denim jackets in 2019 are functional and democratic!

First of all, it is worth deciding which of the two extremes you belong to – both very short models and voluminous, long jackets are insanely popular. Both go great with a variety of jeans. The most fashionable women’s denim jackets in 2019 should have two important qualities – they are functional and at the same time democratic in style of their cut.

If your goal is to emphasize all the charms of your body, we recommend choosing jeans that fit your figure, and a wide top tucked into trousers. The same principle works with shirts.

Short jackets are good with any models, with any style. They are often worn with both sports shoes and elegant platform or heeled shoes.

Further, what you should pay attention to is finishing, appliqué and similar details. So, designers are advised to choose fashionable denim jackets in 2019, always with inserts from other materials. For summer and autumn, denim, leather, guipure, knitwear and various openwork inserts are suitable. They will allow the jacket to fit perfectly into almost any style, and your bow will be given freshness and uniqueness.

For the winter, it is better to buy a denim jacket with fur trim. True, you will certainly be cold in it, but here you can find a way out. Further on the photo, fashionable jeans are shown in various guises of their design:

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What to wear with short and long jeans? Styling Tips

If you listen to the advice of stylists, it turns out that you can wear a denim jacket in the summer with any thing – be it shorts, a dress or a skirt. By the way, we want to note that trendy puffy skirts with guipure look very unusual and stylish in combination with a white top and a denim jacket.

In such an unusual form, it is not a shame to go on a romantic date, since such a combination looks more than gentle and sensual. With what to wear a jeans jacket in the warm season – the question usually does not arise, both strict classic models of trousers and twisted shorts, guipure skirts and summer sundresses fit perfectly into the kit.

Look at the photo examples of images and actual bows:

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Particularly noteworthy is the total bow – this is when the whole image, up to the top, consists of denim items. But there is a great risk of making the image boring and lethargic, so we can’t do without a bright and colorful application – you can make it yourself, or choose trousers or shorts with ready-made drawings. A couple of these pieces can be saved for the top.

Bright, neon shades of green, pink and light green are perfectly combined with a royal blue denim jacket. Also ideal here are pixel art, large animal and graphic prints, abstraction and T-shirts with interesting inscriptions and slogans.

A short and long model can be successfully combined with various styles of dresses, as shown in the photo:

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Interesting options were obtained by combining a denim jacket with fur and fringe trim, with a pencil skirt or an unusually shaped dress with snow-white sports sneakers. True, this is a very strange and not yet understandable trend that should be applied very carefully. Many designers call this combination a banal manifestation of bad taste and lack of a sense of style.

But voluminous long jackets are beautiful in their monochromatic color, without unnecessary decorations and trimmings. In combination with a long skirt, you get a bow of an extraordinary and creative personality, which is simply impossible to pass by.

A classic 2019 zip-up denim jacket looks great with white capri pants, a polka dot chiffon blouse and flip flops. For integrity, the set lacks only a stylish bag with a long strap, plastic jewelry or jewelry with large pearl inserts.

For a walk, we advise you to wear the model wide open, not forgetting to roll up the sleeves, complete with an elongated shirt in delicate pastel shades and classic flared jeans without unnecessary details. To complete the look, stylists recommend a classic handbag and matching shoes. Want to add romance to your look? Choose long, unusually shaped earrings with beautiful stones.

If you prefer monochromatic sets, then dilute boredom with a delicate floral print sweater and bold leopard print pumps. The most daring may not stop at a variety of colors, but complement the bow with a bright green or blue bag and jewelry to match the color.

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Let’s look at the photo of the most fashionable models of jeans for 2019

Many stylists are sure that denim is fully revealed only in contrasting combinations. That is why many designers try to combine them with things with different prints. The most successful option, in our opinion, is denim and clothes with a floral print, which brings a touch of romance to even the most severe classic look. Let’s look at the photo of the most fashionable jeans models for girls and women in 2019 – there is an outfit for any occasion:

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There are those who prefer retro. In this case, you better pay attention to bright fabrics, so an interesting combination with an elongated dress in white and red polka dots and a belt at the waist was presented at fashion shows. Plaid generally looks great with denim, this combination is considered one of the foundations of country style. Whether it’s a dress or a shirt, a denim top and cowboy boots make for a fun summer outfit to wear. Do not forget about other details of style – a hat, jewelry made of wood and leather, as well as inserts on clothes made of the same materials.

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