Fashionable women’s leather hats 2020

Women’s leather hats in 2020 will be the perfect solution for creating a fashionable autumn or winter look. Such hats will be an excellent end to a stylish bow with a leather jacket, coat or fur coat. Unlike the usual knitted hats, leather ones look more luxurious and elegant, allowing you to create a feminine and original look. From the article you will learn about the main trends in leather hats, see photos of fashionable new products.

Leather hats – fashion trends 2020

If it is possible to buy a hat made of leather, then in 2020 this must be done. After all, such products retain their original appearance for a long time and almost never go out of fashion.

Such a headdress is easy to fit into almost any fashionable image, the main thing is to make sure that the hat fits the individual features of the fashionista’s appearance, as well as harmonizes with other clothes in style and color.

Thanks to modern processing technologies, it is possible to obtain a practical and pliable material that is ideal for sewing hats of various models.

As for the colors fashionable in 2020, the palette for leather hats is identical to that used for hats made of other materials. The main attention should be paid to neutral base shades. These include black, gray, brown, white and beige tones. Choosing an accessory of this color, a fashionista gets a universal piece of clothing that can easily complement any outfit. If you want to experiment and add brightness to the image, then you should pay attention to hats decorated with colored fur, as well as products in blue, green, red, emerald, burgundy and orange.

However, fashionistas should remember that even the most expensive headdress made of high quality material will not look very attractive if you choose the wrong style. Next, we’ll talk in more detail about how to choose a leather hat, depending on the individual characteristics of your appearance.

Ushanka with leather inserts

Earflap hats with a leather top are considered the most stylish and in demand among girls and stylists. Depending on weather conditions, there are earflaps with fur, fleece and knitted lining.

Thanks to the hanging elements of the earflap, it is ideal for a round and square face, as it can visually stretch the shape and adjust the proportions. Wide cheekbones and a massive forehead are also perfectly disguised under earflaps, giving the face tenderness and attractiveness.

As for trendy colors, earflaps are the most relevant, in which the shades of the top, lining and trim are the same. More daring young ladies can pick up a product decorated with contrasting fur, the color of which will repeat the decor of outerwear, shoes or accessories.

[tds_note]If you want to create a luxurious outfit, you should look at a fashionable leather hat with silver fox fur, such products will be especially in demand in 2020. [/tds_note]

As additional elements in earflaps, tassels or fur pompoms are used, which are hung on the tips of hanging “ears”. Also, designers recommend to look at the models of hats, in which leather elements are decorated with an interesting color print.

Ushanka with a visor

This version of a leather hat is suitable for bold and extraordinary young ladies. The product differs from the classic earflaps in that the visor is not wrapped up. In this case, it is compacted, which allows you to protect your face and eyes from the influence of snow and wind. Such a leather hat with a visor looks like a pilot’s helmet, which is why it is often supplemented with decorative elements in the form of glasses over the visor, headphones or an unusual strap under the chin.

The most commonly used lining material is fleece, wool or fur with a small nap.


Among the fashion trends for 2020, one should highlight the women’s leather hat with fur, which is popularly called the boyarka. Such an accessory allows you to create a feminine and delicate image that is associated with the heroes of Russian fairy tales, for example, the image of the Snow Maiden.

A distinctive feature of this product is the leather upper and fur trim. Models with long fur, as well as products with a fur “tail” hanging from the back or side, look especially stylish and luxurious. Such hanging details visually correct a round face and mask too voluminous cheeks.

The leather top matches perfectly with any fur, so these hats are easy to combine with other clothes. So, if a woman of fashion has a leather coat decorated with fox fur, then a boyarka lined with the same fur will be an ideal complement to him.

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Another trendy option for a leather hat. This is a rather voluminous product, the top of which is sewn from leather, and around it is sheathed with lush and thick fur. An obligatory detail is a long fox or arctic fox tail hanging from the back of the head. Most often, such a hat is chosen by bold and extraordinary young ladies who are not afraid to attract the attention of others.

Beret hat

A leather beret will be an excellent option for creating an original outfit. Designers recommend not to stop at the choice of an unusual material, but to additionally experiment with color. Two-layer options look interesting when the top is made in a discreet black tones, and a brighter lining shines through from the side and through the decorative holes.

[tds_info]Perforations in the form of geometric and floral patterns are also in trend. Products made simultaneously from leather and suede of similar tones look original.[/tds_info]

In the new season, you should also look at fabric berets with leather decor in the form of applications, bows and other elements. Such products will not only allow you to create a stylish bow, but will also be a real find for women who want to correct asymmetrical facial features.

leather cap

In 2020, various hats with a visor made of leather will be in fashion – caps, caps, caps. Despite the seeming rudeness, such products are able to create a feminine or rather outrageous image.

To give the bow the right mood, you should carefully approach the choice of product. After all, the trend is caps with a visor of different lengths, hard or soft top.

Bandana hat

Bandanas are returning not only to summer fashion, they will also be relevant in the cold season as a stylish everyday headdress.

A modern leather bandana is an unusually cut scarf or scarf, which is fixed on the head with a special ribbon at the back of the head.


A leather hat is a real trend of the 2020 season. Cloche and trilby models will be especially relevant. The former are distinguished by the presence of a round crown and short lowered fields. Such a headdress adds femininity and elegance, charm and conciseness to the bow. Putting on such a hat, the girl draws special attention to herself …

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