Fashionable women’s leather raincoats 2021

Women’s leather raincoats will definitely be in fashion in 2021. If you are into trends, you know that leather is very popular in all its manifestations, so raincoats are no exception. Buy yourself such stylish outerwear, because in it you will be simply irresistible!

What leather coats are in fashion in 2021

A leather coat is a garment that is easy to incorporate into different looks. There are so many styles of leather raincoats that absolutely every fashionista can find one that she likes. Let’s look at the most trendy raincoats of 2021.

trench coat. The trench coat is the most recognizable raincoat, because it has constant details – a collar, two-row buttons, cuffs, a belt, and a back slit. A trench coat is always appropriate in different looks, but a leather trench coat is something incredible, because in it you will slay everyone on the spot!

Long. Women who love maxi length will immediately run to buy a long raincoat. This year he is at the height of fashion. It perfectly protects from rain and wind, and also has a perfect appearance. We do not recommend buying a raincoat of this length for girls of short stature, because they can get lost in it.

oversize. Like large and comfortable jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts, oversized raincoats are also among the favorites of women. Due to their large size, they create real comfort and girls feel very comfortable in such clothes.

Without sleeves. A sleeveless leather trench coat is also in trend in 2021. It is only suitable for early autumn, when the weather is still warm. There are a lot of options for using it in images, so look for ideas and get inspired.

With 3/4 sleeve. The 3/4 sleeve will also be relevant, which is also more suitable for early autumn. This model is quite original, its length may be different. Also, if you want, you can choose a model with some interesting decor.

Women’s leather coats: trendy colors 2021

The color of the raincoat is no less important than its style, so its choice must be approached responsibly. Fashionistas have a very large choice, because this year designers offer completely different shades for every taste. In the photo you can see exactly which colors of fashionable leather women’s raincoats will be relevant in 2021. Let’s discuss them:

  • Black. Black is probably the perfect color. It looks beautiful, and most importantly, it is appropriate, any clothes. You will always find a use for black outerwear, because it will fit into most of your bows. Matte and lacquer models will be popular.

  • Brown. The second place on our list is occupied by wonderful brown raincoats. This is the second most popular color, because it looks very natural. Girls often choose brown raincoats for autumn, because they harmoniously fit into the shades of nature.

  • Beige. Another very delicate, as well as versatile color is beige. It is perfect for girls with fair skin and hair. It can also be matte or lacquered – choose depending on your preferences.

  • White. A large number of models at the shows of world designers are presented in white. White color, like black, is quite versatile and fits perfectly into different looks.

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The list of neutral shades is quite large, but I also want to say about bright colors. This year, for your fashionable bows, you can buy outerwear in the following colors:

  • blue;
  • red;
  • yellow.

In addition to plain models, you can also find raincoats in stores that combine several colors at once. As an example, we want to demonstrate two raincoats. The first is black with white lace inserts. The second is also black, but complemented by bright red and purple stripes.

The trend will also be loved by many metallic luster. On the catwalks you can see a lot of metallic raincoats that are not inferior to other models.

If you wish, you can buy yourself a raincoat with a print. For example, the most sought-after and trendy leather coat print in 2021 is the reptile. Bold fashionistas may also like a cloak in a cage. Just look how original it is!

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How to wear a leather coat: ideas of images 2021

It’s time to move from theory to practice and create stylish looks with leather coats. We will give you examples of several bows that you can bring to life. The first photo shows a combination of a dress and a leather coat. The image is complemented with high heels, a handbag, glasses and a scarf. A very feminine look, suitable for a real lady.

The next option is more casual, so it is suitable for different situations. Here, the flared raincoat is perfectly matched to the trousers. The role of shoes is performed by comfortable sneakers, and the image is complemented by a cap and accessories.

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Pay attention to the image from the following photo. A stylish yellow trench coat looks very advantageous in combination with a white trouser suit.

In the end, I want to show you two more bright images with red and plum raincoats. Original lacquer raincoats in rich shades look equally good with boots with heels and sneakers.

The fall 2021 fashion trends strongly encourage you to pay attention to leather raincoats. In them you will look beautiful, bold and self-confident woman. The choice is large, so approach it responsibly.

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