Fashionable women’s shirts 2019: photo novelties, latest trends

Women’s shirts and blouses are a girl’s best friend for every day. They are easy to wash and iron. Plus, they are combined with almost all the “bottom” that a fashionista can only find in her wardrobe. In this article, we will tell you everything and a little more about the new shirts in 2019 and show photos of interesting images created with their participation.


What can designers offer?

One of the fashion trends of this season is open shoulders. According to stylists, the model is easily “included” in different styles of clothing. With it, a fashionista can wear jeans, shorts or a skirt. Naturally, all these elements of the wardrobe should be made in a romantic style.

The girls liked the trend for open shoulders so much that many of them make a fashionable one out of an ordinary shirt by cutting and hemming the sleeves.

[stextbox id=»alert»]Note. Among the fashion models this season of 2019, not only short, but also long women’s shirts were lost. Stylists recommend wearing them with a thin belt to emphasize the waistline.[/stextbox]

No less stylish this season will be free-cut models. A beautiful bright print is welcome. It is suitable for both summer and autumn. In the cold season, a bright print performs two functions at once: it not only decorates a woman, but also gives warmth and comfort to her image. The free-cut model and denim skirt look original. The length of the bottom is easy to adjust independently, based on personal preferences.

Free-cut models should especially look at women in the body. Fat ladies have a “special relationship” with them. This model hides figure defects. Naturally, you will not have a wasp waist. But the extra volume in unwanted places will be less pronounced.

It is interesting that the free cut is also shown to too thin girls. He will add some volume to them in the chest area.

Another trend is elongated shirts. Note. A shirt dress and just a shirt are different from each other. It’s not the same thing. Also, do not confuse the presented model with a tunic. Despite some similarities, these elements of the wardrobe are still different from each other.

The elongated top is what you need to hide the fullness. If you learn how to correctly combine this model with other things, you get a stylish original image that will present the fashionista to the public in the best light.

On slender girls, an elongated thing will look no less elegant than on young ladies in the body.

Other fashion trends

Among other fashion trends for women’s shirts 2019 are classic models. Despite the fact that women of fashion are well acquainted with them, this season they are considered novelties. Look at the photo. The classic top has become even more attractive. The latest fashion is embroidery on clothes in the Russian style.

A cropped women’s shirt will make a familiar look sparkle with new bright colors. Plaid and stripes are the best “friends” of short length. Such models are worn with jeans and trousers with a high waist. Skirts are also suitable for the bottom. The only condition is that they must all be high-waisted.

[stextbox id=»warning»]Shirts with a leather skirt look unusual. The recommended color is one color. It is better to refrain from print.[/stextbox]

How to wear a shirt with a skirt?

Having dealt with the novelties of women’s shirts in 2019, let’s look at what images can be created based on this element of the wardrobe. Note. The presented images are accompanied by photos that contribute to a better perception of the described bow.

A skirt is an essential element of the wardrobe of ladies who want to look stylish and feminine at the same time. It is easy to match a shirt with it. Stylists say that with any skirt, such a top looks “with a bang”.

If a fashionista has a pencil skirt and a shirt in her wardrobe, it is easy to combine them into one office look. What if the girl has only one strict skirt, but at least 3 shirts? Throughout the working week, she can appear in the office in the same skirt, changing only the top. It is also worth putting on different accessories every time and, if possible, shoes.

With a skirt and shirt, it’s easy to create a charming, easy look for a meeting with friends or going to the cinema with a loved one. This will require a mini. On top – a shirt, the ends of which are tied in a knot.

A shirt and skirt set is also suitable for special occasions. For this, a fashionista should get a maxi. A white top and a clutch complete the look. As an alternative to midi – a bell skirt. Colored top will allow the image to be less solemn.

Romantic bows are easily created based on midi and shirts. Minimalist sandals and a hat complete your look.

Going on a trip and don’t know what to bring with you? Be sure to put a white miniskirt and a pink shirt in your suitcase. Shoes are no less simple – white sneakers. You will get a romantic light image for walking along the sea coast or a resort town.

How do the shirt and trousers match?

Those readers who simply love women’s shirts, but for some reason cannot wear them with a skirt, will be interested to know that this top is combined with trousers. Fashionable printed trousers are the best you can think of. Look at the photo. Printed trousers go great with many 2019 shirt designs. By the way, pants can have any style. Combine the shirt with both pipes and classic models.

Stylists say that the best combination for trousers is a blue shirt. If you don’t have it in your wardrobe yet, you should definitely consider buying such a model. It will become the basis for creating romantic images both for every day and for special occasions.

Jeans are the best thing that was invented from clothes. This element of the wardrobe is combined with any top. It can be worn regardless of the theme of the event. Plus, jeans are even worn to the office. Naturally, if they comply with the accepted dress code. A girl who does not have at least a few pairs of jeans in her wardrobe cannot be called a real fashionista.

Interestingly, one and the same shirt model is easy to combine with different models of jeans. To create a casual bow, you need:

  1. Loose boyfriend jeans.
  2. Shirt.
  3. Sneakers.

The top can be either plain or have a print.

[stextbox id=»info»]To create a glamorous look, you will need the same shirt, straight-cut jeans and shoes with heels, such as pumps. Do not forget that even the most interesting image will not be complete without accessories.[/stextbox]

Fans of red shirts should know that this model goes well with skinny black jeans. From shoes fit ballet flats. If a fashionista is not ready to change heels to flat soles, she may prefer shoes rather than ballet flats. This look is perfect for everyday wear. If the dress code is not too strict in the office, a red top and a black bottom can be safely worn to work.

Can you wear a shirt with shorts?


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