Fashionable women’s shoes 2021

Ideal, comfortable and fashionable women’s shoes in 2021: what are they? Of course, I want all these parameters to be combined in one pair of shoes. But still you have to choose. And today we will talk about which shoes are fashionable, but comfortable only for everyday wear, and which ones are better to wear on holidays or “to the car”.

Women’s shoes: fashion trends 2021

A woman must be admired. And the shoes fulfill this goal 100%. But what you choose will depend on what people think of you. And here are a couple of secrets:

  • The thick heel is stable and is chosen by independent, self-confident women;
  • A thin hairpin creates the effect of lightness and grace, however, like their owner;
  • A girl with high heels is admirable;
  • A wedge is a balance, which means that calm personalities love it, for whom harmony in everything is important;
  • The flat move is for very active or modest individuals.

And this is your first secret in choosing a new fashionable pair of shoes for 2021: what do you want to convey, look at such a heel height.

Heeled shoes: which ones to choose

Back in the last century, an 8 cm hairpin was considered quite high, and only Marilyn Monroe wore it. And the first hairpin above 10 cm quickly broke due to the fact that it was wooden. It’s good that we live in the 21st century and all heels are durable and reliable.

And now let’s talk about fashion trends that need to be considered when choosing women’s shoes in 2021.

  • Graceful shoes with a thin heel and pointed toe. This model becomes an excellent gentle alternative to rough and massive boots. The lighter they look, the more your femininity and sophistication are emphasized. Choose classic colors and this pair of shoes will harmoniously fit into any wardrobe.

  • Decorated shoes. One of the “hot” trends in the creation of shoes is the addition of decor. They can emphasize your stylish bow and impeccable sense of style. Choose models with floral arrangements that emphasize lightness and femininity. And if you want something extraordinary, then look for shoes with butterflies or a heel, designed, for example, like a tree with leaves. It will be very difficult to go unnoticed!

  • Transparent shoes. Shoes can be completely made of transparent materials or partially. The most original models inside the sole are filled with fish or floral motifs: flowers, leaves.

  • On a tractor sole. Such brutal, but still able to decorate a feminine and delicate image, giving it confidence and style.

Please note: white tractor soles and massive thick heels are now at the peak of popularity.

Flat shoes: which ones to choose

Not all women can afford to wear high heels every day. So all of the above options will not work for them. What fashionable flats were created for women in 2021?

  • boats. They can be completely flat or with a small square heel of 1-2 cm. Models are classic in one color or with various decorations. Suitable for office suits, business dresses and jeans for a walk.

  • Ballet shoes. They differ from boats with a round toe. They can also have a small heel of 1-2 cm. If you want something unusual, then choose ballet flats made of suede or velvet.

  • Espadrilles. They are made of textile, so they are suitable for warmer weather. Which print to choose – we will tell a little later. Suitable for any walking images: jeans, shorts, breeches.

  • loafers. They differ from moccasins in a thicker sole, with a low square heel of 2-4 cm. They are made mainly of leather, so these shoes will be an ideal company for autumn / spring and will add their own zest when creating a fashionable look.

  • Oxfords and brogues. Models in which designers combine different materials look unusual. For example, matte and glossy skin. Lace-up shoes, flat or low 1-3 cm.

  • On the platform. Stable heel option. You can pick up platform shoes for every day with very different heights: 4, 5, 7 cm. Suitable for dresses, jeans, trousers, skirts.

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Fashionable coloring of women’s shoes

If you want to pick up fashionable shoes in 2021, then also pay attention to the color of the presented models. Here is a small sheet with trending shades:

  • White;
  • Black;
  • Beige;
  • Metal.

This is a classic. It will suit any look. If you want something interesting, then choose the following colors:

  • Chilli;
  • Red bicycle;
  • fruit dove;
  • Dark cheddar;
  • Grey-blue stone;
  • Eden;
  • Fuchsia;
  • Citric.

As for textiles and patterns, shoes can have the following design:

  • animalistic;
  • Transparent;
  • With sequins, beads, stones;
  • Cell;
  • Logos;
  • stripes;
  • Tapestry;
  • With fringe and lace.

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These are the models of women’s shoes that will be fashionable in the upcoming seasons of 2021. Do not restrain yourself, but do not forget about the health of your feet, so choose several options at once: comfortable, stilettos and square heels.

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