Fashionable women’s shoes – autumn 2020

We found out what women’s shoes will be the most fashionable in season autumn 2020. To get acquainted with the key innovations, read our latest review soon!

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If a woman wants to look especially attractive and stylish, she usually relies on over the knee boots. Designers take into account the amazing abilities of such a model and traditionally include it in the list of key trends. Of course, autumn 2020 was no exception to this.

For maximum efficiency autumn bow, you can pick up boots heelswhich fit perfectly on the female leg. These shoes are easy to style with a variety of clothes – from dresses and skirts to trousers and jeans. Accordingly, high-heeled boots can rightly be counted as a pair for all occasions in the hit parade. fashion trends this autumn.

Perhaps shoes with heels are regarded by you as not the most convenient option for autumn. In this case, you can bet on the relevance of the same over the knee boots, but already on the platform. This novelty is ideal for changeable weather.

Ankle boots

Especially for fans of spectacular and daring images, designers have prepared the relevance of ankle boots with tractor soles. Such models masterfully add a few centimeters to the woman of fashion and at the same time do not let her get tired due to a steady rise. Exactly what is needed!

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For early autumn, you can adopt classic pumps that are easily adapted to various looks. In the 2020 season, such models are not made with stilettos, but with stable heels – such shoes are perfect for full women who would like to visually lengthen their silhouette.


Practical, comfortable and versatile loafers can also be chosen as stylish and fashionable shoes for autumn. This model is easily combined with casual and business bows, making them more elegant. But it is worth considering the restriction on weather conditions – loafers are considered the best solution only for the beginning of the season.

I would like to say a separate word about the design of such shoes in the 2020 season. The designers presented the most current models with a platform from 1.5 cm. Also on the loafers there was a place for a stylish metal decor – chains or buckles.


Fashion 2020 of the season has decisively returned Chelsea to the list of its favorites, and for many girls this event will surely turn out to be great news. Such shoes this year are presented mainly with a tangible platform and thick heels. Chelsea in a similar design promises to be the perfect complement to looks with oversized clothing.


High boots with a free top are not a sensation in the world of trends, because such a model has long been in demand among fashionistas. These stylish models look quite restrained and due to this design fit for women over 50.

If you choose this particular model for your stylish autumn, you will certainly not be disappointed in its versatility. After creating obvious combinations with dresses and skirts, move on to more non-trivial combinations. For example, such shoes will create a stylish tandem with fairly wide jeans or trousers – it will turn out very fashionable and unbanal!

Men’s style

Masculine or masculine style is one of the key trends in cold season fashion. Of course, this vector has clearly shown itself in the design of stylish shoes. So boots, boots and sneakers with rough execution became relevant. But you should not blame such novelties for being too brutal – in fact, they look very elegant on female legs. In addition, men’s style couples are easy to make friends not only with jeans, but also with skirts or dresses of various lengths.

Lace-up boots

Of course, our rating would not be complete without classic lace-up boots – shoes that fashionistas fell in love with many seasons ago. The reason for such popularity is very simple to unravel, because these shoes are the perfect pair for every day. They easily withstand the vagaries of the weather, do not allow the legs to get tired, give a feeling of comfort and please with their versatility.

The most fashionable combinations with lace-up boots are still based on the principle of contrast. Such rough, at first glance, shoes are incredibly interesting to combine with the most feminine dresses and skirts in the world.

Lace-up boots

Trendy lacing was present in the 2020 season not only on boots, but also on boots. Such a stylish element allows you to clearly fix the shoes on your foot and look very impressive!

Draped boots

Cozy and elegant models with drapery will also be popular in the new season. Such novelties in fashion collections were presented not only from classic leather, but also from noble suede.

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jockey style

An interesting novelty that made a splash was equestrian-style boots. Such models can be both concise and elegant, and trendy massive – both options are equally relevant. To go wrong with the perfect pair in this style, stick to criteria such as thick material, a natural palette, and themed details like a contrasting lapel and a traditional buckle.

Rubber boots

If you think that modern designers offer only shoes that are not applicable to life, check out the trendy rain boots. Such novelties will perfectly cope with the vagaries of autumn weather without harming the style of the image.

Fashionable rubber boots in the 2020 season are made in a classic design in black, blue, brown or gray colors. Sometimes models are decorated with logos or knitted inserts.

Sport style

If you are looking for comfortable shoes without heel for this fall, take a closer look at the latest in sports style. So, fashion sneakers this season have taken on a new shape and become more vivid and unusual.

For complete comfort and convenience, you can also use various variations of boots with embossed or flat soles. Such novelties are often performed with lacing or bright contrasting inserts.

A word about heels

Among our readers, there will surely be many fans of pairs in heels. Especially for them, we have prepared a digest about how such shoe novelties in season autumn 2020.

The undisputed trend is the combination of a thick heel with a tangible platform with a reference to the bright 70s. Designers at their shows demonstrated that such shoes look most advantageous in the company of flared jeans or fur products.

A stylish feature of autumn shoes is also a flared heel. Such an original element is able to give zest to any image.

[tds_warning]Lovers of extraordinary images can also take a closer look at the trapezoid, glass, column or block heels. All these variations are equally fashionable in the fall of 2020![/tds_warning]


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