Fashionable women’s shoes: autumn 2021 trends

Fashionable women’s shoes for autumn 2021 will make everyone, including the most sophisticated fashionistas, catch fire with a new passion for shoes. Quarantine in 2020 has made us bored, and fashion designers are craving the grace and sophistication with which designer shoes ennoble any look. It does not matter what the upcoming evening is preparing: a date, a party or a dinner party. The elegance and confidence that the right pair of shoes gives you can win over a man, girlfriends and strangers around you. So what are they, the actual shoes of this autumn season?

What women’s shoes are in fashion in the fall of 2021

The upcoming season promises to be full of bright eye-catching accents and a rich assortment. Extraordinary colors and textures in the design of shoes will delight girls and women with different styles and lifestyles. Although minimalism is not inherent in this fall, designers have already managed to please lovers of both restrained and defiant bows. Here are the main trends for the upcoming autumn-winter season 2021:

  • massive heels. This, of course, is not an innovation, but fashion houses strive to achieve walking comfort in high heels. That, however, is typical for fashion in general. The stability of the shoe gives the image decisiveness and confidence. A thick heel will look good with jeans, trousers and dresses. On the other hand, floor-length dresses or a maxi-length skirt are not the best clothes for this type of shoe. Photos of the best images with fashionable women’s shoes for the fall of 2021 can be viewed below.

  • Shoes with thin straps and webbing. The stylish novelty of the fall is a completely redesigned concept of straps as clasps and interlaced ropes. On shoes and sandals, they are present in a minimal amount. Their task is not to make the image heavier, but to give it delicacy and tenderness. Neat clasps and single plaques on thin belts add restraint and sophistication. Choose your shoes carefully. First of all, you need to pay attention to the accessories. Heavy metal elements only add cheapness.

  • Careful with the platform. If the shoes are with heels, then a massive platform is best avoided. This version of shoes is already old-fashioned and rather tired. To put it bluntly, it’s just bad manners. Fashion trends 2021 say that the platform on shoes, where a low move is provided, is a trendy trend. The volume of the tractor sole is now used not only in the process of sewing sneakers, but also in everyday shoes.

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Low to medium heel

Fashionable shoes with low and medium heels will be the perfect complement for soft images, elegant neat bows. The catwalks showed the following trends for fall 2021:

  • Lack of lacing, stitching. This will perfectly complement the office strict look with cropped pants. A prim business suit in gray, black or brown tones can be made bright and stylish with red or burgundy shoes. A round toe will complete the look one hundred percent.

  • Fabric shoes. This model has been popular for several seasons. Featuring open side panels, a pointed toe, and a low, stable heel covered in suede or woven fabric. Leopard print is a classic and incredibly trendy this season. You can choose a model where the sock differs in color from the main part of the shoe. The main highlight is the buckle strap located on the ankle. This type of footwear is considered fashionable and attractive, and also quite versatile. A party, a simple walk, work – there are a lot of reasons to wear such shoes.

  • Brogy. Entering women’s fashion at the beginning of the 20th century, these flats remain fashionable in the fall of 2021. This must be the best footwear for business women. Stylish, original and aristocratic, they always speak of the unsurpassed taste of the owner.

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high heel shoes

The originality and variety of high-heeled shoes that are fashionable to wear in the fall of 2021 are not inferior to low running. Trendy color schemes with tactile textures are what speaks for the quality of shoes this fall. Competently selected compositions, combined with clothes, create very interesting outfits. You can achieve both restrained elegance and eccentric chic.

The vocation of high closed shoes is to make the leg thin and slender thanks to a neat encircling rim. Sometimes such models can be found with an open toe. A fashionable stable heel completes the picture. He makes the walk graceful, and the image is incredibly feminine. Models made of dense suede look good. Graphite, dusty gray, powdery and soft pink colors will be the most relevant for such shoes.

Even pumps have been rethought during the time spent by designers in quarantine. This year they are complemented by very cute accents: an ankle strap closure or fabric ties. Elegance and gloss will be added to such fashionable shoes in the fall of 2021

slightly pointed toe and suede as the main material.

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