Fashionable women’s shoes for autumn 2020

Fashionable women’s shoes will allow you to create a stylish look for the fall of 2020, and a variety of models will simplify the selection of shoes when compiling bows in various styles. Eminent couturiers offer many options for shoes for the fall, which will surprise with their practicality and extravagance, complement the outfit of even the most demanding ladies. We offer an overview of fashion trends and novelties of the autumn season 2020.

Autumn shoes – fashion trends 2020

Beautiful and well-chosen shoes are the key to an attractive and stylish look, as well as a good mood for the whole day. Fashion for fall 2020 is so diverse that it is simply impossible to single out any one trend. The designers seem to have agreed and decided not to impose certain models on fashionistas. Every woman can look the way she wants.

In trend shoes:

  • on a heel of various shapes and heights;
  • different colors and shades;
  • from various materials;
  • with original decor.

In order not to get lost in the variety of colors and styles, we offer a guide to the most fashionable autumn trends.

With lacing

Lacing is one of the most fashionable shoe trends of the season. I use a similar decor to give originality to shoes, and models of various styles are complemented with laces. Lacing can be located not only in front, but also decorate the back.

Even satin ribbons, which have become an unconditional hit of the autumn season, can act as laces. Such laces can be used both in classic shoes and in low-speed options. They are tied in a bow or laced at the ankle, like a ballerina.

open toe

An open toe is observed in almost all fashionable styles of shoes. Despite the fact that this trend does not go well with autumn weather, as long as it is not very cold outside, you should definitely try it out. However, in order for the image to look as attractive and stylish as possible, the big toe must have an impeccable pedicure.

On a wedge

Shoes with such a sole can transform any look, make the silhouette more slender and attractive, without sacrificing comfort. The wedge heel is stable and beautiful, such shoes attract attention. Both admirers of classic models and adherents of more original and extravagant shoes can choose the right pair. The trend is both a discreet version of the wedge, reminiscent of a smooth transition from the heel to the toe, and more massive platform shoes.

Designers offered fashionistas to experiment with high wedges – models with soles of impressive height are in fashion. Particular attention should be paid to such shoes for petite girls, as the platform adds a few centimeters of height, while visually lengthening the legs. A well-known admirer of wedges is Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge complements the vast majority of her looks with such practical shoes, wearing shoes with jeans and dresses.

Fashion trends for fall 2020 include platform shoes in discreet shades, as well as models made in a brighter palette.

It looks interesting wedge shoes with additional trim in the form of an ankle strap. However, only those young ladies who have long and slender legs can afford such decor.

on hairpin

The first models of such shoes appeared in the middle of the last century in the Dior fashion house. Classic pumps make the legs more slender and attractive, and the gait – flying and confident. If quite recently such shoes were made in dark shades, today designers are increasingly giving preference to more elaborate and bright models.

Fashionistas should pay special attention to shoes made of suede. Such a model will be a great addition to a social event or a business suit in discreet colors.

Classic printed pumps will also be relevant.

Girls who prefer more original and extravagant looks can choose shoes with an original cut and decor. The most stylish and popular models have:

  • open toe and heel;
  • applications and inserts made of plastic;
  • one or more straps;
  • webbing and buckles.

In addition to the usual materials, designers also used textile models with a floral pattern and mesh in their collections. The decoration of the cape with the help of metal was used as a decor, and the shoes themselves were decorated with metal chains.

How and with what to wear high heels can be seen on the example of the star fashionista Victoria Beckham. A woman boldly combines stilettos with jeans, skirts, trendy overalls.

On thick heels

Shoes with thick heels are also fashionable to wear in the fall of 2020. Women have long appreciated these models for their convenience and practicality. If you have ever tried to walk in such shoes, then, for sure, you will never refuse it. More recently, there was an opinion among fashionistas that shoes can be either comfortable or beautiful. The designers decided to correct this oversight, and managed to combine both important qualities in one type of shoe at once.

This fall season, thick-heeled models made of leather and suede will be in fashion, as well as more original models made of other materials, such as fur and fabric.

As for the heel itself, both the classic square version and the heel in the form of a triangle without a top and a massive rounded one made of natural wood are in trend.

Having picked up shoes of a classic or original cut with thick heels, the girl will certainly feel self-confidence and demonstrate her sense of style to others.

On a tractor sole

The fashion trend for tractor-soled shoes this fall is also not going to give up. Despite the frankly unfeminine and brutal look, such rough shoes today complement quite elegant and stylish outfits.

Especially popular this season will be models with white soles. The trend will be shoes both on the platform in combination with a massive heel, and even wedges.

In this case, additional decor is not needed, because such shoes are already self-sufficient.


Despite the fact that high heels are incredibly popular among women, stylists recommend choosing a fashionable model without heels for the fall of 2020. Flat shoes can be divided into several main types:

  • Pointy-nosed. Models with a pointed toe look very stylish, combining at the same time a tapered toe and a square-shaped heel, the height of which does not exceed a few millimeters. These shoes are worn with skinny trousers that are mid-ankle long. One or more membranes are used as an original decor on such shoes.
  • Boats. Autumn shoes with a sharply pointed and slightly rounded toe will be at the peak of popularity this fall. The stylists kept the cut conservative, adding originality with feathers, bows or branding.
  • Male cut. These shoes are not the first season at the peak of popularity….

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