Fashionable women’s shorts 2021

Ready to find out which women’s shorts will be the most fashionable in 2021 and should appear in your summer wardrobe? We present a brief description of the models and photos with current images. Here you will find something that will surely become your favorite and will be included in the list of favorite things.

Comfortable, comfortable, versatile: why buy shorts

Every girl will agree that shorts are a must have in a women’s wardrobe.

  • First, it’s convenient. Weightless linen models are practically not felt in hot weather.
  • Secondly, it’s comfortable. Shorts come in different cuts, but if you choose light knit fabrics and a loose silhouette, you will definitely want to wear them every day.
  • Thirdly, they are universal. You can find a suitable model for a business, casual and even evening look.

No collection of designers is complete without adding at least one position of shorts. It remains only to choose the right style that will fit and decorate the figure. Therefore, let’s move on to the analysis of fashionable women’s shorts for 2021 with photo examples.

Urban jungle in the wardrobe

As soon as the first warmth comes, it is immediately remembered that summer is coming soon and it will be very hot again. What to wear in such weather? That’s right, shorts! And those who already know a little about the safari style understand that light flying fabrics, the most natural composition and different cuts are used here.

With pockets, plain, multi-colored, but most importantly – fashionable. Women’s safari shorts in 2021 are sure to occupy the shelves of your summer wardrobe. The peculiarity of the “urban jungle” is soft and warm colors. They do not differ in a bright palette of shades, but emphasize the naturalness and tenderness of the image.

The safari style originated from the tropical uniforms of the English military. And the first to borrow ideas for his collection was Yves Saint Laurent. So from the middle of the 20th century, the first costumes appeared, reflecting the spirit of deep Africa.

Which shorts to choose in 2021: knitwear

The new year 2021 has not bypassed knitwear. Over the years, they have been proving their:

  • practicality;
  • durability;
  • versatility.

Interestingly, properly selected knitted shorts slim the figure. Unfortunately, no matter how obese women love them, it is better for them to abandon this model. Which then to choose? We will talk about this a little later.

Knitted shorts do not restrict movement. You can easily spend the whole day in them, no matter how hot it is.

Knitwear translated from French – knitting. Did you know that the inventor of the knitting machine, William Lee, did not receive permission to use it only because the fabric seemed rough and uncomfortable to Queen Elizabeth I.

Today, knitted fabrics are not only summer, but also winter. They are very soft, pleasant to the body, and thanks to their weightlessness from year to year they are at the peak of popularity among summer products.

Versatile and pure shade of white

In the warm season, you especially want something light and bright. Therefore, the designers unambiguously said for the white color and its shades: “Yes!” A special love of the fashion house Valentino – shorts with tucks in a loose cut. This model is perfect for office and evening look. It is easy to combine with colored T-shirts, tops, blouses, t-shirts. And the most daring can buy a transparent organza model. In addition, it is shorts with tucks that slim the silhouette and visually shed a couple of kilograms.

But be careful with white: it is easy to decorate the figure, but it is also easy to emphasize all the flaws. Therefore, complement the image, for example, with bright accessories or jewelry. It draws attention away from flaws and emphasizes an impeccable sense of style.

Summer’s Top Buy: Bermuda Shorts

Daniel Lee for Bottega Veneta has created an amazing novelty: long Bermuda shorts, which are now among the TOP fashion products. And no matter how surprising it may sound, but this model was also borrowed from soldiers from countries with a tropical climate. Denim Bermuda shorts differ in that they do not fit the figure. A fairly loose cut allows the body to breathe, and this is especially important in hot weather.

It’s no wonder why shorts have proven their versatility: in colder weather, they can be paired with turtlenecks and sneakers, and in summer with any tops and shirts. The image can be called especially piquant when the girl is wearing Bermuda shorts, underwear, and a thin jacket on top. Don’t be afraid to experiment and create your own style!

Summer wardrobe base

Have you already guessed what we are talking about? These are denim shorts. Denim is on the list of fashion trends 2021. Just look how harmoniously combined denim shorts in a variety of looks! This model is suitable not only for slender, but also for full women. It is easy to match a t-shirt or shirt, accessories and makeup. But even here there are no limits for experiments. So, designers offer mini-shorts with raw edges and two-tone options. Finding a suitable T-shirt or top for them will be a little more difficult, but the image will turn out to be trendy and popular.

Do you want to make the image not banal? Pull out one end of the shirt. Let it hang. Add a light careless styling and a bright summer manicure. What else do you need for a fashionable look?

We comply with the dress code

It is especially important to look beautiful, but at the same time follow the dress code for those who work in the office. In summer, even with the air conditioner turned on, it is uncomfortable. Therefore, shorts are indispensable. And for this case, prepared different options from costume fabrics. It remains to throw on a shirt, add accessories and natural makeup. Now feel at work much easier!

See a selection of photos and choose the images that suit you.

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Leather shorts

Leather is relevant not only in winter. And here is the proof: fashion houses include models from this material even in summer. An example of this is shorts. With stones, safari style, solid color, short, high waist. Finding your favorite option is not difficult. Leather shorts don’t have to be tight and black. They can be flared, decorated with different details and sewn from different patches.

Leather shorts go well with different T-shirts and T-shirts. The look is light and stylish. Add white sneakers or high heels and get your fashion look.

Shorts for obese women

Completeness is not a sentence! And now we will prove why. Shorts help to lose extra pounds and at the same time the body breathes. You’re not hot, but you don’t look like a grandmother either. Pick your shorts:

  • to the knee;
  • free cut;
  • straight from dark jeans;
  • plain bermudas to the knees or with arrows.

So, we advise you to abandon everything that is tight, too light or transparent. To properly accentuate the figure, choose calm pastel colors. But if you want to add something bright, then a one-color shirt or with a printed print is suitable here. The main rule: light is replaced by dark. There should be no flowers both above and below ….

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