Fashionable women’s skirts 2023

Fashionable skirts in the 2023 season should occupy a special place in the wardrobe of fashionistas. After all, the designers tried very hard to please every lady with original and stylish novelties. However, as before, among the trendy ones you can see long-loved pleated models, with a smell or a “pencil”. This is a classic that from year to year remains popular, but takes on new shapes that meet the trends of modern fashion. So, what skirts should you look for in the basic collection in 2023? Let’s list the main trends of the coming season.




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Women’s skirts: the main fashion trends of 2023

In the upcoming season, a huge emphasis will be placed on an interesting cut and catchy decor. Bows at the waist, a train, numerous small and large flounces and frills, fringe, ribbon trim, sequins and metallic sheen, fur inserts, embroidery, appliqués, bright textured patches, perforations, false decorative belts, elegant lace and even ropes – all this is possible see on skirts in 2023. Such an original decor will allow every fashionista to create stylish and non-trivial images for any environment.


David Koma





If you list the most fashionable shades, then the list will look like this. The favorite of the season will be plum – a beautiful and rich color that will look great in both spring-summer and autumn-winter looks. Also in the trend will be skirts of classic blue and natural green, pale and bright yellow, pink, including fuchsia, mustard. Traditional white, brown and black models will also be in high demand. As well as skirts made in the color of precious metal: gold, silver, bronze. You can safely purchase fashionable women’s khaki skirts in the 2023 season.






Jil Sander

Among the most popular materials: eco-leather, tweed, denim, satin, chiffon, knitwear. In autumn-winter 2023, stylists recommend paying attention to textured knitted and velvet models. New items include gauze skirts like Adeam Resort and tapestry fabric like Molly Goddard.




The most trendy skirts 2023

As for the length, all available options from extreme mini to maxi will be relevant here. The 2023 season is famous for its references to the fashion of the 90s and 00, which means that low-rise skirts are gradually returning to the lists of fashion trends. And this is not all that the designers have prepared for us in the new season. Below we list the most trendy models of the coming year.

  • With high slits. Cutouts and slits are generally one of the key hits in all fashion segments related to clothing. Therefore, do not be surprised that they accompany even mini-skirts. So get ready to show your legs to everyone next season. On long models of skirts, cuts are most often located on the sides and reach almost to the very hip. There are also slits on the front.


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  • Printed. In the spring-summer of 2023, you should definitely please yourself with a stylish printed skirt. A classic for the hot season is a floral pattern, such as that of Carolina Herrera. They will help emphasize a slender silhouette and thin vertical stripes will ideally complement business images. Khaki skirts will create a harmonious combination with a camouflage pattern. Many tweed skirt models will be decorated with a cage.

Carolina Herrera


  • Transparent. Stylish and outrageous transparent skirts, of course, not all ladies dare to try on. And yet, when listing trends, they cannot be left aside. Moreover, trendsetters urge us to throw embarrassment away, and boldly show the world not only legs, but also underwear. For example, a very cute fashionable look with a completely transparent skirt can be seen at Molly Goddard.

Molly Goddard


  • from denim. Denim skirts are the trends of the 2023 season. They received a lot of attention on the catwalks. Shabby denim, like Givenchy, will be especially popular. As for styles and lengths, here fashionistas will also have plenty to choose from. For example, the Coperni brand offers to pay attention to the mini with a trendy smell. Also in the trend is an asymmetric cut, laconic classics and button-down denim skirts.




  • Long. Long skirts are a special chic, so you should not neglect them in 2023. Moreover, the designers have prepared for us a lot of interesting variations. Take a look at Peter Do’s pleated skirt, which looks like a train. To get a similar one is definitely worth every urban fashionista. Fluffy skirts will look absolutely luxurious even in everyday looks. And for the autumn-winter season, it is worth looking after laconic knitted models.

Peter Do


  • Quilted. New for the 2023 season. Quilted skirts belong to the winter category, suitable for creating fashionable looks in early spring and late autumn. Insulated models go well with turtlenecks, simple shirt-cut blouses and knitted jackets. So that quilted skirts do not look too boring, designers made them bright. The stitching can be classic criss-cross or create a more intricate pattern.


  • miniature. Extreme mini is another popular style next year. And again a reference to the 90s, which cannot be ignored. And we are talking about real microskirts, which barely cover the bikini area. Stylists urge us to wear this model even in winter. For the shy, ETRO came up with a look where a petite skirt is worn right over an oversized shirt.


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Fringed skirts, original asymmetric models, as well as flared wrap models, like Michael Kors, will remain relevant in the next season.

Michael Kors


Michael Kors


Brandon Maxwell SS2

We told you what fashion trends will be relevant for those who will wear skirts in 2023. Also in our review you will find a lot of photos of new products for the coming season.

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