Fashionable women’s sneakers – autumn 2021

With the advent of cold weather, interest in fashionable sneakers for autumn 2021 is growing, because sports shoes are one of the elements of the wardrobe that will always be popular. The abundance of stylish styles delights and inspires the creation of fresh, extraordinary images.

What sneakers are in fashion in the fall of 2021

A few years ago, sneakers, like sneakers, were associated only as part of the necessary equipment for sports. And only after the fashion revolution of the new era, sports shoes became an integral part of the original sport chic, casual looks and diluted the autumn fashion in 2021! Now they are made from a variety of materials and are incredible innovations in leather, leatherette and even recycled materials.

But not all sneakers are considered fashionable. We have prepared a list of new products that will guarantee you the enthusiastic glances of your friends and ordinary passers-by.

animal print usually associated with us with a leopard pattern. But you should not be limited to such a “predatory” coloring. At the peak of popularity, there are also models with a print in the form of a cow, zebra or giraffe skin.

ugly Sneakers or, as they are also called, “ugly”. They got this name because of the rough shape, the excess of inserts and details, and the massive sole. Similar models are found in the 2021 collections of Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Stella McCartney. This is a modern reimagining of Nike basketball shoes from the 80s – unusual, colorful, with a huge cushioned sole. Only this season, designers have also decorated them with decorative stones and rhinestones.

snow white women’s sneakers migrated to this collection from last year. Massive or neat, warm or with a mesh – it doesn’t matter, the main thing is that they are white. And although it is not quite practical for the autumn-winter season, but how beautiful!

Bright, And not just pink or orange. Best of all – multi-colored, as if sewn from many remnants of patches, connecting a whole palette of colors. Chains, rivets and straps with stones will also be useful.

With large platform not just “daddy’s” sneakers, but models on a platform of more than 5 centimeters. As an option – even with a wedge. This is perhaps the most suitable option for a sport chic bow.

Interesting: What will be in fashion in the fall of 2021

Good looks with sneakers

If you have already decided on sneakers for fall 2021, it’s time to pick up fashionable new items for your wardrobe that will go well with stylish shoes. Moreover, you should think about a tracksuit last, because this season sneakers can be combined with the most unusual options. Even brides choose them instead of wedding shoes!

  • With dresses. The ideal length is to the knee and above. If you still want a long model, then make sure that the skirt has a slit for a wide step. By choosing a light flying sundress or a model with a wrap, and wearing sneakers, you will create a laid-back romantic look. But if you prefer a chic style, then, as an option, dresses with puffy skirts and ruffles. For a photo shoot, a style with a tulle skirt will be great.

  • With a business suit. Best of all, trouser, free cut. Moreover, you should not be limited to standard gray-black shades. Experiment with bright colors! Now green, burgundy, purple are in fashion.

  • With shorts only those with perfectly slender legs can afford to wear sneakers. For obese women, this option is not suitable. But if you are young and self-confident, then boldly combine sneakers with shorts, and the material does not play a big role: it can be linen, and cotton, and denim.

  • With jeans. That’s right – a universal image. And extra pounds will help to hide, and even for women over 50 just right! Just try to bypass the counters with torn pants! These models are outdated and look vulgar in the coming season. An interesting combination – with jeans “boiled” and with flared models.

  • With trousers. Preferably with shortened or with a collar. Wide culottes are also suitable in combination with a light blouse with flounces. And on top it is worth throwing a trench coat or short coat. It turns out a very stylish office look.

  • With a skirt. Most often he meets a tandem of sneakers-sneakers with a tight-fitting pencil skirt. It looks spectacular if the skirt is strict, black or dark blue, and the sneakers are white or bright.

  • With jersey. Since knitwear is the main trend of the upcoming season, we highly recommend combining it with sneakers. Volumetric knitted sweaters, “grandmother’s” vests complement the comfortable look.

  • With high socks. In the past few years, it has been customary to wear sneakers with invisible footprints, or even on a bare foot. Now fashion designers have decided to bring back the trends of the 80s and combine sports shoes with high socks, and even with golfs.

Do not be afraid to experiment and do not forget that fashionable women’s sneakers in the fall of 2021 are not just an option for a morning run, but a great alternative to uncomfortable office shoes or heavy boots. Try sport chic style, combine “sneakers” with bright expressive accessories: scarves, necklaces, bows and charming hats, and you will be irresistible!

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