Fashionable women’s sundresses summer 2019: photos, news, latest trends

Eminent European designers have already presented a collection of fashionable sundresses that will be relevant in the summer of 2019. Photos of new products are published by glossy magazines around the world, fashion shows are held in fashion capitals. As always, fashion designers have prepared a lot of interesting things for the fair sex this season. What specific styles and colors of sundresses will be relevant in 2019, we will consider in detail in this review article.

A sundress is one of the most favorite types of dresses for women. For the summer heat, it is great, especially if it is a light style of flowing fabric. Fashionable sundresses of summer 2019 conquered us with their tenderness and elegance. The photo shows some of the novelties of this season.

Delicate colors

As you can see in the photo, fashion designers have created the most sophisticated outfits imaginable. Delicate blue is the hit of the season. Such dresses are decorated with exquisite lace, charming patterns and flowers. Weightless fabrics make the sundress flowy and light. In this outfit, every woman will feel like a real princess.

In addition to femininity, fashion designers presented models of sundresses in the disco style. This option is more suitable for young people. These dresses are usually mini. They look incredibly stylish, especially if you wear flat shoes under them.

Mini is a must-have length for every summer. Open shoulders are also very relevant lately, so 2019 was no exception. Everything that makes a girl attractive is in fashion. These are straps, which strive to slide off attractive female shoulders, and a deep neckline.

Long sundresses to the floor are still relevant. They turn out flying if the right fabric is chosen. The print of such dresses in fashion is completely different: from flower buds to colorful ornaments and pictures from comics. The photo below shows the novelty of a fashionable summer sundress, which will be relevant in 2019.

Please note that the waist of this model is emphasized by a belt. Belts and belts are also in trend in 2019. The highlighted waist makes the silhouette even more feminine. Such a bow will clearly attract attention from both men and women. Is it possible to pass by such a bright person without paying attention to her?

Transparent fabrics

The summer season of 2019 is all made up of transparent fabrics. Designers ask us not to be shy about our figures and to expose everything without exception. Of course, within reason. Sundresses made of light transparent fabrics are in trend. This is organza, and delicate lace, and guipure. Moreover, the colors of such outfits are completely different: from elegant black to bright yellow. Very often translucent images are decorated with massive brooches, ruffles and bows. Such accessories give the outfit a solemn look.

Lace can frame models of sundresses made of a denser material. This is another hit of the next season. Dense fabric retains the clear contours of the female body if the dress is tailored to fit. But free-cut sundresses will also be relevant. They will be made more feminine by frills, ruffles and lace. Usually, the decor also adorns the neck of the dress, the flounces are placed at chest level.

To relax on the beach

Incredibly suitable for a hot season will be dress shirts made of light chiffon. They are quite short and spacious. Nowhere and nothing fits, which will please the owners of not the most ideal figures. It is very easy to move around in such attire, so sundresses are perfect for relaxing by the sea or just for a trip out of town.

It is not even necessary to buy a fashionable chiffon shirt – every woman who does not have special sewing skills can sew such an outfit. Such a thing can replace a pareo, and it is very convenient to take it on the road, since it does not take up much space due to its light texture.

Seductive straps

Strapless dresses are not new. It is popular with girls for many seasons. They wear such outfits not only in summer, but also in late spring, as well as in early autumn, adding a cardigan or jacket to the outfit.

Many trendy summer 2019 sundresses will also have straps and ties. They come in a variety of widths and styles. The length of these dresses can also be chosen to your taste. But it’s important to remember a few things:

  • full women are more suitable models of sundresses to the knee or slightly lower;
  • colors for a full physique are better to choose plain;
  • for girls of short stature, mini sundresses are more suitable than on the floor.

Pay attention to how the fashionable new sundresses that will be relevant in the summer of 2019 look advantageous in the photo below.

Varieties of styles

Summer sundresses are an indispensable item in every woman’s wardrobe. And it cannot be said that this is an exclusively summer version of clothing. After all, sundresses are also sewn from denser fabrics, even woolen ones. With this versatile outfit, you can create any look: from romantic and sophisticated to sporty.

Polo dresses can be attributed to sports sundresses. They have a simple cut that does not restrict movement when worn. The collar of such a product is made exactly like a polo. This sundress is more like an elongated T-shirt. It is made of high-quality fabric, dense texture and sits on the figure just perfectly. Such “tennis” dresses are decorated with sports inscriptions, labels. Only sports shoes are worn to such a sundress: slippers, sneakers or sneakers. By the way, slip-ons can also be perfectly combined with such an outfit.

The office bow is characterized by a strict and restrained outfit. Such sundresses will also be relevant in the summer of 2019. The strict cut of the knee-length dress and discreet shades are ideal for daily trips to work. If this option seems boring to you, then you can supplement it with some accessories that will be at the height of fashion in the new season:

  • brooch;
  • scarf tied around the neck;
  • bright contrast strap;
  • whether the necklace is a chain with a pendant;
  • badge (at the peak of fashion)

High-waisted sundresses have won the hearts of many beauties. In the summer of 2019, these fashionable sundresses will remain at the top of popularity. We have selected several new products of such models (see photo below).

As a rule, such models are made in maxi length. But there are exceptions in the form of a mini. Such dresses are sewn on several straps or one. The fabric is usually light and flowy. Various colors are welcome. But when choosing such an outfit, it is important to remember that if there are a lot of colors on it, then there should not be additional accessories. Otherwise, the image will be overloaded.

Linen style

The pajama and underwear style of clothing quickly gained popularity among the female representatives. Although men also want to see a lady in a seductive silk combination, framed by the most delicate lace, not only at home, but also on the street. We picked up a few photos where you can see how to wear the new summer 2019 – slip sundresses, so as not to look vulgar.

Linen style…

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