Fashionable women’s sweaters 2019

On cold winter evenings, women’s sweaters fashionable in 2019 will help to keep warm and create a stylish bow. This season, such a basic element in the wardrobe has surpassed all expectations regarding its popularity.

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In addition, sweaters, turtlenecks and pullovers are relevant not only in winter, but also in any other season. Fashion designers never get tired of demonstrating this.

It is important to note the fact that such warm clothes create an excellent duet with jeans, trousers, skirts and even shorts. That is why we need to figure out which sweater models will be fashionable this season.

Main trends 2019

Before moving on to viewing interesting styles, it is worth understanding the main fashion trends of this year.

So, the main trend is naturalness and sophistication, and therefore lovers of the classical style will have plenty to choose from. But fashionistas who prefer something more interesting and unusual do not need to be upset. After all, even the most hypersized sweater can be found in a sophisticated style.

In the colors of such warm clothes, for the most part, pastel shades will prevail, which will only emphasize your feminine elegance and fragility. Sweatshirts in such shades were presented on the world catwalks:

  • Beige.
  • Chocolate.
  • Powder.
  • Cream.

But, if you need to add more expressiveness and bright colors to the image, then we advise you to pay attention to such shades:

  • Bottle.
  • Orange.
  • Red.
  • Wine.
  • Blue.

As a decor, both unusual knitting and interesting, intricate geometric patterns can act.

A sweater is a basic element of any capsule wardrobe, and therefore it can be used both to create a business look and an informal one.

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Note! Sweatshirts are universal things that will be appropriate at any age.


Crop sweater

We have already said that this element of the wardrobe is relevant all year round. And these are exactly those fashionable sweaters that neither winter nor spring 2019 can do without. But here it should be remembered that such short sweaters are only suitable for girls with a good figure. After all, despite the high landing, the tummy will be visible.

The main advantage of such models is that they can be worn with absolutely any top. They look especially chic with mini skirts.

A stylish bow will turn out if you choose a crop sweater with bell sleeves or with various patterns.

Drawstring sweater

This model has been at the peak of popularity for several seasons in a row and this year it does not lose its relevance. A sweater with ties or lacing makes it possible to create a gentle, romantic look.

A similar decor can be made along the sleeves, on the shoulders, on the back or in the décolleté area.

The peculiarity of such a sweater is that it will look good on girls with any figure.

Interesting decor allows you to create a stylish look

But the color scheme of such sweaters is distinguished by its sophistication, as it is made in pastel shades.

Sweaters with unusual sleeves

If you want something unusual and exclusive, then we recommend that you look at haute couture sweaters with unusual sleeves. Such a thing will definitely make you the center of everyone’s attention.

Bell sleeves, elongated sleeves, batwing sleeves, puff sleeves and many others look especially interesting.

Such sweaters are perfect for girls who are not afraid of bold experiments.

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Oversized style is another trend that has not left the fashion Olympus for several years in a row. Such cozy sweaters hanging from the fragile shoulders of fashionistas only emphasize their sophistication and femininity.

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In the upcoming season, stylists recommend paying attention to models with a rustic felling, a high collar, and unusual sleeves. For example, such as are shown in the photo.


Sweaters with dropped shoulders

If you are a girl with a flirtatious character, then such models are the best fit for you. Asymmetrical one-shoulder sweaters are must-haves this winter. “Playful” decor allows you to focus on the neckline, the shoulders themselves and the collarbones.

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An off-the-shoulder sweater and a classic skirt are a great tandem for a romantic date.


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Sweater dress

If you have a dilemma in the morning. If you do not know what to choose a sweater or a dress, we strongly recommend that you buy yourself a sweater dress and never face a similar problem again.

Such models make it possible to demonstrate beautiful legs and hide the tummy, if, of course, there is one.

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Important! This style is not suitable for short girls.


Some of these sweaters are complemented by a deep neckline or high golf. If necessary, the waist can be emphasized with a beautiful wide belt. But you can complement the image with high boots.

Sweatshirts with a narrow hood

Such models were first introduced in 2017-2018, but even now they have not lost their relevance. True, now fashion designers offer to combine them with short jackets, trousers and skirts in a classic style.

Interesting options from the podium are presented in the photo below.

Sweatshirts in men’s style

Sweaters made in men’s style will perfectly fit into the female image. They will be able to emphasize all the tenderness of female nature and the excellent taste of a fashionista. This trend was proposed by the well-known fashion house Gucci. In the photo you can see images from his shows.

Fashion sweatshirts

If you are looking for youthful women’s sweaters and at the same time fashionable in 2019, then be sure to pay attention to stylish sweatshirts. These knitted sweatshirts will help you create the perfect sport-chic look.

Fashion houses Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, and Gucci offer us bright and non-trivial ideas for creating a truly cool youth look.

Stylish youth images

Cashmere sweaters

Cashmere golf is a mandatory attribute of any women’s wardrobe in the coming year. It is ideal for both office attire and for walking with friends around the city.

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Embroidery or a tastefully selected brooch can act as a decor.


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Knitted sweater

Cozy chunky knit sweaters are a great option for creating not only a beautiful, but also a warm winter look. Many designers have used such models in their shows. But Antonio Berardi, Oscar de la Renta, Sally LaPointe had especially many of them.

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Sweaters with trendy geometry

It’s no secret that this season the plaid is back in trend, and therefore it is quite logical that the geometry is also relevant for sweaters. In addition to cages, stripes, rhombuses and squares, large peas are also becoming popular.

You can combine these models with…

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