Fashionable women’s sweatshirts 2021

Have you already picked up a fashionable women’s sweatshirt for 2021? Even if you say “YES”, we offer you to get acquainted with new trendy combinations that will decorate your look. And if not, then don’t be discouraged, because first of all we will talk about what women’s sweatshirts will be in fashion next year. Shall we start?

What women’s sweatshirts will be in fashion in 2021

Comfortable, cozy, warm, soft. This is how you can describe the impressions of a properly selected sweatshirt. Only at the same time it is fashionable and, let’s say, not very much. How not to make a mistake with the choice?

We offer you to see the latest photos of fashionable women’s sweatshirts for 2021:


As you can see, the key principle of properly selected sweatshirts is oversize. For some time, it is worth completely abandoning the fitted models. You can’t wear, for example, a T-shirt under them, which means you won’t be able to create a trendy look for 2021.


Another win-win option is sweatshirt. Of course, the main purpose of a sweatshirt is to keep you warm in any weather. And the sweatshirt copes with the task at 100! But in what color, with a print or not – we will tell a little later.

By the way, the sweatshirt is shortened. And that doesn’t mean it’s small. Just pair it with high-rise pants or jeans. A skirt will do, or it can even be worn over a dress. Don’t be afraid to combine what seems impossible.


Hoodie can be elongated and standard length. The main trend of the autumn-winter-spring season is to dress as you like. It doesn’t matter if things don’t fit together. Therefore, an elongated hoodie can be safely worn over a leather skirt and under sneakers. But we repeat: winter is the time to warm up, which means it’s time to take care of your health.


Hoodies, sweatshirts, oversized – any of these models of women’s sweatshirts can be with a hood, which means you will definitely be able to collect one of the fashionable looks for 2021. Choose from the following models:

  • In sports style;
  • Long sleeve;
  • With a wide hood;
  • With kangaroo pockets;
  • With dropped shoulder line;
  • With laces of various designs and lengths.

Do not be afraid to choose a very bright or, on the contrary, a very delicate color of the hoodie. Play with colors to create different contrasts. The brighter the image, the more attention will be paid to you. Why? Because you are stylish, bright, feminine – and everyone likes it without exception!

Other types of sweatshirts

The following sweatshirt options are made for those who can’t refuse:

  • Zippers;
  • Furs;
  • Logos;
  • Inscriptions.

If you follow the fashion trends of 2021, then any look in which there will be a women’s sweatshirt with or without a hood, with a zipper or with large wide pockets, can be safely called a trend.

But it is important to consider 3 more rules:

  • The right combination of colors in clothes;
  • Fashion prints;
  • Top shades.

Let’s take everything in order.

Fashion colors of sweatshirts

In the new season, designers have tried to put together a new collection of colors that will be loved by those who are used to neutral shades and those who cannot part with bright and saturated colors in women’s sweatshirts:

  • Sunny, yellow-orange shade;
  • Gentle, serene blue;
  • Warm brown;
  • Bright and rich yellow;
  • Deep and pleasant dark blue;
  • Pastel pink and beige;
  • Living coral;
  • Fresh mint;
  • Fragrant purple;
  • peach nougat;
  • Sweet raspberry.

The simplest thing you can only imagine is plain sweatshirts. Without prints, inscriptions, decorations. This is a definite trend, because they are the easiest to combine with various sleeveless coats, peeping light dresses, t-shirts, heels and ordinary sneakers. Remember? No rules for street style!

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Fashionable sweatshirt prints

We give the next word to fashionable sweatshirt prints for 2021. Based on the 70s, 80s, as well as the trends that fashionistas loved in previous seasons. Only now they have sparkled with new colors, so they boldly decorate any clothes in 2021.

  • flower arrangements. If your sweatshirt has a unique floral arrangement, then definitely wear it;
  • Strip. It is not necessary that a hoodie or sweatshirt be pinstriped. The model can be made from different cuts of fabric, which visually create wide stripes;

  • Animal print. The sweatshirt is made completely in one print, or it will appear only on certain details. By the way, your sweatshirt can have your favorite cartoon characters, because now not just a skin print is in fashion, but also the animals themselves.

Fashionable color combinations in clothes

Your look may consist of related shades, but our goal is to show how you can combine trendy colors and prints in women’s sweatshirts. And the following selection of photos will tell about it best:

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These women’s sweatshirts will be fashionable in 2021. Now you know everything about colors, prints, models, the right combinations. Dress stylish and be beautiful with us!

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