Fashionable women’s t-shirts 2021

Want to know what women’s t-shirts will be fashionable in 2021? Then this article is just for you: we have collected all the latest trends, designs, colors and more. Shall we start?

What women’s t-shirts will be in fashion in 2021

The T-shirt is the basis of the women’s wardrobe and is especially popular at any time of the year. And this is not surprising: women love to look at and copy men’s style so much! Therefore, if they have a trend to wear a T-shirt and a jacket over it, then most of the fair half will want to try applying this style to themselves.

Let’s now see photos with fashionable women’s t-shirts for the 2021 season, and then discuss some options.


Denim is an irreplaceable thing not only in the cold season. Look at what chic t-shirts we are offered to wear from this light and pleasant material!

The dark colors of denim visually hide figure flaws, so even overweight women can safely choose it as the basis for T-shirts.


According to leading designers, oversized will remain on the red carpet for a long time to come. And they love him not only for baggy, which emphasizes freedom of choice, but also for how it goes well with other styles of clothing, hides figure flaws, allows the body to breathe, which is especially important on very hot days.


If you look at the fashion trends of 2021, then stylists recommend not giving up women’s perforated T-shirts. It looks more neat than torn holes and is perfect for the hot season.

With bulky shoulders

And how to get past T-shirts with bulky shoulders! As mentioned above, voluminous shoulders are the basis of men’s style. Therefore, girls like to adopt it as a basis for their wardrobe. And they seem to be doing it for a reason! See how they originally emphasize the figure. But be careful if you have large shoulders by nature: such models will only make the image heavier.

Single color

You can not get around the theme of trendy colors when choosing women’s T-shirts. The trend is pastel and delicate shades that suit almost all fashionistas. At the same time, you should not refuse bright amber-orange, mallow-red, yellow-green and other bright colors.


Safari is freedom. The freedom you need when traveling. Therefore, if you choose a T-shirt from similar materials and colors, you will get both a trendy and feminine look.

With inscriptions

Brand inscriptions, expressions and quotes. Everyone is welcome! But still, be careful and try to translate the inscription on the T-shirt before buying it.

Fashion prints in t-shirts in 2021

I would like to note right away that fashionable prints in T-shirts for women spring-summer 2021 are already a beloved world of patterns and patterns that were at the peak of popularity in the autumn-winter season. Only now they become like open flowers, more elegant, tender, rich and pleasing to our eyes.

Floral print

He was back at the peak of his popularity. Only now the floral print is more refined to give the images even more lightness, freshness and originality. Therefore, in the upcoming fashion season, floral prints will be located on dark colors. Take a look at the following primary colors:

  • deep blue;
  • Brown;
  • Black.

And, of course, pastel colors: champagne, powdery, delicate sky and other shades. And what about the flowers themselves?

The drawings are clearer and more realistic. Therefore, you can add several brooches to your T-shirts at once to create a 3D appliqué effect. The main goal is to create the illusion that you are wearing really fresh flowers.

Animal print

How can you get past the animal print? That’s right, no way. So designers confidently add it to their new summer collections of dresses, T-shirts, overalls. Only now you can wear not only a python print, but also other herbivores, such as zebras. Now he is in the top of the drawings and entire collections are dedicated to him.

What other changes await in animal print? Now you can choose clothes not just with the pattern of the skin of an animal or mammal, but also with the representatives of the fauna themselves.

Romantic polka dots

And now: he again rises with a romantic step up the stairs in the palace. Polka dots have been winning the hearts of designers for several seasons, so they offer more and more variety. The traditional black version with white polka dots is replaced by the complete opposite: white with black, azure and white. And it can be completely different sizes on different backgrounds.

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Checkered and striped

Like all previous prints, plaid and stripes cannot leave fashion houses. Everyone has their own vision of the cage and stripes, which means that the trend will exist for a long time. Some play on the contrast of lines and intersections, others embody a variety of patterns and deformation.

In fashion prints 2021 for women’s t-shirts, it does not matter in what order you have designs on clothes. Therefore, feel free to combine, especially if you sew clothes yourself, stripes and flowers, a cage and peas.

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Now you know everything about fashionable women’s t-shirts, prints and colors that will be in fashion in 2021. Choose your options, and if you like the ideas, then order custom tailoring soon!

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