Fashionable women’s trousers 2019: latest trends, photos

Many women understand how important it is to choose stylish and comfortable pants. It largely depends on whether it will be possible to successfully create a harmonious image based on trousers. Fashion trends and photos of women’s trousers in 2019 deserve the attention of those ladies who want to look perfect and create attractive images for themselves.


The main trends of women’s trousers in 2019

In 2019, the trends of fashionable women’s trousers turn out to be truly diverse, so every woman has the right to choose the most suitable option for herself.

Fashion trousers 2019

  1. Velvet. For a long time, velvet trousers remain truly in demand. Velvet is characterized by a dense structure and pronounced color tints. Talented designers are convinced that velvet trousers can be combined with such things as a cashmere sweater, cotton shirt, viscose blouse. You need to prepare for the fact that free models can visually fill up, so it is advisable to think over the ensemble and try to create a beautiful image. Only slender tall fashionistas can choose any velvet trousers for themselves.
  2. shortened models. In 2019, cropped trousers still promise to be popular, and they are ready to refresh and transform almost any office outfit. Designers are trying to offer different styles of cropped trousers, so every fashionista has the right to find the perfect option for herself. However, the color variety is not provided, as designers prefer classic colors.
  3. Leather pants. Recently, leather pants, which can look extravagant and sexy, deserve the attention of true fashionistas. However, only some girls can correctly beat the unusual texture of the proposed material. It should be noted that leather trousers were in demand in the 1970s, but now they are becoming popular again. Professionals recommend combining genuine or artificial leather trousers with feminine light blouses and beautiful jumpers. If you choose the right style of clothing, you can guarantee the creation of an impeccable ensemble without unnecessary accusations of vulgarity and lack of taste, understanding of style.
  4. High waist. Every fashionista can appreciate stylish high-waisted trousers. Previously, low-rise trousers were in fashion, which focused on a bare tummy. However, now the high waist is still coming back into fashion, so every fashionista has the right to give preference to such classic trousers. If you approach the creation of the image correctly, you can bring notes of elegance and sensuality. High-waisted trousers often create the right accents on the tummy and hips, visually making almost any look slimmer and more beautiful. Recently, designers are trying to offer trousers in various colors and with a variety of decor, so you can create an impeccable look, taking into account your style preferences.
  5. Lampas. Fashionistas should prepare for the fact that the stripes again deserve special attention, as they can be used to create flawless images with a touch of elegance and originality. It should be noted that such decor is already associated with sophistication and true style. Classic trousers are also often offered with stripes, which are able to bring elegance to the created image. If you choose pants with a stripe in a contrasting color, you can create a sophisticated look if you choose the right things, shoes and accessories. It should be noted that in order to implement the best solutions, it is recommended to choose classic costume materials with the addition of silk, since it is this execution that emphasizes the impeccability of the image.
  6. Floristics. Recently, fabrics that are embroidered with flowers are becoming more and more attractive. A long time ago, outfits were decorated with hand-embroidered flowers, which were created using silk threads. However, now the approach to creating such clothes has changed dramatically. If desired, you can choose pants with floral motifs that are in line with fashion trends. Designers try to successfully embody floral embroidery and original appliqué patterns, thanks to which the created images turn out to be bright and original.
  7. Full color match. In 2019, designers note that you can choose trousers that will perfectly match the style, color, texture with other things. Such ensembles always create impeccable images and visually stretch the figure. Moreover, the complete color match of things allows you to abandon bright accessories. However, the color should be bright and attractive, so it is advisable to refuse black, white, gray.

What pants will be fashionable in 2019

Current models of trousers

It is advisable to study fashion trends and photos of women’s trousers in 2019 in order to understand how you can create flawless trouser ensembles using the main trends. The most important thing is not only to remember the main fashion trends, but also to be ready to show courage, a sense of style.

Leather pants

Patent leather models

Fashionable styles of women’s trousers

Fashionistas can choose the right styles of trousers and create flawless looks, because talented designers have paid special attention to various models. At the same time, a variety of trousers are offered, which can be perfectly combined with the rest of the clothes. Fashion trends and photos of women’s trousers in 2019 allow you to understand how best to choose trousers, taking into account your own preferences and existing needs.

Fashionable wide trousers

Women’s trousers resembling gaiters

Palazzo trousers

Recently, wide styles are becoming more and more in demand. Moreover, trendy palazzos are becoming more and more popular, because they are always made of flying materials and with a high waist. Such trousers can almost immediately make the image feminine, because the accents are placed on a thin waist and hips.

Women’s palazzo trousers

Cropped palazzo trousers

[stextbox id=»info»]Classic palazzo trousers are becoming more and more in demand, and an unusual play with textures allows you to understand how best to fit things into formal and everyday looks.[/stextbox]


Such models always focus on the beauty of the legs, drawing attention to the sexy ankles. Each representative of the fair sex has the right to appreciate the beauty and attractiveness of the style, as the cropped leg will visually stretch the silhouette. However, overweight ladies should choose pants made of suit fabric, refusing to embroider and large pockets.

Fashion culottes

Slender women can choose chiffon, silk and denim models. Trousers are ideally combined with pumps and sneakers, handbags and backpacks, blouses and shirts, jackets and vests….

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