Fashionable women’s trousers – autumn 2020

For the fall of 2020, fashionable women’s trousers will be indispensable in your wardrobe. But which of the stylish models will be in fashion, we will analyze in our material. Fortunately, world-famous designers offered a lot of options both in colors and in styles, fabrics, and styles.


Leather – trend number 1

Fashion for fall 2020 is primarily leather trousers. Make them the main purchase of the coming season. Moreover, not just tight trousers are now in favor, but a variety of models: from wide palazzos to riding breeches and bananas. Note that boring black is now a thing of the past. Genuine leather trousers made in blue, lilac, green, yellow shades flashed on the catwalks this season. An interesting feature of the fashion season is the combination of a shade of leather trousers with a top to match them. But at the same time, the tonalities of the top and bottom in the image should diverge slightly. Top or bottom should be slightly darker or lighter. Interesting leather models can be traced in the collections of Chanel, fashion houses Altuzarra and Alberta Ferretti.

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Width is everything

Both office and street fashion pants allow you to wear very wide models. The so-called palazzo. For this model, women all over the world are grateful to the famous Marlene Dietrich. It is noteworthy that wide trousers look exceptionally beautiful with fitted blouses, with light sweaters and jumpers, golf under the throat.

The main requirement for palazzo trousers is the presence of a heel in the image and the length of the pants, which practically covers the toe of the shoe. You need to be careful when walking in such pants, because there is a high risk of catching a trouser leg with your toe, especially on the stairs. But experienced fashionistas can handle it.

Beautiful models in the style of Marlene Dietrich presented Max Mara, Brandon Maxwell, Fendi, Alexander Wong at their fashion shows. Sail pants are the trend of the autumn season.

famous flares

You can create a fashionable look with the help of flared trousers that came to us from the 70s. Please note that with the right size and the principle of fitting trousers on the hips, it is possible to visually correct the figure with extra pounds. Therefore, flared pants are suitable even for overweight women. It is desirable that, on a voluminous figure, they sit on the waist line and slightly fit the legs, and the flare should start from the knee. Such styles are especially suitable for girls and women with lush hips.

Fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen, Chloé and Alice + Olivia paid special attention to the creation of their collections of flared trousers. Experimenting with autumn looks with the help of such models is very simple. The main thing – do not forget to wear shoes with heels under flared trousers. With low shoes, such a model will look somewhat awkward.

Classic out of season

For both thin and obese women, for the stylish autumn of 2020, all classic models worn before and loved by many remain fashionable trousers. Their main features are a laconic cut, restraint in the use of additional details, the almost complete absence of catchy accessories and the presence of straight arrows.

Classic trousers are perfect for any look: both with high heels and flat shoes with low speed. Such models luxuriously fit into a business or romantic look, depending on which top you choose for them.

For overweight women, it is undesirable to opt for checkered models. Remember that the cell always visually enlarges the figure, adds a few kilograms where they would like to be removed on the contrary.

Burberry, the well-known Louis Vuitton, Brandon Maxwell and others made a bet on the classics when sewing autumn trousers.

Bananas and riding breeches

At first glance, these models are no different. And yet there are differences. For breeches, the widest part is the part that is closer to the hips. Starting from the knee and down, the pants are maximally narrowed. As for the banana models, here the expansion starts from the very top and ends at the ankle.

Both pants are suitable for women of all ages (including women over 50). It is fashionable to combine them with shoes with thin stiletto heels. It is also allowed to wear high boots with the widest possible tops with breeches and bananas.

It is fashionable to sew breeches and bananas from delicate and expensive fabrics. This makes the muscular models of the pants more feminine.


Among the fashion trends of women’s trousers for autumn-winter 2020, plaid models are not the last. This season, both fashionistas and designers have embraced the so-called checkered euphoria. The trend is a laconic cage in the style of the Prince of Wales, Scottish classic and restrained tartan, an elegant houndstooth. By the way, the last version of the cage is the only one that slims. All other types of cells visually increase in volume. If you don’t consider your wardrobe complete without plaid trousers, then if you have extra pounds, choose at least those models that have a muted color and a medium-sized check, weakly expressed against the main background.

Many interesting checkered models were presented at their shows by Pringle of Scotland, Christian Dior and other famous brands.

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Cropped trousers

Among them you can find variations on the theme of culottes (shortened palazzos), narrow pipes, skinny, 7/8 models. Almost all of the listed models, except for culottes, can be worn with any figure and height. As for the culottes, they visually cut the vertical even more. Therefore, they are allowed to be worn only by girls and women above average height.

Cropped trouser models are right to combine with elegant shoes with heels. If these are pipes, skinny or 7/8 models, then wear shoes with a closed toe, a fastener around the ankle.

Trendy pants colors for fall 2020

As for the colors of pants, famous designers say that autumn is not the time for blues and boredom. Therefore, down with boring black, brown and gray shades. For every day, fashionable trousers can be blue, purple, red, saffron, green, blue or pale powdery.

In a special trend, snow-white color. Yes, for autumn it is impractical. But how noble and expensive it makes the image. Snow-white trousers, sewn from expensive soft wool or suit fabric, look amazing. These pants will make you the center of attention all day long. Combine snow-white trousers with a sweater made of the most delicate angora, with a silk blouse, with an interesting jacket. Don’t forget to complement your stylish autumn bow with a graceful silk scarf.

As for prints, in addition to the popular plaid, it is fashionable to wear trousers with the thinnest stripes or trousers in a floral print. Animal coloring remains popular as well.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Remember the rule: if you choose colorful pants, then the top should always be solid.[/stextbox]

Stylish Chips

Fashionable autumn trousers are characterized by several stylish chips.

Choose models with:

  • high rise at the waist;
  • having a lush…

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