Fashionable women’s tunics for summer 2021

It’s time to go to the store for a fashionable women’s tunic for the summer, which will be relevant not only in 2021. The heat has really attacked, and the sea is waiting for us with open arms. Any girl will not be able to resist a bright and stylish look for a trip to the beach or a walk in hot weather. We have collected tips from the best stylists for you.

What women’s tunics are in fashion in summer 2021

The abundance of fashionable clothes this season will amaze even the most picky fashionistas. From a simple striped tunic to a dress with an intricate print. Take note of the ideas:

  • boho. There is nothing better for summer than linen and cotton. Adepts of the free boho style can go to the ends of the world in a tunic. The main feature is comfort.

  • Denim. This option is no longer quite a beach option, but more for an evening walk. Pair with jeans or a denim skirt for a total look. The tunic complemented with colorful embroidery looks beautiful.
  • short. Among the fashionable ones were short tunics, which vying with each other demonstrate it-girl on Instagram under the hashtag “summer 2021”. Like a T-shirt. This extravagant tunic is proposed to be worn on vacation by the pond. By the way, such a wardrobe detail can be sewn independently from several scarves.

  • Shirt. Definitely stylish for every day. Good for office days. The peculiarity lies in the fact that there are a lot of variations with such a tunic – light trousers, Bermuda shorts, pleated skirt.

  • Transparent. You will immediately think that lace capes are only suitable for the beach. No, we say. Girls, and even with a full figure, perfectly fit a translucent tunic into an evening look.

  • Transformer. Unconditional option for the sea. During the day, you go to rest on the shore and put it on like a sundress, and during the day you transform the tunic into a city dress.

  • Long. Unlike bloggers, designers for the summer of 2021 relied on fashionable long tunics. And not just a beach. Long tunics can be worn over trousers, and put on a jacket on top.

  • Printed. Floral colors, inscriptions, ice cream, birds, tie-dye and abstraction are welcome here.
  • knitted. Another way to handmade. Knitted tunics and swimwear are back in fashion. Again, there is a reference to the winter fashion for nets.

How to choose the right tunic

The tunic is convenient because it can hide any figure flaws, you just need to choose your style. Here’s a little treasure trove of tips:

  • Don’t worry about extra pounds gained during quarantine. A-line cut will help not to draw attention to the body once again. With a puffy body, such a product will correct the silhouette, show the legs and cover the stomach. This style is also suitable for thin people, as it visually enlarges the chest.
  • The asymmetrical bottom will hide the hips and accentuate the eyes of passers-by on the creativity of the model.
  • With a tapered waist. The exception is the apple shape type. For others, it will become the basic part of the wardrobe, especially the “rectangle”, “pear” and “hourglass” types.
  • Layering. This trend is still on. With a bang, she will cope with different figures, full – will shift the emphasis, and thin – will add volume where necessary. It is important to play with colors and patterns. For example, the popular floral print has many representations. Curvy ladies should not wear too small or large prints, but with thin ladies, these rules work the other way around.
  • Fat women should still buy a tunic with a V-neck, which will “collect” all the attention on the neckline and hide problem areas.

I would also like to mention a stylish taboo. You should never wear tunics with leggings and leggings. This will make the image cheaper. But skinny jeans look very harmonious.

What to wear with a tunic

Don’t stick to one opinion. Think bigger and boldly wear a tunic for work, a walk and a date. We will reveal a few secrets of the perfect combination.

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Wide pants are still in fashion. They can be successfully combined with a tunic. You will get an image in Indian style, which is very relevant this season. In addition, the play on contrasts looks beautiful if the trousers are bright in color, and we pick up the top with a floral print.


We also make an image in a free format. It is important to emphasize routine and simplicity. Best of all, a pleated midi skirt is combined with tunics. A short tunic goes well with an elongated pencil skirt, as in the photo.


Short shorts and Bermuda shorts are well distinguished by a tunic-shirt. A creative option would be a long tunic with a round neckline. Here the shorts will play the role of insurance, they are almost invisible.

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The real expanse. New this year is the poncho. It can be pulled off with a strap and quickly reformatted on a dress. A long robe-shaped tunic remains relevant – wear it to beach parties and day trips to the beach.

In our photo selection, we showed you which fashionable women’s tunics are worth buying for the summer of 2021. Take note of our tips and conquer the “sea” catwalks.

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