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Fashionable women’s tunics for the summer of 2019: photos of new products among models

Hot fine money provokes to expose the sun to as large areas of the body as possible. However, it is tempting both in terms of health (vitamin D is produced under the influence of sunlight) and aesthetically attractive. For such manipulations in the summer wardrobe there are a lot of funny gizmos: pareos, sundresses, shorts and tops. Fashionable tunics for the summer of 2019 do not just complement this list, they come to the fore due to the variety of models presented by designers.


Look at the photos of women’s tunic dresses and tunic blouses – no summer heat can prevent you from showing off in such outfits. But before you start choosing to choose new items among the models, you should learn something. First of all, summer tunics are divided into several types: office business, everyday democratic and beach options. And in theory, in a summer wardrobe there should be at least 2 such things from each group. How to choose them correctly – we will talk further. In the meantime, we offer you to see photos of the new models of women’s tunics for the summer of 2019 – among the proposed styles there are preferred samples for leisure and work:

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At the peak of popularity, women’s summer tunics made from natural fabrics

Among the assortment presented in stores, mixed materials, viscose and other “synthetics” are probably presented in large quantities. In no case should you buy something like this this season. It is absolutely not fashionable and not relevant. At the peak of popularity, there will be models made from natural fabrics that can easily absorb excess moisture and create excellent conditions for natural ventilation.[affegg id=42]

Presented at the latest fashion shows, women’s summer tunics are a light, weightless fabric made of natural silk or exquisite lace with a certain length of the hem. They should be free cut, cuts in the side seams are allowed. It is worth paying attention to cotton and linen – these are two undoubted favorites in the democratic price group. They have a lot of consumer benefits.

In particular, a linen blouse-tunic is able to maintain optimal temperature even in extreme conditions. And decorating it with floral embroidery will make the models a great option for walking and spending time in the big city.tunica (3) tunica (4)

Cotton women’s tunics for the summer of 2019 should be quite thin and have an A-line cut. They can be complemented with lace and cut-out inserts. Embroidery here is suitable only in the “richelieu” format. However, such a fabric as cotton “sewing” can successfully replace the technologically complex and rather expensive “cutwork”.

Crocheted openwork style elongated sleeveless blouses will potentially compete with one-piece styles. Openwork knitting has a definite advantage in beach models. Office options imply more strict types of finishes or its complete absence.

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In some cases, the use of chiffon transparent fabrics will be acceptable, but only as an addition to the main linen or cotton fabric. Natural silk is also at the peak of popularity, but these are quite expensive tunic options that not everyone can afford. Look at the photo examples of new products for the upcoming summer:

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Strict, casual and beach tunics: colors and styles

Strict business tunic blouses have been actively gaining their positions in the office dress code in recent years. There are a number of requirements here. They should be up to 2/3 of the height of the thigh, sewn from natural expensive fabric. Preferred colors are lilac, steel, blue, beige and traditional white and black. Black summer tunics in 2019 are kind of a trend that is infiltrating all other wardrobe capsules. For the office, it can be a plain long shirt, and for a walk around the city, a model with contrasting burgundy embroidery is suitable. Other everyday tunics are divided into traditional and beach options. How do they differ, what colors and styles should be preferred here – we’ll talk further, but for now, another portion of beautiful photos of new products:

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So, beach summer tunic for 2019 – what it should be and what material to choose a model from. Let’s talk about styles first. At its core, this clothing refers to a free cut with an elongated hem. It is quite difficult to distinguish between a dress and a blouse in this case. But there is a generally accepted gradation: everything from the middle of the thigh and below is a tunic dress. And everything above this border is a tunic blouse.

The first option is permissible to wear without additional elements of clothing. It is enough to choose light sandals or sandals with flat soles and a suitable straw bag. And on this image for visiting the beach will be completed. Well, do not forget about swimwear and hats, by the way, wide-brimmed straw hats will be in fashion this summer.

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Tunic styles for the summer of 2019 include a straight, slightly flared cut with many additional details. The most popular techniques of cutters and designers are tucks along the neck line, horizontal and vertical drapery, folds, cuts and cutouts, asymmetrical hem. The colors here can be anything – from rich blues and greens to modest pastel shades.

Plain fabrics and canvases with a large print are in fashion. Here you should pay attention to the inscriptions, graphic elements and floral ornaments. Beach tunics can be translucent or openwork. They wear a bathing suit underneath. From shoes, slates or slippers are suitable. Walking in this form around the city is possible only if it is a resort settlement. In the metropolis, this will be misunderstood.

But for everyday life in a big and stuffy city on hot summer days, a pair of tunic dresses made from natural fabrics in delicate pastel colors will be an excellent solution. Particularly relevant will be models in a marine style. The combination of a blue refreshing breeze with a white background creates an impression of freshness and lightness. As shoes, you should choose light sandals or slates.

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What to wear with tunic dresses and tunic blouses in the summer of 2019 (photo images)

And now it’s time to understand the intricacies of creating a stylish fashionable image based on this light element of a summer wardrobe. What to wear with summer women’s tunics so that you always look stylish and dressed appropriately for the current situation?

As mentioned above, there will be much less problems if fashionistas have 2 tunics in their arsenal for different occasions. Their color palette should be different. For example, for the office, it is desirable to purchase a tunic blouse in black and white. And for the beach, it can be blue and purple. But for walking around the city and meeting with friends in the summer of 2019, a blouse or tunic dress with a graphic and floral print is already perfect. Make sure this color palette…

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