Fashionable women’s wallets 2021

Original women’s wallets will become a fashionable and indispensable accessory in 2021. This detail can be used not only to store money, but also as an addition to the image. The fashion for wallets is also changing, as well as for any other things. This season, designers provide a great abundance of different shapes, textures, colors and varieties.

What women’s wallets are in fashion in 2021

Women’s wallet is a small but very important thing to save money. This accessory is able to add confidence and harmony to the image. When choosing a suitable wallet, you should pay attention to such details as:

  • the size;
  • design;
  • material;
  • functionality;
  • color palette.

Each person has their own specific preferences, but it is also important to pay attention to fashion trends. This will help to form personal criteria and choose the most convenient and functional accessory. There are several main types of wallets that will be popular this season.

A folding wallet is one of the most common types. It is compact and spacious. In such a product, you can store large-format banknotes, various cards. Folding wallets can save a lot of space in your purse, look light and sophisticated.

Wallet book includes two halves. Most of these models do not close, but for convenience, some of them are equipped with various fasteners.

A vertical wallet can have one or more compartments. There are bills, credit and discount cards. Such a wallet is quite large, so it is best to store it in a bag or in a deep pocket.

Business cards, cards, money are placed in a classic purse on a latch. This product has a coin box. Most often, this compartment closes with a latch. You can make a separate accessory from a coin box and save a lot of space.

Another type of women’s wallets that are considered fashionable in 2021 are magnetic items. These wallets are easy to use and popular. Some accessories may have several magnetic fasteners located on the outside or inside at once.

Button models are also considered common options. For example, such a black wallet with a button will add style and conciseness to the image. This accessory is considered very convenient and suitable for all occasions.

The organizer will become the basis for successful and effective planning. This item is considered an essential accessory for modern and successful people.

Fashionable women’s wallets 2021: what color to choose

The range of colors of wallets is quite diverse. Basically, several universal colors are noted. Among them:

  • black;
  • brown;
  • red;
  • white;
  • yellow;
  • green;
  • blue.

Black and brown wallets are versatile options. They will go well with clothes and accessories. Such shades will help create an elegant and practical look. It is believed that these colors are able to attract money, and also have a positive effect on the perception of a person’s appearance.

Red will also be quite popular this season. This shade will add positive energy. Leather red wallets with a smooth or lacquered surface will look good.

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White is considered a symbol of wealth and abundance. Such purses will always have an original and stylish look. White shades always attract attention, symbolize stability. White wallets will be favorably combined with bags of the same shade. Wallets with additional metallic elements, black and red splashes are popular this season.

Yellow and gold products will add brightness and attractiveness to the image. In 2021, yellow women’s wallets made of genuine leather are especially popular. Green and blue colors help attract money. Such shades will add attractiveness and originality to the image.

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What material to prefer

A good wallet should be comfortable, practical and durable. The duration of its service is largely influenced by the quality of the material, fittings, tailoring. The type of fittings affects the duration of use and appearance.

Leather wallets are durable and easy to care for. After prolonged wear, they can rub over, but this is easily eliminated with the help of special staining. These items are important to store properly.

Reptile skin products are expensive, but they look quite elegant. They are pleasant to the touch, will help create an original style. Leatherette wallets also have a large number of advantages. Due to high-quality materials, they have an attractive appearance. Fashion leatherette wallets for women are also popular in 2021. In addition, such products are characterized by an affordable price.

When choosing the right wallet, it is important to pay attention to the material, design and shade of the model. A properly selected accessory will not only securely save money and cards, but also complement the image favorably.

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