Fashionable women’s windbreakers for autumn 2020

A women’s windbreaker is perhaps the most fashionable and sought-after outerwear for the fall of 2020. It is versatile, multifunctional, and practical. The perfect choice for every day. Today we decided to consider cool ideas for bows and get acquainted with the latest trends in the segment of women’s windbreakers.

Getting to know the windmill better

A windbreaker is a lightweight version of a jacket. It is perfect for wearing in the off-season, it will protect from the morning autumn coolness, sudden rains and winds. Initially, this outerwear, sewn from canvas, was worn by sailors. With the help of it, they were saved from moisture, salty sea water and constant wind. But, over time, this practical and incredibly comfortable thing migrated from ship to land, and today even such famous brands as Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Balenciaga, Kenzo, Nike is proud to present their stylish windbreakers to the world.

What are they made from? Of course, canvas jackets are not very popular this season, especially among women. And in general, this fabric is morally obsolete. That is why now only modern and beautiful textures are used to create windbreakers: raincoat fabric, nylon, polyester, thick cotton, membrane, fleece. Moreover, the last two can be safely called favorites, since windbreakers of them are most in demand among modern fashionistas.

Currently, windbreakers are experiencing another boom in popularity after twenty years of oblivion. And before that, they were very willingly worn in the 90s. We think you also remember these multi-colored jackets with bright wide stripes, in which the girls went in for sports, and sat on benches, went on dates. This is definitely clothing for all occasions! Tell me, would you dare to wear this now?

Current styles of windbreakers for autumn 2020

Fashion trends for autumn 2020 among windbreakers are very diverse. Moreover, ladies of absolutely any complexion will find interesting options for creating stylish bows. And now you will see for yourself.

  • Hooded. A windbreaker with a hood is very practical. After all, it will protect not only from the cold autumn wind, but also from the rain. The main thing is to choose the right material. Ideally, it should be water-repellent and retain heat. It is recommended to wear such a thing with clothes of a simple cut. Moreover, this light jacket will fit well into an office bow.
  • with asymmetry. This season, asymmetry is in trend. She is subject to things from completely different fashion segments, and windbreakers are no exception. However, it cannot be said that the designers have greatly complicated the style of these light jackets. In most cases, they just made the hem more interesting by giving it a custom shape. However, this solution looks very creative, don’t you think?
  • Trapeze. Not bad fit into modern fashionable images and trapezoidal windbreakers with a small, or vice versa large, it all depends on the choice of the designer, flared down. Moreover, this style is ideal for both slender fashionistas and ladies with non-ideal proportions of the figure. So, dear girls, if you are embarrassed by your full hips, just buy yourself a flared windbreaker. It will hide everything you are ashamed of and help you look slimmer. But, keep in mind that you need to wear it only with a tight-fitting bottom.
  • Classic. A windbreaker in a classic style will help create a really stylish autumn fashionable bow. This is another universal model for all occasions, which will fit well into sports, business, and casual outfits. Pair it with office trousers, regular jeans, athletic leggings, straight-cut skirts or denim shorts. There are no restrictions for this jacket. Perhaps this will already be a great reason to replenish your wardrobe with this thing.
  • Oversize. In no hurry to leave the fashion pedestal and loved by millions of women oversized style. And windbreakers are especially in demand in this fashionable segment. It is not surprising, because it is very convenient to wrap yourself up in a reliable, large and cozy jacket when bad weather sets in. Stylists recommend using this model of windbreakers in multi-layer bows. Pair it with turtlenecks, classic sneakers, loose-fitting sweatpants, cargo pants, and even jersey dresses. It will turn out very cool!

Would you like to share a fashion hack with you? Oversized style will be a great choice if you want to emphasize the fragility and grace of your figure. You can also use a large windbreaker to mask a couple of extra pounds. Under such a thing, they simply will not be noticeable.

  • Shortened. If you are looking for trendy youth windbreakers for autumn 2020, then we advise you to pay attention to stylish cropped models. They are what you need for young, daring and self-confident girls. In the standard version, such a thing goes well with sweatpants or high-waisted jeans, which helps protect the stomach from the wind. But in good autumn weather, a cropped windbreaker is quite acceptable to wear with an open tummy. And what combination is closer to you, choose for yourself.
  • Sports. A sports light jacket is also in great demand among modern fashionistas. And mostly ladies who lead an active lifestyle resort to it. It is not surprising, because in such a windbreaker it is convenient to do a morning run, play sports in the fresh air, and take long walks. Ideally, these clothes are made of windproof breathable material, which only increases its value for the autumn season.

By the way, are there fans of the style of the 90s among our readers? If yes, then we have great news for you! In 2020, the so-called old-school sports windbreakers are considered the hottest trend. In their appearance, they are very reminiscent of those olympics and light jackets that were worn 20 years ago. Moreover, the designers made a special emphasis on the colors of that era.

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  • Elongated. If you are choosing a fashionable windbreaker for autumn 2020 for a fat woman, then we advise you to look at elongated models with a straight cut. For example, parks. They are considered the most popular in this segment. The length of this lightweight jacket can reach the middle of the thigh or even the knees. And an additional distinctive feature here is the cuffs, fastened with buttons or buttons, and a zipper, which is very practical. The elongated parka windbreaker, thanks to its cut, perfectly hides the fullness. Therefore, dear puffy fashionistas, be sure to replenish your basic autumn wardrobe with this thing.
  • With unusual sleeves. We are almost sure that among our readers there will be lovers of really non-standard things who will definitely appreciate windbreakers with unusual sleeves. Moreover, such models in the 2020 season are considered a real hit. And one of the most interesting options here is the puffy puff sleeve. It looks so creative that even the simplest jacket with it is transformed beyond recognition. And to look…

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