Fashionable women’s wrist watch 2021

A wrist watch is not only a time control device, but also a fashionable women’s accessory, without which no beauty can do without in 2021. Therefore, further in the article we will talk about these basic wardrobe items.

Women’s watches: fashion trends 2021

To begin with, we suggest you study the main trends in the segment of women’s watches.

  • Bright colours. In addition to the classic range used to decorate wristwatches, the top will also include bright models. It can be red, green, blue and even yellow. However, it should be remembered that such watches themselves look catchy. Therefore, it is worth choosing the most simple models in a minimalist style.

Interesting! It is not at all necessary to select a watch for each bow. Contrasting ensembles will be welcomed this season.

  • “Marble” dial. Watches with a dial imitating a marble surface have become the real favorites of many girls. Models with a white dial and gray “veins” will again be relevant. But brighter combinations with black, red and gold are also acceptable.

  • Slim strap. Exquisite miniature watch with a thin strap will appeal to fans of elegant and feminine bows. The strap itself can be made of leather, metal or silicone. Watch models with a long strap that can be wrapped around the wrist several times will also be in demand.

  • Male style. Watches designed in a masculine style will help you emphasize your graceful camp. You can recognize them by their simple design, bulkiness and round dial.

  • Minimalism. If you are looking for versatile watches, we recommend that you give preference to products in a minimalist style. Due to their restraint and discreet design, they easily fit not only into everyday, but also business bows.

  • Unusual design. Once you see a model with a transparent dial, you are unlikely to forget it. And what about products in the form of a skull, moon, plant or animal, for example, an owl? If this is not impressive, then take a closer look at the futuristic wooden clock or options with a multifunctional electronic screen.

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Choosing a watch: current models

And now let’s look at the watches that will be the most popular this season.

  • Classic. Be prepared that you will have to spend a lot of money on watches designed in a classic style. And although these accessories have a simple design, the materials used to make them are not cheap. The strap of such a watch can be made of genuine leather, and the dial of precious metals. Swarovski stones, pearls and other minerals are often present as decor on classic models.

  • With strap-bracelet. But fashionable in 2021, women’s bracelet watches are a very inexpensive accessory that every girl can afford. This is because instead of a strap there are ribbons, leather ribbons and metal chains.

  • Vintage. This is an artificially aged watch with a leather strap. They have a small round or oval dial. As for the design, in this case, you can choose from simple options with a thin strap, as well as combined multi-colored products decorated with beads.

  • In the form of a pendant. An interesting model, designed more for creating everyday bows in a casual style. Its peculiarity lies in the dial, made in the form of a pendant, which is often decorated with various stones and inserts from other metals. At the same time, the bracelet is made of leather and, in addition to the dial itself, is additionally decorated with curly pendants.

  • Sports. Watches, which previously could only be worn with sportswear, today harmoniously fit into the office and casual style. Basically, they are made of plastic or silicone. Sports models have a simple, even somewhat rough design. But you can also find more feminine options with decor.

Interesting! Fitness trackers are a popular type of sports watch. These are electronic models that track physical activity and the number of calories burned per day.

  • Smart watch. The modern rhythm of life forces the fair sex to abandon the classic types of wristwatches in favor of multifunctional electronic options. In appearance, they are certainly inferior to standard models. However, designers this year managed to improve their design by making the smart watch strap bright and textured.

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As you can see, the range of women’s watches that are fashionable in 2021 is incredibly large. Therefore, every girl will be able to choose a suitable model for herself.

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