Fashionable youth manicure 2023

Youth manicure-2023 – this phenomenon is beyond the rules and prohibitions. Here you can safely mix any colors, combine different popular techniques, come up with your own creative design. In a word, do everything for the sake of your own self-expression, because it is so important, especially at a young age. What should teenage girls pay attention to when creating nail art this season? Let’s talk right now.



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Youth manicure for girls: fashion trends-2023

Youth nail design should not be too pretentious, strict, elegant or boring. On the contrary, his credo is brightness and positive. Such nail art is simply obliged to give a good mood, emphasize the interests and nascent taste of a girl. At the same time, it is very important that it fits into her lifestyle and does not cause problems, for example, at school. Combining all these factors is not an easy task. But we will try to suggest ideas for a suitable design.


  • multi-colored jacket. French manicure is for all ages. And no wonder, because this trendy and beautiful design easily adapts to any fashion trends. Including it can be made multi-colored. Highlight only the “smile” line with your favorite bright shades, leaving the main part of the nail natural, or make a jacket according to the color block principle, which will look very entertaining.


  • With colored rhinestones. Most fashionistas like to see sparkling crystals on their nails. But the usual colorless rhinestones, perhaps, will be out of place in the image of a young girl. In this case, it is better to give preference to bright multi-colored stones that can be used in any way you want. Lay out something intricate from them or simply fix the crystals on the nail plate in an arbitrary way.

  • with a rainbow. A rainbow on nails is very life-affirming and bright. Such nail art is definitely not suitable for school and for official events, but it will be absolutely indispensable during the summer holidays. Fashionable youth manicure – 2023 with a rainbow can be not only a full-fledged drawing, but also an abstract pattern. Seven thin multi-colored stripes can highlight the free edge of the nail, its lateral part, or cover the entire plate entirely.


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  • With branding and logos. Sometimes young women of fashion are not averse to “trying on” adult nail designs. These include logomania. Depicting emblems of luxury sports and fashion brands on nails has recently become quite popular. And girls willingly adopt this trend for their images. However, in many cases the result is quite stylish. Various inscriptions are also appropriate here.


  • Continued on fingers. Absolutely new for 2023. The design idea implies that the manicure does not end at the borders of the nail, but continues on the skin. There are also options when the nail is covered with a plain top, and the pattern or glitter is placed on the cuticle. Without exaggeration, such a manicure is very creative. You will definitely have something to brag to your girlfriends, especially if you show your imagination and come up with your own design option.

  • With smudges and blots. Bold, effective, bold. Smudges on nails are a popular trend, and not only in youth fashion. Older ladies also willingly resort to it, they especially like to make such a design on long nails. Smudges can be one-color, multi-colored or even black. Here’s who and what you like more. An alternative to the “current” paint in a manicure for girls can be an ordinary blot.


  • Korean style. Korean culture in Russia has been at the peak of popularity for several years in a row. And it doesn’t just show up in love for K-dramas or the K-pop music genre. Young people willingly repeat haircuts after their idols, and girls – manicures. Korean nail art is drawings in the style of minimalism, cuteness, brightness, tenderness, courage. As a rule, the design is performed on short nails and is aimed at the self-expression of a fashionista.


  • With varied designs. Youth nail design for girls, fashionable in 2023, is primarily catchy drawings, sometimes without any meaning. Inscriptions, hearts, faces, lips, eyes, numbers, flames, checkerboard print, emoticons, flowers – and all this in one design, and even on an acid-colored top coat. Not a single adult lady can afford this, but young ladies can afford it.


  • Gentle. Youth nail art is not only a riot of colors. It may well be gentle, made in bright colors. You can wear it to school, to official events and on a date with a boy. Such a manicure will successfully fit into the spring and summer atmosphere, will help emphasize the youth and natural beauty of the girl. Small drawings will not be superfluous here – flower buds, fabulous animals, butterflies.


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Youth manicure, like an adult, can be worn on any shape of nails, be it almond, square, classic oval. But it is better to leave the length moderate.

We hope you liked the proposed options for youth manicure-2023. We tried to pick up as many bright photos and unusual ideas as possible so that every young fashionista has plenty to choose from in the coming spring-summer season.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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