Fatal things (fashion autumn/winter 2010/2011)

This autumn/winter 2010/2011 season, lace is fashionable. Remember, in the nineties there was one lace with different flowers and patterns. Now the fashion is back, patterns in black look bold and sexy.

Stella McCartney presented the model autumn/winter 2010/2011, the dress is made in black. The fabric is transparent (fine mesh stretch), the top is made like a T-shirt from the neckline to the waist. Dress to the hips, the bottom is different levels, the back side is lower than the front. Under the “mesh” is a flesh-colored T-shirt with lace patterns.

Calzedonia leggings. Black lace embroidery, black lining on the inside, flesh on the outside, creates a contrast to the top layer with embroidery.

These leggings can be worn with a Personage blouse. The model is made in lace style. The base is alizarin color, a black lace cape is sewn on top, moreover, the cuffs and collar are not closed, but of the main color. The middle of the model from the collar down is also not covered with lace. The ratio of these two models, presented by designers, creates a seductive and passionate image for girls who are not afraid of anything.

Patrizia Pepe has released a skirt, the basis of which is thick brown. The upper is covered with fine synthetic mesh with ripples. At the bottom of the model on the left edge, the grid is crumpled, such an element gave the model an extravagant look.

Another skirt can be attributed to the lace style, a model from Quelle. The base is pale cornflower blue; on this basis, black lace looks the most daring. The blue color itself conveys calmness, but in combination with black, it goes beyond the bounds of decency, acquiring a seductive character.

The lace style did not bypass the shoes either. Designers presented ankle boots and shoes that stunned the catwalk with their appearance. Let us consider in detail what these models were.

Carnaby ankle boots, high heel (20 cm stiletto), patent black sole (curved trapezoid platform). There is a zipper above the heel, on the pawl of which a black silk ribbon is tied, the main part of the model is made of leatherette with ripples, the shape is semicircular.

Shoes from Alberto Guardiani in red with black ripples. The shoe is surrounded by a black lacquer strap, a high straight hairpin (20 cm) threatens to pierce something.

Centro ankle boots, a sophisticated high model covered with black lace on a white background, decorated with black lacquer inserts. A similar high heel, a hole for fingers is left on the nose, the piping is made of black lacquer material.

Casadei shoes are made of similar materials. Lacquered black Taccetti shoes on a distant high heel. The model seems to encircle the leg with lacquer straps, instead of a fastener, a silk bow in the color of wet asphalt.

Designers have worked hard on accessories.

Kern presented a heart-shaped brooch. It is made of dark silver with diamonds, and is decorated with an anthracite silk ribbon.

Evita Peroni flaunted an interesting little thing – a veil made of black fishing line, hairpins on the sides for fastening. The flower on the base of the hairpin makes the model irresistible.

The Zolla bracelet, a completely simple thing, made of plastic, the bottom layer is white, then black lace and a layer of transparent plastic fastens on top.

Seductive lace pieces will set the heat this season. Stay tuned for new shows. Be irresistible as always! Be in fashion!

An article about new fatal fashion items. Models of the most crazy designers are made of black lace. All about a seductive bold image.

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