Favorable days for a haircut in December 2022

The last month of the year is always perceived as something special. It is marked by pleasant, but sometimes tedious pre-New Year chores, faith in the best, the desire for introspection. December is a good time to try something new, to experiment with the image. It’s so great to enter the New Year renewed, to become the best version of yourself. However, remember that a haircut, as well as any other beauty manipulations, should be performed in December 2022 on favorable days according to the lunar calendar. In our review today, we will name them all.

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Most favorable dates for hair care: december-2022

The beginning of the first month of winter is characterized by astrologers as a positive period. It is suitable for resolving conflicts, normalizing the financial situation, solving the most difficult issues both at home and at work. This time is like a small respite in a series of ups and downs that have haunted most of us since the beginning of the year. However, it is not worth waiting for the favorable period to last for a long time. By the middle of the month, you will feel that things are moving harder, all sorts of deterrents will begin to appear.

In this kaleidoscope of everyday affairs, in no case should you forget about yourself. Sign up in advance at a beauty salon to update your haircut for the holiday. Below we list the most favorable days for this day.

  • From 05.12. to 06.12. The night luminary is in a growing phase and the sign of Taurus, which favors the ladies who decide to put their hair in order. Strengthen curls with special masks and cosmetics, update the shape of the haircut, make unusual coloring, remove split ends – the result will pleasantly surprise you.
  • 07.12. The moon is still in the waxing phase, but has moved into the sign of Gemini. This day is good for any experiments with hair. A new haircut will lead to positive changes in life. Moreover, the desired changes can happen both at work and in relationships with a loved one. December 6th is the time to get a stylish dream haircut.
  • 12.12. Despite the fact that the moon has entered its waning phase, this day is great for visiting a hairdresser. The zodiac sign Leo will help ensure that everything goes as it should. Coloring will be especially successful. You can safely decide on a new shade, it will bring an interesting zest to your image.

  • From 14.12. to 16.12. These are very favorable days for a haircut in December 2022 for women according to the lunar calendar. All three days the Moon will be in the sign of Virgo. Be sure to take advantage of this period to visit the master. Strengthen the roots, make a perm, try building curls – the result will be to your liking.
  • 21.12. The beginning of the last decade of the month is also considered a suitable period for a visit to the salon. It’s time to start picking up a New Year’s hairstyle. The sooner you do this, the better – there is an opportunity to correct the shortcomings. Also, the waning Moon in Sagittarius will bring good luck to ladies who decide on a new coloring.
  • 24.12. Catholic Christmas Eve. The night luminary entered the growth phase and settled in Capricorn. The sign is complex, but it seems to give ladies who did not have time to transform by the New Year, a chance to correct this omission. However, do not start serious experiments with a haircut, astrologers recommend simply updating the shape.

On December 8, the Full Moon is expected – the time when we will literally feel a surge of energy. It is permissible to go to the hairdresser on this day, but if it is possible to choose another date, it is better to do so.

Bad days for a new haircut

December of the current year turned out to be generous with the number of unfavorable days. Carefully study the recommendations below so as not to accidentally make an appointment with the master on one of the most inappropriate dates.

  • From 02.12. to 03.12. The phase of the night star is growing. Zodiac sign – Aries. Both days are categorically not suitable for manipulating curls. You can easily ruin the haircut you already have, and you won’t be able to fix it quickly. Coloring can harm the strands.
  • From 09.12. to 11.12. The waning moon has entered the sign of Cancer. Moreover, on December 9, astrologers do not even recommend washing your hair. Hair care on any of these days will not bring the desired result. Curls will become naughty, many split ends will appear.

  • From 17.12. to 18.12. The haircut lunar calendar for December 2022 does not recommend choosing these dates for going to the salon. The waning Moon in Libra will mark the beginning of a period of bad luck. Therefore, if you decide on a new haircut or coloring, with a high probability nothing will work out.
  • 25.12. It’s Catholic Christmas. And although this holiday is not of great importance in our country, it is better to spend it with your family. A haircut associated with cutting length can lead to loss of finances and cause great disappointment.
  • 27.12. The phase of the moon is growing again. Zodiac sign – Aquarius. And although every day counts before the New Year, you should not sign up for a hairdresser on this date. Including refuse from care procedures. There is a high risk of damaging curls.

December 23 – New Moon. One of the worst days for self-care manipulations.

Other dates

December 01 – A very good day for restoring beauty. However, beware of cutting the length. It is better to limit yourself to masks, scalp massage and other care procedures.

December 04 – a good date for creating a beautiful and fashionable haircut. But it is better to refuse chemical exposure to curls – it can cause harm, which will be difficult to fix.

December 19 and 20 – Although the waning Moon is located in the controversial sign of Scorpio, in general it will patronize those who decide to change their hairstyle. However, do not expect an outstanding result, it will turn out not bad, but not excellent either.

December 28th – Corporate time. If you want to be noticed by management, change your hairstyle, decide on a new trendy coloring. You can do all this in the afternoon of the 28th, in order to be fully armed in the evening.

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The remaining dates that were not included in our review are considered neutral. Manage them as you please.

Our editors have named favorable days for hair cutting for December 2022 and unfavorable. Refer to the recommendations listed so that any changes in the image are always positive.

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