Favorable days for haircuts in April 2019

A convenient lunar haircut calendar for April 2019 will tell you which days will be the most favorable for changing your look. Now it will be much easier to plan a visit to your master.

Lunar calendar and hair

It will not be a special secret or revelation that hair growth, hair loss, strength and health depend on the lunar phases. So, if you want to change your image, especially radically – to get a new haircut that you haven’t done yet, dye your hair or think about highlighting – it’s worth planning a day of visiting the hairdresser.

April 2019, by day:

  • April 1 – if you have conceived something extraordinary, a bold haircut or bold coloring, you can try, but you should not cut your hair as usual – it is easy to fall into depression;
  • 2 – the moon is in the sign of Pisces. We do not recommend getting a haircut and even washing your hair – dandruff may appear. It is better not to do a perm either – it will not last long;
  • April 3 – Pisces still influence this day with all the consequences;
  • 4 – The moon has entered the sign of Aries. The haircut will have to be postponed – negative consequences in the form of split ends are likely. But coloring or massage, hair and scalp treatments will be more useful than ever;
  • 5 – 1 lunar day. Cutting strands is better not to plan, but to take care of emotional rest and peace;
  • April 6 – waxing moon. If you cut your hair today, they will grow faster, and will also be strong and healthy;
  • On the 7th, the moon enters the sign of Taurus. This sign is very favorable for haircuts, coloring, lightening and hair care. In addition to a beautiful appearance, a new haircut will give strength and positive;
  • April 8 – Although the moon is still in Taurus, it’s best not to cut your hair or try new styles. Go with the usual hairstyle;
  • April 9th ​​is the best day to change your look. New hairstyles, coloring, perm – you can think of anything;

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  • 10 – a good day, you can experiment with haircuts, but you should not dye or lighten your hair;
  • April 11 – the moon is in the sign of Cancer. You should not cut your hair – the hair will be naughty, and will resist any attempt to shape it. But the hair needs some work. Playful curls are quite suitable;
  • 12 is a very negative day for any hair manipulation. Even do your hair with care, with a maximum of positive and mood. On this day, it is better to restrain emotions and be calm and patient;
  • April 13 is the most favorable day for going to the hairdresser. A haircut will make your hair thicker and stronger. Highlighting or perm will last a long time and it will turn out exactly as intended;

  • April 14 – although everything is quite positive, but the day of the week – Sunday – categorically prohibits haircuts and even cutting hair;
  • On the 15th, a haircut will work, because the moon is in the sign of Leo, but it can negatively affect your well-being. But we highly recommend dyeing with henna or other natural dyes;

  • April 16 is a good day to get your hair cut and take care of your hair. Hair will be strong and grow quickly;
  • April 17 – the zodiac sign Virgo has a beneficial effect on all manipulations with hair, wherever you do it – in the salon or at home;
  • 18 – the moon moves into the sign of Libra. If you have planned a haircut for today, you should be prepared that the strands will be naughty after that. It is not worth radically changing the hairstyle, length and color, there may be unexpected unpleasant consequences;
  • April 19 – full moon, neutral day;
  • 20 – not the best day to get a haircut, but the waning moon will help slow hair growth – which means you will have to visit the hairdresser less often;
  • April 21 – Sunday, the sign of Scorpio and the waning moon – everything adds up to negative consequences. It is better to rest and get a haircut on another day;
  • 22 – Sagittarius is also not the most favorable sign to get a haircut. We don’t even recommend dyeing the strands – the color will quickly wash out and become dull;
  • April 23 is a neutral day, but it is better not to make cardinal changes;
  • 24 – although Capricorn is positive for working with hair, but this is the 19th lunar day and it is better to postpone serious intentions for the next day;
  • 25 is an auspicious, great day for cutting, coloring, painting over gray hair. Hair will be thick and healthy, fall out less;

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  • April 26 – the general lunar background is favorable, although it is not advised to get a haircut on Friday;
  • 27 – the moon in the sign of Aquarius will not affect the hair in any way. On this day, you can do extravagant, intricate haircuts and unusual coloring;

  • April 28 – it is not recommended to cut, cut strands and do manicure;
  • 29 – although dandruff is likely to appear after any manipulations with the strands, but, in general, the day is not bad for changing your image;
  • April 30 is not the best day for a new hairstyle, haircut and coloring. Better make a hair mask.

Now, before you sign up for hair treatments, you should look into the lunar calendar of haircuts and coloring.

The most positive days of April:

  • nine;
  • 13;
  • 16;
  • 17;
  • 25.

Strong and thick hair

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Important: When deciding on the day of a new haircut, a special hairstyle, coloring and other changes in appearance, you should first focus on the zodiac sign in which the moon is located, then on the phase of the moon, and last but not least, on the day of the week.


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Moon phases and zodiac signs for haircuts and coloring

Often a girl may notice that, even doing the same haircut from one master, one time you can get a luxurious and obedient hair, and the other time you can suffer with styling. Everything depends not only on the mood of the specialist, but also on the lunar phase and the Zodiac in which the moon is on that day. The lunar calendar of haircuts is no less important than the professionalism of the master.

The moon may be in the following phases:

  • Waxing Crescent – has a beneficial effect on hair growth. If you do haircuts these days, you can even be surprised how much the strands grow back faster;
  • waning moon – the roots are strengthened, hair loss is reduced, but they also grow more slowly. If a woman wants to grow her hair out, she’d better not cut it these days. It is also not worth dyeing the strands – the paint will quickly wash off;
  • new moon – falls on April 5th. On this day, it is better not to cut your hair, the hair, like the whole body, is weakened;
  • full moon falls on the 19th of the month. In general, it is considered positive for a haircut, although if you do not feel very well, it is better not to go to the master.

Hair care

Zodiac signs:

  • Leo is the most positive sign for hair manipulation. They will be thick and strong, like a lion’s mane;
  • Virgo affects the obedience of the strands, they will easily fit into the desired shape, and maybe not even need styling. Also, all types of coloring, highlighting, toning will turn out well and will hold well;
  • Gemini makes hair unruly, curly and airy. Although some girls may like it;
  • Aquarius is favorable for experiments with hair, but ordinary hairstyles are better …

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